EMC Society Board of Directors Meeting

President Williams called the meeting to order at 10:00 am. A round of introductions was made. Members present included: B. Archambeault, H. Benitez, C. Brench, N. Carter, A. Drozd, R. Ford, H. Garbe, F. Heather, D. Heirman, D. Hoolihan, T. Hubing, E. Joffe, W. Kesselman, F. Maradei, M. Montrose, J. O’Neil, S. Nitta, G. Pettit, D. Staggs, D. Sweeney, R. Wallen and K. Williams. Members absent included: M. Hatfield, L. Hill, J. Norgard, A. Podgorski, and R. Scully. Guest Mike Violette was also present. President Williams announced that IEEE recently elevated Todd Hubing, Heyno Garbe, John Osburn, and Bruce Archambeault to the Fellow Grade. The Board acknowledged this outstanding news with a round of applause. The meeting agenda as presented was approved. The consent agenda (including the Treasurer’s report and minutes of the August 7 and 11 Board meetings) was approved as presented. Todd Hubing noted that the following gentlemen were elected to the Board for a three year term beginning January 1, 2006: Dick Ford, Henry Benitez, Dan Hoolihan, Bruce Archambeault, Ghery Pettit, and Elya Joffe.

President-Elect Andy Drozd spoke about the recent long range planning committee activity. Many of the items to address resulted from the five-year IEEE conducted formal survey as well as VP inputs and other recommendations received by the symposium institutionalization task force. He presented a report on the priority goals of the long range planning committee. There will be periodic telecons and meetings to further these plans as well as measurable goals set to ensure the success of implementing the plans. One goal is to increase membership by 25%. Targeting new members in China may be a means to achieve this goal. There was a very good 38% return on the five-year IEEE conducted formal survey. Details on the survey results will be presented in a formal report at the March Board meeting. He also noted that IEEE overall is stressing a more personalized approach to recruiting new members and interacting with volunteers.

Board members Janet O’Neil of ETS-Lindgren, Dave Staggs (retired), and Mark Montrose of Montrose Compliance Services caught up on EMC Society activity during the Board meeting in Portland.


Board members visit over lunch at their November Board meeting in Portland. Seated from left are Warren Kesselman, Dan Hoolihan of Hoolihan EMC Consulting, Andy Drozd of ANDRO Computational Solutions, and Bruce Archambeault of IBM. Standing from left are Colin Brench of Hewlett Packard and Nigel Carter of QinetiQ.

Treasurer Warren Kesselman briefly summarized his report. Regarding 2004 Operations, the final audit report indicates EMC’s net surplus was $523,100. A Cost Center Summary was provided in Enclosure 1 to the Treasurer’s report. Regarding the 2005 Operations Forecast, the recent third quarter forecast review with IEEE projected a potential year-end operations deficit of (-$49,000). Market fluctuation is not considered in the forecast. If 2005’s market experience is a repeat of 2004’s positive return, the projected 2005 deficit could be fully covered. A forecast summary table was provided in Enclosure 2 to the Treasurer’s report. Lastly, regarding 2006 Budget Development, Society budgets will be reviewed by TAB and the IEEE BoD at the November IEEE Board Series in Orlando, Florida. EMC’s budget to be submitted at that meeting contains a projected deficit of (-$27,400). That projection does not include market fluctuation and may be subject to changes should anything new be approved in Orlando. Final budgets are expected to be distributed in early December. A Cost Center Summary Sheet for the proposed budget was provided in Enclosure 3 to the Treasurer’s report.

The Board took the downtown city tram to the Portland Convention Center, site of the 2006 IEEE International Symposium on EMC. Enjoying the short ride are (from left) Francesca Maradei from the University of Rome “La Sapienza”, Mike Violette of Washington Labs, and Heyno Garbe from the University of Hannover, Germany.
Chairman of the 2006 IEEE International Symposium on EMC, Henry Benitez (left) is shown with EMC-S Vice President for Conferences, Barry Wallen, at the entrance to the Convention Center.

