About Me

Henry Benitez is an iNARTE certified EMC Engineer with 30 plus years EMC experience. He has a BSEE degree from
University of Portland and is a member of the University of Portland Electrical Engineering Faculty/Industry Advisory Board.
He is President of ElectroMagnetic Investigations, LLC. Previous experience at Tektronix (Senior EMC engineer), Intel (EMC
Lab Manager), and Hewlett Packard (Senior Regulation Engineer).
Experience on international (IEC) EMC standards making committees, regulatory committees (ITI) and as a representative on
USA/ANSI liaison committees with the European Union Commission.
He has contributed 30+ articles or presentations in technical magazines, colloquiums, workshops and conferences and has
presented at conferences in the USA, Europe and Asia.
Hobbies include racquetball, tennis and other sports. He enjoys travel and family activities.

COMMITTEE/BOARD: IEEE activities include service as an IEEE EMC Society Board Director, Chapter Angel, EMCS
Sections Coordinator, Chapter founder and Chairman of the Portland International EMC Symposium in 2006.
CHAPTER: Founder of Oregon and SW Washington EMCS Chapter and PSES Chapter. Chapter chairman for both
CONFERENCES: Chairman of the EMCS International Symposium in 2006. Financially the most successful symposium
in the EMC Society’s history.
AWARDS: 2000 IEEE Millennium medal from Oregon and SW Washington Section, EMCS Symposium Chair plaque,
EMCS Awards Chair Certificate, local Chapter plaques for chairing local Technical Colloquiums.
Nominee Statement (not to exceed 150 words in length):
I will promote the following:
 Greater worldwide membership.
 Creation of more EMCS Chapters worldwide.
 Greater EMCS member benefits, such as more local or regional conferences, lower member conference fees, and
keeping membership dues low.
 Leveraging member benefits with other IEEE societies, councils or affinity groups.
 Unbiased, reasonable and proactive initiatives for the betterment of the IEEE EMC Society and its members.

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