EMC Related Conferences & Symposia
March 31-April 4
Reverberation Chamber Theory/ Experiment Short Course
Oklahoma State University
Stillwater, Oklahoma
Dr. Charles Bunting
Phone: 405.744.1584

May 19-23
Asia Pacific Symposium on EMC/19th International Zurich Symposium on EMC
Dr. Erping Li
Email: &

June 10-12
The 13th International Exhibition on EMC

Beijing International Convention Center
Beijing, China
Mr. Wei Feng

June 11-13
19th International Wroclaw Symposium

and Exhibition on EMC
Wroclaw, Poland

July 21-25

European Electromagnetics
Lausanne, Switzerland
Chair: Farhad Rachidi

September 8 - 12

Hamburg, Germany
Professor J. L. ter Haseborg, TUHH, Germany

November 16-21
AMTA 2008

The 30th Annual Meeting of the Antenna Measurement Techniques Association
Boston Park Plaza Hotel
Boston, Massachusetts
Gary Somers, SAIC
Phone: 703.469.3691

January 12-16
20th International Zurich Symposium on Electromagnetic Compatibilit
Zurich, Switzerland

July 20-24
2009 International Symposium on EMC

Kyoto International Conference Center
Kyoto, Japan

EMCS Symposia Schedule
2008 August 18-22 Detroit, MI
Kimball Williams, 248.372.8074

2009 August 17-21 Austin, Texas
Dave Staggs, 512.791.4481

2010 Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Fred Heather, 301.342.6975

2011 Long Beach, California
Ray Adams, 310.387.7201

2012 August 5-9, Pittsburg, PA
Mike Oliver, 814.763.3211

IEEE EMC Society Board of Directors Meetings
(For information on all meetings, contact
Janet O’Neil, 425.868.2558)
May 30-31, 2008
Salt Lake City, Utah
August 17 (all day) and August 21 (evening), 2008
Detroit, Michigan
November 19-21, 2008
Long Beach, California

IEEE EMC Chapter Colloquium and Exhibition “Table-Top Shows”
April 1
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

With speaker Mark Steffka, EMC Group - General Motors Proving Grounds
“Back to the Basics of EMC and How the Basics Apply to Today’s Leading Technologies”
Jim Blaha, Ingenium Testing
Phone: 815.315.9250 x117


April 29
Huntsville, Alabama

With speaker Bruce Archambeault of IBM
“PCB Design Techniques for Real-World EMI Control”
Glenn Shelby, NASA
Phone: 256.544.0694

May 8
Detroit, Michigan

With speaker Doug Smith, Consultant
Scott Lytle, Yazaki North America
Phone: 734.983.6012

May 13
Chicago, Illinois

With multiple speakers on various topics
Frank Krozel, Electronic Instruments
Phone: 630.924.1600

June - Date To Be Determined
Tri-Chapter EMC Event from the Greater Washington DC, Northern Virginia/Southern

Maryland, and Baltimore Chapters
Contact Fred Heather for more information
Phone: 301.342.6975


If you would like to add your name to the list of exhibitors to receive direct announcements in advance of these upcoming tabletop shows, please send an e-mail to Janet O’Neil,


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