EMC Society Awards Program Update

The EMC Society has an active awards program and the nomination committee is looking for deserving individuals to honor and show appreciation for their contributions and service to the Society. The nomination committee depends upon the Society membership to nominate these deserving individuals since it is impossible to know every one who deserves an award across the globe.
There are a number of different awards to allow for different levels of technical contribution and/or service to the EMC Society. Please go to the Awards web site (http://www.ewh.ieee.org/soc/emcs/acstrial/awards.htm) and read the descriptions of the various awards. You can then nominate individuals either on-line, or by sending the nomination form to Bruce Archambeault at bruce.arch@ieee.org.
In 2007, the Board of Directors approved two new awards: the EMC Society Hall of Fame Award and the Sustained Service to the Society Award. The Hall of Fame Award is intended to recognize current and past members of the IEEE Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) Society for significant accomplishments of a historical and/or enduring nature on behalf of the EMC Society over an extended period of time. The contributions could be in the technical area, administrative area, or a combination of both areas. The Sustained Service to the Society Award is intended to recognize current members of the IEEE Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) Society for significant and sustained service to the administration and the overall success of the EMC Society over an extended period of time.
All of the EMC Society awards are presented at the yearly Awards Luncheon during the IEEE EMC Symposium. During 2007’s Awards Luncheon, one of the recipients of the Technical Achievement Award, Michel Mardiguian, was not able to attend to receive his award in person. He has requested that we publish his letter of appreciation that was originally intended to be read during the ceremony. We publish it herein and congratulate Dr. Mardiguian on the receipt of one of the Society’s highest awards. EMC

Dear IEEE EMC Colleagues,
It is a great pleasure for me to receive this Technical Achievement Award. Unfortunately, I cannot attend this EMC Symposium, but I am sure the person who reads this speech on my behalf will convey my gratefulness. I am not sure what part of my EMC activity makes me the recipient for this recognition, but I am definitely sure that I have been privileged all along in my career.
My gifts started in 1974, with IBM France, when I was designated the “EMC Coordinator.” I knew practically nothing on the subject and was sent to IBM in Kingston, New York to learn the a, b, c of the trade from people like Ralph Calcavecchio, Dick Simonic and Al Smith. These men were the “cream of crop” of outstanding IBM/EMC firepower at that time, which was impressive. And most of all, they were exceptionally good engineers with wide-open minds; it took me some time to capitalize on all that I had learnt from them. As early as 1970, they had practically discovered, documented and simulated all of the EMI threats one can find in the computer world.
Then, in 1980, after leaving IBM, I was gifted again working for Donald R.J. White, also a brilliant engineer. Don impressed me with his rare ability to distinguish clear patterns from chaos of complex facts, putting together in an orderly manner the pieces of what seemed to be an inextricable puzzle. Thousands of EMC engineers are indebted to Don, one way or another, and I am still using the heritage of his remarkable “EMI Control Methodology & Procedures.”
I want to make a concluding remark about the IEEE EMC Society. There are legions of professional associations everywhere. Some are simply reunions of old pals, celebrating the good and bad old days during annual banquets or the like. Some are very active, technically, but often plagued by personal ambitions and rivalries, and are used by some members to escalate steps to glory and social posture. The EMC Society is none of these. I always have enjoyed the great transparency and cross-fertilization, which govern our technical exchanges, whether they are symposium lectures, discussions or articles.
Michel Mardiguian,
IEEE Senior Member


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