EMC Society History Committee Report

Below are stories and excerpts from EMC Society Newsletters 50 years, 25 years, and 10 years ago.

January 2, 1958 – Number 1
The Professional Group (PG) on Radio Frequency Interference (RFI) Newsletter
The cover story was an Open Letter from the National Chairman who was Harold Schwenk. He briefly described the formation of the PG on RFI over the previous 12 months. He mentions such prominent names as Laurence Cumming, Milton Kant, Fred Nichols, Anthony Zimbalatti, J. Lucyk, A. Ruzgis, and S. Nellis.
The Newsletter also contained the minutes of the first Administrative Committee held on November 20, 1957 at Asbury Park, New Jersey. The annual membership fee was set at $2.00, which was to be used for publication of the Transactions and Newsletter and for other group functions.
The editor of the Newsletter was Milton Kant.

Winter 1983 – Issue No. 116
IEEE Electromagnetic Compatibility Society Newsletter
The cover story on the Newsletter was titled, “National Bureau of Standards Receives dB Award.” The dB Society had voted unanimously to award its traveling trophy for the year 1983 to the United States National Bureau of Standards (now the National Institute of Standards and Technology) “for Outstanding International Contributions to the Field of Electromagnetic Compatibility.”
It was reported that four members of the EMC Society - Warren Kesselman, Harold E. “Bud” Taggart, Eric Herz, and Professor Chalmers M. Butler – had received their IEEE Fellow Awards.
The Newsletter contained survey data from the 1982 EMC Symposium (Santa Clara) attendees; 31 questionnaires were returned from 700 attendees!
There was an announcement of the Fifth Symposium and Technical Exhibition on Electromagnetic Compatibility to be held March 8-10, 1983 in Zurich, Switzerland.
There was also a Call for Papers for the 1984 International Symposium on Electromagnetic Compatibility to be held in Tokyo, Japan from October 1-18, 1984.
The Newsletter editor was Bob Goldblum.

Winter 1998 – Issue No. 176
IEEE EMC Society Newsletter
The cover story of the Newsletter was titled “EMC Society Leadership Changes Helm.” A picture for the cover story showed Bill Gjertson, the outgoing President, wishing Dan Hoolihan, the incoming President, best wishes for a successful tenure in office.
An obituary in the newsletter highlighted the life of Eugene Knowles, he was the President of the Society from 1984 through 1985.
James Muccioli received the IEEE Fellow Award for “contributions to integrated circuit design practices to minimize electromagnetic interference.”
Two EMC Society Distinguished Lecturers started their term, Don Bush and Bob Dockey; they replaced Dr. Todd Hubing and Franz Gisin.
The Personality Profile by William G. Duff (Associate Editor) was on William Eugene “Gene” Cory, a Past-President of the EMC Society.
Janet O’Neil was the Newsletter editor. EMC

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