Exhibitor Museum in Hawaii!
NEW for the 2007 IEEE International Symposium on EMC

We will have an interesting new addition to the usual Exhibitor opportunities in Hawaii in July for the IEEE International Symposium on EMC.
It will be called the “Exhibitor’s Museum” and it will provide EMC Exhibitors with a venue to display their past in the form of previous designs of present-day EMC Equipment and EMC Materials. The “Exhibitor’s Museum” will be located in the Exhibit Hall.
Space will be provided at no charge by the 2007 EMC Symposium Committee working in conjunction with the 50th Anniversary Committee of the EMC Society. Tables to display the artifacts from past history can be rented from the Exhibitor Services in the usual fashion.
In addition to the display of artifacts from the Exhibitors, there will also be a display of early EMC receivers (such as Stoddart receivers and others shown on this page), which is sponsored by the 50th Anniversary Committee. Some of the equipment will be in working order and will be demonstrated by EMC volunteers. Other measurement systems will be more static in function; they will have their equipment case open so people can view the insides of the equipment.
Proposals are due by April 1. Notice of acceptance will be sent to you by April 15.
Join the Historical Museum; start developing your historically accurate and technically interesting extravaganzas today. It is a “once in 50-years opportunity” to share in the rich technical background of the field of EMC engineering!
For more information, contact:
Frank Krozel


Radiated emissions from an Army Jeep
NM-17a Singer Stoddart receivers
RCA type 302A noise meters


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