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The EMC Society is very fortunate to have a large number of seasoned veterans to blaze the trails to EMC. Many of these seasoned veterans have been featured in this column. However, it is important to realize that the younger members of our Society will determine the future of EMC. Again, we are fortunate because we have a number of bright young EMC “stars” following in our veterans’ footsteps.
One of these bright young “stars” is Irina Kasperovich - our EMC Personality for this issue of the EMC Newsletter.
Many of you may know Irina Kasperovich from her involvement in the various activities of our annual EMC symposia and, in particular, as a Chapter Chair. She has co-authored a number of papers on the subjects of computational electromagnetics (CEM), large system EMC modeling, and spectrum management that were presented at recent symposia. This has included performing demonstrations on the practical application of CEM tools to solving real-world problems for large-scale systems. She has also become part of the exhibitor troupe for ANDRO Computational Solutions at the annual IEEE EMC symposia. She has been quite active as the EMC/Reliability Chapter Chair of the IEEE Mohawk Valley Section since 2001. Irina has done much to reinvigorate the Mohawk Valley Chapter in recent years. She has taken significant steps in raising awareness of EMC at the local level by arranging speaking engagements and focusing on topics that resonate well with the technical interests of industry, government and universities in the Upstate New York area. She has also led initiatives to bring in new members and generate interest in the activities of the EMC Society. Due to her selfless efforts, she is considered to be one of our brightest EMC stars on the horizon and certainly on the Society’s leadership fast track.
Irina received the Bachelor of Science and Masters of Science degrees in Mathematics, Physics and Education from Belarussian Pedagogical University, Belarus in 1994. She began her professional career in 1994 as an Instructor of Physics and Math at the secondary school level in Stolin, Belarus.
She arrived in the United States in 1995 and made Utica, New York her adopted home. Shortly thereafter she enrolled as a graduate student at the State University of New York Institute of Technology (SUNYIT) in Marcy, New York to earn a Masters of Science Degree in Computer Science. She felt a degree in computer science would be an effective complement to her academic base in mathematics and physics. This was a fortuitous decision as she eventually became involved in work related to numerical modeling and computational electromagnetics in 1999. Irina received her Masters Degree in Computer Science in 2001 and graduated with honors. Her project topic was Visualization of the Scientific Data related to visualizing CEM data for EMC engineers.
She joined ANDRO Computational Solutions as an Associate Scientist in 1999. She is currently a Senior Research Scientist for ANDRO working in the areas of EMC analysis and prediction as well as CEM code development and application. Irina supported a number of industry programs involving research and the development of new CEM software tools where she was able to readily use her skills in applied physics, advanced mathematics, and computer science. This included efforts to build specialized CEM software toolkits using artificial intelligence schemes, namely, the Intelligent Computational Electromagnetics Expert System (ICEMES) and the Electromagnetic Environment Effects Expert System (E3Expert). Irina’s efforts have focused on the design and development of new techniques for modeling complex electromagnetic systems for a variety of CEM codes where a progressive, multi-fidelity simulation approach was utilized. She has also done work in the areas of nonlinear systems modeling and non-average power prediction modeling. Her computer science expertise led to the development of novel techniques for 3-D graphical visualization of pre/post-processed EMC data allowing for a high degree of user interaction.
Additionally, Irina has applied techniques for visualizing large amounts of multi-sensor data towards the development of new methods of representing post-processed information to decision makers. This work has entailed the application of CEM tools to perform electromagnetic scattering cross section analyses for automated target recognition (ATR) problems.
Irina is a Senior Member of the IEEE. In addition to her contributions to the annual symposia and her support of the EMC Society at the Chapter level, she has earned a number of other important accolades. Her professional awards have included the IEEE EMC Society Certificate of Appreciation in 2002 for significantly revitalizing the pace and progress of the IEEE Mohawk Valley EMC Chapter activities and raising the awareness of the importance of EMC within the local information technology and R&D community, and the MVEEC (Mohawk Valley Engineers Executive Council) Award for rejuvenating the joint Reliability/Electro-Magnetic Compatibility Society Chapter. She has also been presented with Certificates of Acknowledgment from the IEEE Mohawk Valley Section in recognition and appreciation of her valued services and contributions as Chapter Chair in 2002, 2003 and 2004.
She has been a co-author of approximately 15 technical publications to date related to her work in the development and application of CEM toolkits, the analysis and modeling of weakly nonlinear systems, multi-sensor information fusion related to ATR applications, and electromagnetic diversity.
Irina feels that there is a need to enhance the level of participation by women in engineering and specifically in the EMC engineering discipline. For this reason, she has a keen interest in helping further the cause for future women in engineering to take on exemplary leadership roles. This is a path that she is consciously pursuing as part of her personal and professional career development.
Irina continues to live in Utica, New York with her husband Sergey and their daughter Anna who was born in 2006. She enjoys traveling, music appreciation, reading, and cooking. She especially enjoys being with her family and playing with Anna. EMC

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