Thank You for the Memories…

I am Tami Lee and I was born to EMC. From the age of six months, I have been traveling with my Mom and Dad all over the world - one of many privileges I had as an only child. But make no mistake – I was not to be spoilt! From an early age, I was taught to share – either with my parents or with friends. I’ve never been selfish, except for the normal and usual phase all of us teenagers go through.
I was always excellent at school in a natural way, and the bonus I got each year was annually heard, “We are going to America (HURRAY!).”
Each time we visited a different exciting place (or places!) before we got to the grand finale – the dessert – the annual IEEE Symposium on EMC. I was fortunate to get to know interesting people, see breathtaking landscapes and enjoy wild adventures (at “Disney World,” of course). Ever since, I have been carrying with me the American experience and I’ll always remember it as the best of my childhood.
I joined a youth movement, including one year of instructing young elementary school kids. I graduated from one of the best high schools in the country, combining academic high school studies with the study of music (I play the clarinet and the guitar). During the long period of eight months break I had between graduating and enlisting in the Army, I worked for five months in the local bakery (11 hours a day), went to Mexico for a month with Mom (Dad joined afterwards) to study Spanish and “taste” another culture, and traveled to Singapore with a friend for a week.
In mid-February, 2007, I joined the Army. After a long and winding road of 10 months of intense training in the Army, and with a lot of encouragement from my parents, I am proud to say I am an officer in the Israeli Army, a Second Lieutenant.
So please forgive me for not being with you all at the next IEEE EMC Symposium. I would have loved it. I am busy serving my country, but I’ll be back! EMC


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