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“One generation passeth away, and another generation cometh; and the earth abideth for ever.” So spoke the wisest man of all, King Solomon, also known as Koheleth, the son of David, King of Jerusalem (Ecclesiastes Chapter 1).
So is the nature of the leadership of our Society – Andy Drozd, our immediate past President, has completed his two-year term as President of the EMC Society, and I, as your new President, begin mine. But just as it is said in the Holy Books, “the earth abideth for ever,” the IEEE EMC Society will follow the path paved by its past leaders.
Indeed, Andy has led the Society through one of its most exciting years, the year of its 50th anniversary. 2007 was not only a year of celebration (which indeed it was, through the hard work of 50th Anniversary Committee, Chaired by Dan Hoolihan), nor only a year of tribute to our past leadership and remembrance of our history. Most of all, from my perspective, it was a year where the bond between our past, present and future was tied again. Indeed, “one generation passeth away, and another generation cometh; and the earth abideth for ever.”
Being installed as President of our Society, I humbly realize that I am following the footsteps of a long succession of excellent leaders we were fortunate to have had in past years and who led this Society from its formation, a half a century ago, until these very days. I will to do my best to be worthy of being recognized as another link of this illustrious chain.
In this first message as the new President of the EMC Society, I would like to:
• Introduce myself to our members who have not had a chance to get to know me over the past few years,
• Outline some of the plans that have evolved out of last year’s activities of the Long Range Planning Committee, which will help guide the Society in the coming two years while I carry the responsibilities of President,
• Ask for your assistance in steering the EMC Society in the local, regional and international arenas, in order to make the Society what you’d like it to be.

My Personal Roadmap
Similar to many other members of our Society, I entered the discipline of EMC by accident. In 1982, when I was assigned to a program where I first encountered EMI problems in a certain airborne vehicle, I first realized that EMC is a “peculiar” field. Through the leadership of Jack L. Moe, since then a good friend and mentor, I was slowly introduced to the “secret mysteries” of this field. Another friend and mentor, Oren Hartal, further led me through my studies. I did realize, though, that only by attending conferences and symposia, would I actually be able to network and extend my knowledge. 1986 was my first year at an EMC Society Symposium (in San Diego).
Len Carlson, a Past President of the EMC Society, then encouraged me to become active in my local (Israel) Chapter, and working my way up the ladder to the Society-level leadership. “You may be a President of the EMC Society one day,” he said to me. Admittedly, it did seem to me unrealistic, but I took his advice. I became active in the Chapter, finally serving as Chapter Chair, and then, I finally decided to run for the Board of Directors. In the year 2000, I eventually became a member of the EMC Society leadership team as a member of the Board of Directors.
As time passed, I volunteered for tasks in the Membership and Conferences Committees. In particular, I served as the Region 8 Membership and Chapter Coordinator and Global Symposia Coordinator. I also served in the Standards Committees and chaired the Standards Advisory and Coordination Committee (SACCom). Later on I was elected as:
• Vice President of Conferences and Symposia
• Vice President of Member Services, and finally,
• President-Elect of the EMC Society
This leads me to where I am today, at your service.

Long Range Plans
“All the rivers run into the sea, yet the sea is not full.” (Ecclesiastes Chapter 1)
One of the duties of the President-Elect is to form and chair the latest incarnation of the Long Range Planning Committee. The 2007 Long Range Planning Committee spent the last year working though the records of the previous committees, collating and updating the planning matrix. It was exciting to see that under the leadership of our previous presidents, many plans designed in the past have actually come into being, while new ideas kept on flowing. “The sea of ideas is not full.” Brainstorming sessions took place, and in the recent session, held in November 2007, the long range planning matrix has been updated and filtered, forming a basis for setting a roadmap for implementation of short and long range activities. One of my main goals during the next two years of my term as President is to find ways to put these plans into action.

“Strategy” can be defined as “The Evolution of a Central Idea through Continuously Changing Circumstances.” Indeed, the EMC Society is an evolving society, going hand in hand with progress in technology. New technologies emerge while techniques used successfully in the past may become invalid. The evolution and relevance of a professional society entails synergy and cooperation between practitioners and scientists working hand in hand. Our Society is blessed with such cooperation and our symposia as well as publications are a living proof of this.
However, the EMC Society is a large “machine” and although great ideas continue streaming, the wheels of this machine cannot roll alone. The power required for moving it is the most valuable of all, the human power.

