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Newsletter Editor Janet O’Neil visits with SE Michigan EMC Chapter members following a Chapter event. Dr. Shridhar from the University of Michigan – Dearborn (left) has been a big supporter of the local Chapter and regularly invites the Chapter to use the University’s Fairlane Center for its meetings. Matt Feusse (right) of Yazaki North America is the Chapter’s Treasurer. Visit the SE Michigan Chapter when you are in town! Check out their considerable activities, including, but not limited to, hosting the 2008 IEEE International Symposium on EMC, at www.emcsociety.org.


EMC Chapter Activity Reaches All Time High!
At the recent IEEE EMC Society Board of Directors meeting, Chapters Coordinator Francesca Maradei announced there are 65 EMC Chapters located around the world. For the first time in the history of the EMC Society, the number of Chapters located outside the US is greater than the number based in the US. That shows the efforts of the Board to make the Society a more global organization are working!
One of my favorite areas of the EMC Newsletter is the Chapter Chatter column. Over the years, this column has grown considerably. Decades ago, this column would be a few pages, and no more than four at most. Now, it’s one of the longest columns in the Newsletter and is regularly over 12 pages! In this issue, for example, we have 16 pages of material devoted just to our EMC Chapters!
And, if you haven’t noticed, the cover photo for this issue is from the relatively new Croatia EMC Chapter. When I received their contribution to Chapter Chatter, I saw the photo of the boat and knew instantly that this would be a great cover image. If you look closely, you’ll see EMC Society Board member Elya Joffe who was President-elect when this photo was taken. Special thanks to Stipe Marinovic who took the cover photo and many of those provided with the Croatia Chapter Chatter text on pages 13-15. Also, thank you to Vesna Roje, Chair of the Croatia EMC Chapter, for submitting the material on her Chapter’s exciting activities. Professor Roje and Mr. Marinovic, with the University of Split, FESB, are shining examples of novel approaches to EMC education. I’m sure their Chapter members and guests will not soon forget the conference they held on a cruise of the beautiful Adriatic coast and in the charming city of Dubrovnik.
Why do I focus on the EMC Chapters in this issue?
Here are just a few reasons:
• If you plan to travel to any area where a Chapter is located, contact the Chapter chair in advance to see about upcoming meeting plans. Chapter Chairs are shown in the EMC Directory available via www.emcs.org. Chapters love to have guests attend their meetings and you will receive a warm welcome in a new area.
• Check out the many different topics and venues for meetings as regularly reported in the Chapter Chatter column. You may get ideas for a speaker to invite to your next Chapter meeting or a topic that may be interesting to have presented. Note the unique venues many Chapters use for meetings – from cruise ships to Dave & Busters restaurant - maybe you will get an idea for your future meeting to renew interest in the Chapter!
• Novel meeting formats – note the Rocky Mountain Chapter was the first to utilize the Society’s new Distinguished Lecture format of a Webinar technical presentation. Read about it on pages 22 and 31. Maybe you’d like to bring a Distinguished Lecturer presentation to your Chapter in 2008 using this exciting Webinar technology.
• As our new President Elya Joffe notes in his first President’s Message and article on new members on page 51, networking with our EMC colleagues via the Chapter meetings helps us all grow and fully appreciate the benefits of being a member of the EMC Society.
I hope to see you at an EMC Chapter meeting in the future!
In the meantime, thank you to the Chapter Chairs for their contributions to the EMC Newsletter. The Chapter Chairs do a great job in organizing the many meetings, “tabletop” shows, and social events for their Chapter members as reported in each Chapter Chatter column. They deserve a big “Thank You!” for the time and effort they put into their respective Chapters. Also, special thanks to Chapter Chatter Associate Editor Todd Robinson of CKC Labs for coordinating the considerable amount of material that goes into each of his columns. EMC

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