Secretary O’Neil noted that the minutes of the August 7 and 11 Board meetings in Chicago were previously approved as part of the consent agenda.

Ghery Pettit, Vice-President for Communication Services, presented his report. He summarized the activities related to the Transactions on EMC in the absence of Editor-in-Chief Flavio Canavero. Regarding submitted papers, as of today, 163 new manuscripts have been submitted in 2005. By the end of 2005, we can easily expect to reach the same number of submissions as in 2004. Professor Canavero would like to have a special section of the IEEE Transactions on EMC that includes a few select papers from the EMC Zurich in Singapore conference. These papers would be significantly enhanced for publication in the Transactions. Copyright issues would be addressed as required by IEEE. This would not impact the page count or existing 2006 budget for the Transactions on EMC. The Board approved publishing papers from the 2006 EMC Zurich in Singapore conference in the Transactions on EMC. Professor Canavero’s report notes that the February and May 2005 issues were on time. The August 2005 issue was delayed by approximately one month. Papers were sent on time to the Publication Department; in fact, having activated the rapid posting procedure, papers were sent as soon as ready. However, the delay was due to two concurring events: a) the transition to the rapid posting mixed up and misplaced some papers, that initially were not included in the August issue; b) some authors requested a second check of the galley proofs of their papers. Regarding the page count of the Transactions, the Board approved increasing the page count to 1090 pages in 2005. This decision eliminated the backlog of 50+ papers. In closing this report, special issues to consider in the future would address topics such as Validation of Computational Electromagnetics, Wireless EMC, and Electronic Band Gap Structures. Professor Canavero will submit a recommendation on these special issues in the near future. Next, Mr. Pettit introduced Janet O’Neil, Newsletter Editor, to give her report. She advised that the Fall issue covers the Chicago symposium and will be 96 pages; it is the longest EMC Newsletter issue in history. Included are three practical papers and an article discussing the “balance” of applied and theoretical papers in the annual symposium’s technical program. Many of the standard articles are included, i.e. President’s Message, Personality Profile, Standards Activity etc. New is a photo collage submitted by the EMC 2006 committee, a “Thanks for the Memories” photo collage by Ken Wyatt of Chicago images, a book review by Jim Drewniak, an article on the St. Petersburg conference by Elya Joffe, an article on the Chicago demonstrations by Andy Drozd, an article on the Children’s Workshop in Chicago by Gayla Burns, and an article on TC-1 activity by Dan Hoolihan. There are also the special symposium features such as the awards program listing, and the five pages of “centerfold” photos from the symposium. There is also an announcement about the newly elected Board members. Unfortunately, Maqsood Mohd was unable to submit his annual Education and Student Activities article. Regarding advertising in the Summer 2005 issue of the Newsletter, there were 10.83 pages of paid advertising in this issue. The final revenue from these ads in the Summer 2005 issue to the EMC Society is $8,595.60. The cost to layout, print, and mail the Summer 2005 issue, at 68 pages with a press run of 5,062 copies, was $16,487. Thus, the ad revenue offset a little over 50% of the cost. At Elya Joffe’s request, copies of the Newsletter were sent to the 2005 Asia Pacific EMC Symposium in Taipei to promote this member benefit from the EMC Society membership booth he will staff there. There have been several conversations with IEEE about the cost/benefits of becoming a formal magazine. EMC-S has been advised that the Newsletter needs to increase its technical content in order to publish a magazine. Included are three practical papers in the Fall 2005 issue accordingly in an attempt to do this. Lastly, discussion continues with the EMC 2006 symposium committee, Barry Wallen, and the finance committee about bundling the symposium advance program with the Newsletter to save money. Barry Wallen will report on this activity under his conferences report. Next, regarding the EMC website, Mr. Pettit noted that Nigel Carter is our new manager for website activity. Mr. Pettit canceled the contract with IEEE for Webmaster services. EMC-S received a refund for contracted services since IEEE has not implemented the work they were contracted to do. Mr. Carter will seek a new company to contract for these web services. Regarding IEEE Press, Mr. Pettit advised there was no report from committee chair, Ray Perez. Regarding Public Relations, Dave Staggs advised that the previous EMC-S promotional VHS videos created in the early 1990s have been converted to DVD and one particular video is very useable today as a promotional video for the society. The use of the 50th Anniversary of the EMC-S video as a promotional video is not required, since one of the older videos will work fine. But discussions are still in process with the History Committee. The design of the new EMC-S lapel pin is ongoing and will include the 50th Anniversary logo design. When the design is ready, the variations of the design will be brought to the BoD for review and selection. In closing his report, Mr. Pettit noted that Dan Hoolihan’s History report would be included in his report on planning for the 2007 symposium to be presented later in the meeting.

