EMC Standards Activity:
Ending the Year with a Flourish!

Last year ended with the usual EMC standards activity we got used to earlier in the year. It always amazes me that there is no “down time” from working standards in our discipline.
Status of IEEE EMC Standards
To end the 2006 edition of our standards activity, our EMCS Standards Development Committee met in Houston hosted by Board member Bob Scully who works at NASA, literally across the street from the hotel where we met. Stephen Berger chaired our SDCom meeting, which included this time a long discussion on updating the SDCom page on the Society’s web site. Mike Hart and his daughter, Natalie Hart, led the discussion and coordinated the changes with Natalie taking the lead. You will see the progress if you visit the EMCS web site and then click on the Standards button in the left hand column (www.emcs.org). Once there, click on the “click here to read more” and you will see the progress and the work still in process. We also added a link to the IEEE Standards Association web site to get the EMCS standards of interest (and a vast array of others) on line.
The meeting continued with a progress report on our cadre of EMC standards. The full titles and abstracts are found by going to the IEEE Standards Association web site on www.standards.ieee.org, clicking on “shop”, and typing in the standard number. From there, you then get the information on the standard and how to order it. Here is a brief review of the progress so far for each active standard:
1. IEEE 139: Measurement of emissions from industrial, scientific and medical equipment. Status: Reaffirmation of the standard is completed and it is now current.
2. IEEE 187: Measurement of emissions from television receiver. Status: This will be balloted for reaffirmation.
3. IEEE 299.1: Measurement of shielding effectiveness of small enclosures. Status: Approved project by the IEEE Standards Board.
4. IEEE 473: EM site survey measurements. Status: New project authorization by the Standards Board needed to continue the work. (The new chair is Vil Arafils.)
5. IEEE 475: RF intrusion emission measurements. Status: Reaffirmation was approved by the SDCom.
6. IEEE 1128: Performance of RF absorber material. Status: Current.
7. IEEE 1140: Measurement of fields from VDTs. Status: Current.
8. IEEE 1302: Characteristics of RF gaskets. Status: Draft for balloting soon.
9. IEEE 1309: Probe calibration. Status: Seeking new chair of working group.
10. IEEE 1560: RF filter performance. Status: Current.
11. IEEE 1597.1 and 1597.2: Computational EM. Status: Ballot in early 2007.
12. IEEE 1642 and 1643: Intentional EMI. Status: First draft underway.
13. IEEE 1688: Line replaceable module testing. Status: Progress on first draft.
14. IEEE 1775: Broadband Powerline EMC measurements. Status: Working with the Power Engineering Society to define contributions from each Society to the document.
15. IEEE 1900 series of standards: Software Defined Radio Conformity. Status: Work is proceeding working with the Communications Society.

Natalie and Mike Hart (center) keep busy! In August, they staffed their Quantum Change booth at the EMC Symposium in Portland and are shown with Steve Linthicum (left) and Glenn Shelby (right), both with NASA in Huntsville, Alabama. In November, they were active contributors to the EMC Society Standards activity, participating in the SDCom meeting in Houston, Texas.

As you can see, we continue to work our projects including cooperating with other IEEE Societies where the scope of the standard embraces their work as well as ours. For more information, contact the SDCom chair: Stephen Berger (Stephen.berger@ieee.org) or the secretary Ed Hare (w1rfi@arrl.org ).
ACEC Meeting Report from Geneva, Switzerland
In early December, there was an international EMC meeting of the Advisory Committee on EMC (ACEC) which reports to the technical management committee of the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC). This committee is called the Standardization Management Committee. The meeting was in Geneva, Switzerland and was attended by many IEC committees with EMC in their scopes including TC77 (EMC) and the Special International Committee on Radio Interference (CISPR) as well as other TCs such as TC62 on medical device standards and TC46 on cabling. Bill Radasky is the chair. (He is also chair of our EMCS TC 5 on High Power EM and chair of our work on IEEE 1642 and 1643.)
The meeting focused this time on the revision of ISO/IEC Guide 107: “Electromagnetic Compatibility - Guide to the Drafting of EMC Publications”. From the title you can see the importance of this work in understanding the IEC work on EMC standards and how our own Society might better interact with the IEC activity or perhaps follow some of the principles in the document for standards which broadly apply to many product areas as much of our standards do. The scope states that the guide procedures should be applied when preparing a new EMC publication or EMC clauses when revising existing IEC publications. The document covers emission and immunity as it describes what basic, generic, product family and product specific standards are and what each should contain. There is not enough space in this article to describe all that is in the document, which is undergoing extensive revision now. When the revision is available, it will be reported in this column. For immediate questions, contact the chair, Bill Radasky, at wradasky@aol.com.
In Closing
For now we look forward to another active and challenging year in developing standards that will serve industry and our members. If you are interested in participating in standards activity, please contact the author at d.heirman@ieee.org. Volunteers are always welcome and a variety of tasks are available for many expertise levels. Have a good year! EMC

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