IEEE EMC Society Graduates of the Last Decade (GOLD)



Tuesday Aug 16th 2011 Ice Cream Social GOLD EMC Kick off event at the Long Beach Aquarium featuring speakers Soon Gim Wan and Gigi Lau, champions in GOLD group and Bob Hoffman, who is one of the EMC Society Past Presidents.

The ice cream choice was between chocolate and vanilla but the number of toppings was way over 10 choices such as different choice of fruits, nuts, and sweet dips and dots.

Soon and Gigi explained to the audience what GOLD was, stands for, its vision, mission and how the GOLD could benefit the members and vice versa.  A call for volunteers was followed by an email after the event.  If you would like to be a GOLD EMC volunteer or advisor, please contact us at goldemc@gmail.com.  You do not need to be eligible for GOLD to be a GOLD EMC volunteer or advisor.

Soon Wan and Caroline Chan starting the GOLD EMC kick off


Bob Hoffman encouraging the young audience to get involved in the Society


Ice Cream Social Audience well attended
(Gigi Lau, another GOLD speaker on front right with the cellphone)