During their tour of the Portland Convention Center, Board members stopped to view the impressive pendulum clock.


Back in the meeting room, Don Heirman of Don HEIRMAN Consultants gives his report as the Vice President for Standards.

Don Heirman, Vice-President for Standards, presented his report. Standards activity covers three major areas: The Standards Education and Training Committee (SETCom), the Standards Advisory and Coordination Committee (SACCom), and the Standards Development Committee (SDCom). The SETCom chair position was vacant and a replacement has been made (see below), the SACCom chair Elya Joffe is resigning and he is looking for a replacement, and SDCom continues to be chaired by Stephen Berger. Mr. Heirman reviewed the activity from the previous day’s standards committee meetings. Regarding the SDCom activity, the newest committee member is Colin Brench of Hewlett Packard. The major topics covered during the meeting were working group support, “Broadband over Power Line” working group issues, policy and procedures for P1900 on software defined radio, radar EMC discussion with a DoD rep, and the DySPAN conference with the Communications Society. Regarding “Working Group Support”, the committee discussed how meeting cost fees can be assessed and used for paying expenses and establishing “reserves” for future needs of working groups, e.g. editing, telephone calls, drawings, etc. They would like to establish FTP sites where working groups can exchange information/drafts under password protection. The committee discussed the use of the standards budget for teleconferences in lieu of, but not fully replacing, in person meetings. Regarding the topic of “Broadband over Power Lines”, the committee approved co-sponsorship of a PAR on EMC measurements with the Power Engineering Society. SDCom policy and procedures updating is underway and includes: 1: Formation of WGs comprised of multiple society members (MOU procedures), 2: E-mail balloting, 3: Patent discussion requirements/slides, 4: Emeritus members, 5: Officer descriptions, 6: Meeting fees, 7: Maintenance of policies and procedures. The policies and procedures for P1900 (SDR) are under review. Radar EMC discussion included the DoD MIL STD on radar EMC status and the need to consider commercial standards that might apply. It has been proposed that the DoD should consider SDCom activity on Software Defined Radio (SDR) as a possible spectrum usage tool. The committee agreed that the DoD should become a member of P1900 on SDR to see its usefulness. The committee reviewed a report on the recent DySPAN Conference. This was an IEEE Symposium on New Frontiers in Dynamic Spectrum Access Networks. It was sponsored by the Communications Society; EMC-S was a co-sponsor. The focus was on better spectrum usage for communications. 300 people attended (80 were from outside USA). In addition, multiple ongoing standards projects were identified and there is tremendous potential for increased standards activity. Mr. Heirman discussed the results of the standards leadership solicitation initiated by him and publicized by Elya Joffe. 14 people responded and a new chair of the SETCom was appointed. He is Qiubo Ye, a Project Leader with the Communications Research Center in Canada. In addition, candidates for SACCom leadership were identified. New volunteers responded from outside IEEE regions 1-6. Mr. Heirman noted that the next series of standards meeting would be on March 16 in Piscataway, New Jersey, at IEEE headquarters. This is the same venue where the ANSI ASC C63 meetings will take place over March 13-15. The EMC-S is a voting member of C63 and since the C63 meeting is on 15 March, he indicated that those SDCom or Board members interested in attending should contact him to support that attendance.

