Two Anniversaries for the Price of One!
NARTE and the EMC Society

The National Association for Radio and Telecommunications Engineers (NARTE) is pleased to offer congratulations and continuing support to the IEEE EMC Society in this, its Golden, 50th Anniversary year. The year 2007 is also the Silver, 25th Anniversary year of NARTE as an Engineering Association, and the 20th year since the beginning of its EMC Certification Programs.
NARTE is the premier independent certification organization, and the only internationally recognised association that provides standards of excellence attainable to technical professionals in telecommunications, electromagnetic compatibility, and other related areas.
In its 25 years of operation, NARTE has certified more than 16,000 engineers and technicians in 26 countries. Current membership stands at a little under 5,000.
NARTE’s certification candidates are fairly evaluated by verifiable measures including examination, experiential and educational background and reputation for unquestioned competency within their specified expertise.
As a result, NARTE certified engineers and technicians have always been regarded by their peers and the community as having demonstrated the highest professionalism and dedication in their field of endeavour.
NARTE’s close relationship and shared membership with the EMC Society can be traced back over the last 20 years, but was formalised only as recently as 2001 by the signing of a Memorandum of Agreement.
In this Agreement, NARTE and the IEEE EMC Society mutually cooperate for the support and co-sponsorship of programs or events intended to foster and promote technical awareness, education, and achievement in electromagnetic compatibility.
Specifically, the EMC Society is recognized by NARTE as the definitive authority with respect to the science and the application of EMC technology. The EMC Society is today the keeper of the body of knowledge from which NARTE develops its Engineer and Technician Certification Examination papers.
As in previous years, NARTE will hold its Exam Prep Workshop and Certification Examinations in conjunction with the 2007 IEEE International Symposium on EMC. The Exam Prep Workshop on Sunday, July 8th, will be a part of the EMC Fundamentals Tutorial and the start of the Global EMC University Track. In this way, NARTE anticipates that “students” at the Global EMC University will take the opportunity to validate their knowledge by attaining NARTE certification and attending the Examination on the following Saturday, July 14th.
The registration fee to attend EMC 2007 will also cover the proctoring fee for the NARTE Examination. As a result, all candidates taking the Exam on July 14th simply need to pay the basic application fee to NARTE. Details of how to do this may be obtained from the web site
As part of the general celebration at EMC 2007, NARTE will make a special presentation at the Awards Luncheon to its 25 longest serving EMC members in recognition of their years of service to the EMC community. EMC

Students are shown taking the NARTE Exam at the 1997 IEEE International Symposium on EMC in Austin, Texas. Professor James Whalen (far left at front) of New York State University has long supported the NARTE activities at the annual EMC Symposium.


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