“Volunteering is for Everyone”
Even the greatest initiatives cannot materialize at their own will. Any Society can only thrive just as much as its members support its goals. The EMC Society is led and run by volunteers and its success is reliant on the support and active assistance of interested members of the EMC Society in the global and local arenas.
A boy asked once a wise man, “Is the butterfly I am holding in the palm of my hand alive or dead?” If the wise man said “alive” the boy would crush the butterfly and show it dead, but if the wise man said “dead,” the boy would laugh and let the butterfly fly away. The wise man was clever enough to not offer any of the above replies, answering the boy “as you will, my lad, as you will.”
That is my message to you: The face of our Society, the course we take – they are at YOUR will. Following my personal experience I would like to encourage each and every one of you to consider stepping up to the challenge of getting actively involved in committees and the Society’s work in general, including running for open positions on the Board of Directors. This is your opportunity to influence and contribute to the evolution of the EMC Society. As a paraphrase on the famous statement by President Kennedy, “Ask not what the EMC Society can do for you, but what you can do for the EMC Society,” while an ancient scholar said, “The wages for a good deed are the good deed itself.”
All professional activities of the EMC Society are performed by volunteers who are members like you, mostly in our committees. Meetings of the 11 Technical Committees, three Standards Committees (and more working groups) and the Education and Student Activities Committee take place in central locations, via teleconference calls, electronic communications and through e-mail discussions. Distance is no longer a barrier.
You can find information about each of the committees on our web site by clicking on the “Committees” button in the side bar and following the associated links. You are encouraged to investigate each of the committees listed there and to contact the chairman of any that interest you for a further explanation of the committee, its functions and options to participate in their activities.

Membership and Chapter Development
It is not possible to run a Society without a healthy membership that consists of active volunteers and dedicated leaders. Volunteerism, leadership, succession, membership development, new chapter development, and professional development go hand in hand.
I am a firm believer that “the chapter is where everything happens.” That is where technical and professional activities take place, and that is where networking among the Society members at the local scale occurs on a daily basis and most of all, that is where we recruit and engage our membership. Many new chapters were formed in recent years, and I am glad to have contributed in some manner or another to their development and success in my previous position as VP for Member Services.
The EMC Society will continue to spur the growth of new chapters worldwide and open up opportunities for leadership positions wherever and whenever possible. In the last year only, we have added several new chapters in the US and abroad and we expect new chapters to develop in countries all around the globe over the next several years.
I am particularly glad to take this opportunity to announce the creation of the newest chapter of the EMC Society, the Argentina Joint EMC/AP Chapter. What a great way to begin 2008! Within 12 months we have formed two new chapters in Region 9, Columbia and Argentina, now increasing the number of our Chapters in Region 9 to three, a 5 dB (factor of 3) growth in EMC power! Congratulations and welcome to our newest chapter!
Chapter and membership development come with new volunteers, fresh ideas, and some interesting paths to follow. That is the essence of our Society’s evolution.

Globalization and Diversity
“Great achievements are not born from a single vision but from the combination of many distinctive viewpoints. Diversity challenges assumptions, opens minds and unlocks our potential to solve any problem we may face”
The 21st century may be entitled “the Age of Globalization” and our Society strives to be and I believe succeeds in being truly global. Indeed, my being elected as the first non-US President of the EMC Society is the best proof that the EMC Society was and is a truly global Society. I hope, during my term of office, to lead the EMC Society in the path of further globalization, not neglecting the excellent foundation we have now, which we will continue to support and make even stronger.
No doubt, globalization is a major endeavor requiring that bridges be laid across diverse geographic, political, and cultural as well as language barriers. However, experience has shown that communicating as engineers-to-engineers, we can bridge the gaps! Goodwill and vision have led us and will continue to do so. As we watch the tip of the compass, we see that (almost) everywhere it points around the globe we are present or represented, whether in chapter and membership activities, in global conferences and symposia involvement, as well as in standards and technical activities all facilitated by communication and networking.
It is my personal plan to expand the EMC Society to regions of the world where it is not currently present, Africa and the Middle East, in particular. Asia and Central and South America will also be the focus of our actions and there is much that the EMC Society can and will do to assist in the formation of new chapters and support existing chapters. After all, electromagnetic fields know no physical barriers.
Let us recognize and see the beauty and benefits of diversity, and work together, across the barriers, to make the world a better place for us all.

“One Generation Passeth Away, and Another Generation Cometh”
In closing my first President’s Message, I would like to humbly express my gratitude for the honor bestowed on me in giving me the opportunity to serve as your President for the next two years. I will do my best to fulfill the expectations placed in me.
I would like to express my personal gratitude to Andy Drozd, the outgoing President, and now the Immediate Past President, for the encouragement and support he has given me over the years to help get me to this point in my IEEE service, as well as for his own outstanding service to the EMC Society. I have been following Andy in various positions in the BoD for several years now, and have learnt to appreciate Andy’s dedication and thoroughness.

Board of Directors Meetings
Just in case you have the time, inclination and opportunity, I want to remind all our members that all meetings of the EMC Society Board of Directors are open. Any members who want to attend will be most welcome. This would be your opportunity to take a look at the manner in which our Society is run, and even have a chance to express your own opinion on issues in debate. You may even find it interesting enough to make you want to run for the Board during its next election!
The schedule of BoD meetings is posted on the Society web site ( and in the Calendar section of this Newsletter. If you can’t attend a BoD meeting to tell us your thoughts in person, note that the contact information of all members of the BoD and the major committee chairs is listed on the Society web page.
Please be assured that the EMC Society Board of Directors, and I as President, are at your service, and my e-mail InBox is open to you all. I hope to be able to meet as many of you as possible during my term, wherever you are around the globe. I would be glad to hear from you with any suggestion, comment, or just a friendly message. Please do not hesitate to e-mail me at: EMC

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