IEEE EMC Society Awards

The IEEE EMC Society sponsors a number of awards to recognize people who have made significant contributions to the society and/or the EMC profession. These awards are normally presented at the awards banquet during the annual symposium. To nominate someone for an award, first review the awards described below to determine which award is most appropriate to recognize the achievements of the person you want to nominate. Then send your nomination to Mike Oliver, chair of the awards committee, or any member of the EMC Society Board of Directors. Nominations are reviewed by the board and award recipients are selected approximately three months prior to the annual symposium. Details of the nomination and selection procedures may vary for different awards, so be sure to review the information provided below before making a nomination. Nomination forms are available to view or download.

IEEE/EMC Society 2013 Award Summary

Previous Year Awards

Nominations are solicited for the awards below

Richard R. Stoddart Award for Outstanding Performance

Laurence G. Cumming Award for Outstanding Service

EMC Society President's Memorial Award

Hall of Fame

Technical Achievement Award

Sustained Service to the EMC Society

Honored Member Award

IEEE James C. Klouda Memorial Scholarship Award

Certificate of Appreciation

Certificate of Acknowledgment

Certificate of Recognition

These awards will also be presented at the Annual Symposium

Richard B. Schulz Best Transactions Paper Award

Chapter-of-the-Year Award

Most Improved Chapter Award

Chapter Founder Award

Symposium Chair Award

Symposium Best Paper Award

EMC Society IEEE Fellows

Additional Special Category Awards

IEEE Third Millennium Medals

John Howard Memorial University Grant Award

Excellence in Continuing EMC Engineering Education Award

Click here for available Nomination forms.




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