The Annual Dinner also featured the passing of the gavel from Kimball Williams (left) to incoming EMC-S President Andy Drozd.
At the Board’s Annual Dinner, Todd Hubing of the University of Missouri-Rolla (left), presented outgoing President Kimball Williams of Denso International America with a gift from the Board for his service to the EMC Society.

Elya Joffe presented the report on Membership Service. He led a discussion on the usage of the Angel Funds. The Board approved Mr. Joffe’s proposal that a Chapter Angel may authorize up to a maximum of $500 in financial support per year. Each chapter may submit multiple requests per year to receive the funding from the Bob Haislmaier Angel Fund as long as the total sum received per year does not exceed $500. Chapters may not combine activities for the purpose of obtaining the $500 and each request shall be submitted, justified, and considered separately. Regarding Chapter Chair retreats, Mr. Joffe reviewed the scheduled chapter retreats for 2006. Mr. Joffe discussed a proposal for formalizing a link between the related “sister societies” in order to promote our respective interests. Bruce Archambeault then gave a report on the EMC-S Awards. He documented the process for the awards presentation based upon the format utilized in Chicago. Mr. Archambeault led a discussion on the awards process and “institutionalizing” the awards. The consensus was that the Awards program is a function of the EMC Society and should be actively administered by the Awards Chair. The local symposium committee may provide input on the awards activity, however, the committee ultimately must take direction from the Awards Chair. Regarding Membership Development, Dave Staggs reported on membership statistics and booth activity in Chicago during the symposium. 10 new IEEE members and 26 new EMC Society members signed up at the Chicago symposium. The EMC 2007 Hawaii promotional material and the IEEE magazines on display attracted people to the booth. Volunteers from the local Chicago EMC chapter helped staff the booth. As of September 2005, the total number of active EMC-S members was 4,154, down 2.1% from this same time in 2004. Senior members account for some 12% of total EMC-S membership. Mr. Staggs will present a proposal for increasing this percentage at the March Board meeting. Total IEEE membership is 350,274, up 0.2% over 2004 numbers. Next, in the absence of Distinguished Lecturer Committee chair Lee Hill, Elya Joffe reported that a total of $4,791.53 was expended on the program in 2005. This expenditure is much less than in 2004. The average cost per attendee in 2005 was $16.97. 12 lectures were given by DLs in the US; 2 were given in Europe. The majority of the DLs gave three of the maximum six lectures allowed in 2005. Mr. Hill is evaluating why the DLs did not give as many presentations in 2005 as in prior years. The DL policy revisions have been posted to the EMC-S web site and are now consistent with the revised policy in the EMC-S Handbook and Chapter guide. Mr. Hill noted that Tom Jerse and Greg Kiemel are ending their terms as Distinguished Lecturers in 2005. He sent a full report to the Board on the proposed new candidates to replace Tom Jerse and Greg Kiemel starting January 1, 2006. Following discussion of the new candidates, the Board approved the appointment of Etienne Sicard and David Hackason as Distinguished Lecturers of the EMC Society for a two-year term beginning in January 1, 2006. Discussion then ensued about DL lectures and how to effectively promote this program globally to all EMC-S members. Elya Joffe will prepare a proposal for a revised DL program that will service members in all regions. He will present this at the March Board meeting. Chapter Coordinator Francesca Maradei then provided an extensive report on the status of Chapters and Angels. She noted that the Pittsburgh Chapter has completed the procedures for its approval. Michael J. Oliver is the new chapter chairman. Mr. Joffe noted that the Philadelphia Chapter was removed from the “Dissolution List” thanks to the efforts of Francesca; Venk Venkatesh was appointed as the new Chapter Chair. Bob Scully has submitted a petition to the IEEE Galveston Bay and Houston Sections for forming a joint Galveston Bay/Houston EMC Chapter. Efforts have also started to form a Chapter in Vancouver/British Columbia, Canada. This would be the fourth EMC Chapter in Canada, joining Toronto, Ottawa, and