IEEE EMC Society Graduates of the Last Decade (GOLD)



What does GOLD do?

GOLD EMC program is transition place from Student member to Higher Grade member.  It provides the new Graduate tools to improve professionally such as but not limited to IEEE Explorer, free/discounted webminars, discounted conferences, to network and also opportunities to give back to the Society.  It is also a

GOLD Vision is to fill up with a global community of enthusiastic, dynamic, and innovative young professionals and engaged for the benefit of humanity

GOLD Mission is to inspire, energize, empower, and engage young professionals to envision and realize their dreams.

The technical papers and seminars are a big advantage in getting yourself ahead along with the respectable lecturers and advisors that GOLD EMC members will definitely meet at some point of time.

GOLD EMC members will also develop critical but non-technical skills through the peers in the Society such as develop a more effective communication and stand out in the crowd.



Where is GOLD located?  When was GOLD EMC born?

GOLD is located globally and GOLD EMC was born on Tuesday Aug 16th, 2011 at the IEEE EMC Symposium Long Beach Aquarium with its first kick off event with an Ice Cream Social.

Where Is Gold located

During the evening of the Ice Cream Social, Soon Wan, Senior Design Engineer from VICOR Corporation, MA and Gigi Lau, from Raytheon, CA, took the time to present us what GOLD stands for, what the members can get out from being a GOLD EMC member and also how the volunteers can give back to the Society.  Elyah Joffe, a very enthusiastic fellow that encourages the young professional to get involved also echoed in his presentation “GOLD and the EMC Society – Enhance your membership”.

Click here for photos from the Ice Cream Social

A follow up session was scheduled on the next day Wednesday, Aug 17th 2011.  Click to find out what you have missed.