Announcing the New EMC Aviators Club!
Antonio Orlandi flying over the Rome countryside.


EMC Society members Andy Marvin and Antonio Orlandi recently formed the NEW EMC Aviators Club. To be part of the Club, one should be involved in EMC, have a pilot’s license (power or gliding) and a wish to share one’s adventures and pictures with others.
You can use the club web site http:// to post photos or links to your own sites.
You can arrange to share flights with other EMC people when traveling to meetings or conferences. We will arrange informal meetings at the main EMC conferences, probably over lunch or an evening with beer or wine. There is no membership fee. Simply send your profile details and any pictures (please use standard and efficient file formats) to Antonio Orlandi at orlandi@
Incidentally, planning is now underway for some flying in Hawaii in conjunction with the 2007 IEEE International Symposium on EMC this summer. Andy Marvin added, “I know several people are already talking about the flying in Hawaii which by all accounts is spectacular. I’m starting to sort my US permit already!”

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