Montreal. In Region 8, there is activity for a Czech Republic joint EMC/MTT/AP/ED chapter, following the efforts exerted at the St. Petersburg Symposium on EMC. In Region 9, new EMC chapter activity is underway in Mexico and Argentina. Discussions with these chapter members and Elya Joffe were held during the Chicago Symposium. There is no news of activity with the Australia and Thailand chapters. Ms. Maradei noted that Professor Nekhoul Bachir is interested in forming a new EMC Chapter in Algeria. She concluded her report noting that the chapters on a “watch list” due to inactivity include the Montreal, Central & South Italy, Seoul, Ukraine, and Washington Chapters. Next, Heyno Garbe reported that with the help of Professor Nitta, there are three candidates for Fellow received from Japan. In total, there are seven candidates for 2007, not including the candidates for 2006 that were not selected in 2005. Regarding Nominations, Chair Todd Hubing announced the newly elected Board members for a three-year term beginning January 1, 2006 are Bruce Archambeault, Henry Benitez, Richard Ford, Dan Hoolihan, Elya Joffe and Ghery Pettit. Next, Fred Heather presented a report on the survey conducted in Chicago. The IEEE conducted five-year survey results are in. Results indicated that by and large the Society’s leadership is doing a good job of balancing the diverse needs and interests of its varied membership: 86% rated themselves satisfied, and only 2% were dissatisfied. Some attention needs to be paid to the needs of members in Regions 8-10 who were most likely to rate themselves as “less than satisfied.” Mr. Joffe noted that Ken Wyatt is the EMC-S photographer. He continues to assist the Newsletter editor in providing photos and cover artwork. He also assisted in providing artwork for the EMC-S membership booth in Chicago. He did not like the brick background at the awards luncheon in Chicago and may consider investing in a portable backdrop for future awards ceremonies so the photos are more professional. Any thoughts or suggestions for photography should be directed to Ken at ken_wyatt@agilent.com. Regarding PACE, Mr. Joffe noted that no report was received from Bill McGinnis. Mr. Joffe would like to see a new person as the PACE chair. He will seek a replacement for this position. Next, Mr. Joffe reported that there were no activities in Regions 8-10 since the August Board meeting. Future membership development activities are being planned in conjunction with the following symposia: EMC Asia in Taipei, December 2005; EMC Zurich in Singapore, February 2006; INCEMIC in India, February 2006; EMC Wroclaw in Poland, June 2006; and EMC Europe in Barcelona, September 2006. Fred Heather then noted that the Travel Assistance Support Program committee has drafted a plan for implementing this program. Mr. Heather revised the paperwork for this grant program. He is working with Henry Benitez, chair of EMC 2006 in Portland, to work out a process such that when papers are submitted, applicants for this program can submit an application. Regarding the Membership Development Task Force, Mr. Joffe noted that meetings would be held in conjunction with the quarterly Board meetings. The main goal and proposed scope and content are to consider the current situation of membership development, brainstorm on membership development initiatives, and propose to the VP for Member Services and to the Board possible strategies and initiatives which may help in membership development. The basis for discussion is the previously developed “Membership Initiatives List” of membership items in the Long Range Planning Committee material along with IEEE developed material. In concluding his report, Mr. Joffe noted that several IEEE and non-IEEE professional organizations and societies are involved in EMC (i.e. the IEE, the Australian EMC Society, the Society of Electrical and Electronics Engineers in Israel (SEEEI), etc.). He suggested creating a “Sister Society” MOU to cross promote and market the respective activities of these organizations. The Board agreed this activity should be pursued.

Enjoying the Annual Dinner festivities are (from left) Henry Benitez of ElectroMagnetic Investigations and Dick Ford of NRL.


Board meetings provide a unique opportunity for members Elya Joffe (left) of KTM Project Engineering in Israel and Shuichi Nitta of Salesiar Polytechnic in Japan to catch up on international EMC activity.

In the absence of John Norgard, Vice President for Technical Services, President Williams presented his report. The Chair of the Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) is Bill Strauss. Vice-Chair is Arto Chubukjian, and Secretary is Robert Scully. They are reviewing the proposed new technical committee on TC-11, Nanotechnology. A presentation was given to the committee, suggesting that TC-11 should first be formed as a working group over a period of one to two years, possibly sponsored by the TAC. Doing so would allow a gradual emergence on nanotechnology into the EMC “world”. Charts were presented to the committee establishing the basis for the working group approach. As part of the effort, it was suggested that a tutorial be provided for the next Symposium in Portland. The committee determined that was important to establish the level of interest within the Society, and that it was deemed wise policy not to rush into the formation of the TC too quickly. After much discussion, TAC recommended forming an ad hoc committee to address nanotechnology and make a recommendation for moving forward within TAC. TAC has also recently formed an ad hoc committee to revisit the criteria to determine EMC-S co-sponsorship of other EMC related conferences, specifically to add quantifiable aspects to the decision process. TAC is also reviewing the process for determining the best paper at the EMC-S annual symposium. The “Best Paper Process” is not currently documented, but should be to ensure uniformity in the decision and selection processes. The committee has scheduled a series of telecoms for the first half of 2006 to ensure members stay on task with their respective activities. Regarding the Representative Advisory Committee (RAC), Fred Heather prepared an article summarizing the RAC/SACCom meeting held during the Chicago Symposium for publication in the Fall 2005 EMC Newsletter. He noted that the open positions are: Aerospace Research and Development, IEEE-USA R&D Policy Committee, and the IEEE Communications, Information Policy, Medical Technology Policy Issues. RAC member Dan Hoolihan will also contribute an article as EMC-S representative of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society, Committee on Man and Radiation (COMAR) for the Winter 2006 issue of the EMC Newsletter. In closing this report, Mr. Norgard noted that no report was received from Maqsood Mohd on the Education and Student Activities Committee.

Barry Wallen, Vice President for Conference Services, presented his report. He noted that CMS has not been responsive to the EMC-S Symposium needs due to the department being heavily involved lately with the Sections Congress. This led to the discovery that it is in the Society’s best interest to have contracts with CMS, in lieu of the “agreements” that we currently have. With a contract, financial penalties can be specified for non-performance. Mr. Wallen gave a report about incorporating the abstracts of the symposium papers along with information on the social events and a registration form in the Spring issue of the EMC Newsletter. Readers will be directed to the symposium website for more information. This will be a more economical approach than printing and mailing the traditional advance program for the EMC-S symposium. Mr. Wallen then provided the following update on EMC-S Symposiums: EMC’2005 Chicago, IL (Chair: Tom Braxton) Preliminary numbers from the Chicago symposium were just received. Revenue was shown as $1,021,695, expenses were $833,726 for a net surplus of $187,969. These are unaudited numbers. On site registration was nearly the same as in Santa Clara in 2004. In total, there were 471 IEEE member full registrations and 191 non-member full registrations. There were 3,392 badges created for registrants, exhibitors, and companions. It was a well-attended symposium. There were 223 booths, and 8 tabletop displays from 162 exhibiting companies; EMC’2006 Portland, OR (Chair: Henry Benitez) The budget was recently reviewed and updated by Dan Arnold. Thanks to Bob Hofmann, EMC 2005 Treasurer, for his input based on the most recent symposium financial data. Several EMC 2006 committees have been quite active. The technical committee has distributed the call for papers and call for special sessions. A call for demonstrations is in process. Changes are being made to upgrade the perception of poster sessions, which are included in what are now called “Close Format Presentations.” Publicity and publication activities are proceeding. Promotions have been placed in some publications. The EMC 2006 Symposium Website is being updated. It includes the call for papers. The EMC-S Symposium Committees have NOT had the support services from the contracted IEEE Conference Management Services (CMS) for the past several months. The IEEE CMS has lost some staff and priorities have changed. Our CMS contact is now back as of this week. Mr. Wallen advised that it is important for future symposiums to be aware of this situation of when soliciting contracts with IEEE CMS or evaluating other CMS providers; EMC’2007 Honolulu, HI 50th Anniversary Symposium (Chair: Janet O’Neil) Ms. O’Neil reports there has not been any significant activity since the August Board meeting, with the exception of Jim Blaha agreeing to handle publicity and marketing for the symposium. Janet met with Jim during the Chicago symposium. Jim has marketing experience from his years at Agilent. He is currently chair of the Milwaukee EMC Chapter. Janet also met with Mike Slocum of the Navy at Dahlgren about his work with the Navy in Hawaii. She will follow up with him on this to establish a link to draw the Navy personnel to EMC 2007. Janet gave a presentation at the exhibitors breakfast in Chicago on what the committee’s plans are to ensure good attendance at the symposium. This includes the launch of the EMC Global University, special technical sessions, a big name keynote speaker, and extensive marketing in Asia. She invited GES (show decorator and drayage company) to give a presentation on the “Facts vs. Reality” about shipping to and exhibiting in Hawaii. GES offered to provide 30 days of free storage to EMC exhibitors in Hawaii who also exhibit at the MTT and/or AP Symposiums being held at the Hawaii Convention Center in June 2007. GES asked if any exhibitors present at the breakfast had ever exhibited in Hawaii. The response was one! Thus, this presentation was especially important. The 50th Anniversary logo was shown on the cover of the Summer 2005 EMC Newsletter. The EMC 2007 logo will be very similar to this logo to maintain the anniversary/symposium “branding.” Regular Newsletter articles by Dan Hoolihan refer to the anniversary celebrations and promote attendance at the EMC 2007 symposium. The committee plans to meet in Hawaii in June 2006. This will be the last on site meeting prior to the symposium in 2007. Current action items include: Setting dates for June 2006 committee meeting; Revising budget based upon Chicago’s final actuals; IEEE CMS needs to sign contracts for the Wednesday evening gala (luau at Royal Hawaiian Hotel) and the Friday afternoon Anniversary celebration luncheon (Marriott Turtle Bay) by 12/31/05; Develop formal marketing plan for brochures, formally appoint public relations representatives in all IEEE Regions, target shows to send material/rep to, create magazine ads, etc.; Secure keynote speaker; EMC’2008 Detroit, MI (Chair: Kimball Williams) All committee positions have been filled. The committee is holding monthly telecom meetings. The marketing committee will met on November 4, at UL Novi to discuss a number of “up front” issues and lay further plans for working with the “Big 3” (DaimlerChrysler, Ford and GM). Scott Lytle has purchased the web “name” and they are beginning work on the web site format. Since CMS will help put the web site together, their work will be strictly the ‘art’ and content; EMC’2009 Austin, TX (Chair: David Staggs) IEEE insurance and information schedule forms are complete and have been submitted to IEEE CMS. The committee is currently in negotiations with CMS that will lead to a contact being signed between the Central Texas Chapter and IEEE CMS. The current listing of the Symposia Committee includes: General Chairman – David Staggs, Vice Chairman – John O’Brien, Secretary – Michael Royer, Treasurer – Patrick Webb, Technical Program – Dr. Michael Foegelle, Exhibits/New Product Presentations – Mark Prchlik, Publicity (Public Relations) – Glen Watkins. Preparations to negotiate the Austin Convention Center contract are underway. The IEEE CMS contract has not been signed pending a review of 2007, 2008, and 2009 contract pricing comparisons by the VP of Conferences. Exhibitor Liaison Janet O’Neil reported that the exhibitors breakfast in Chicago was well attended. There were several presentations given on the following topics: Tom Braxton, Chair of Chicago 2005, provided registration information, etc. on the symposium; Henry Benitez, Chair of Portland 2006, provided an update on the symposium plans; Janet O’Neil, Chair of Honolulu 2007, provided an overview of marketing and publicity for this symposium; Pam Pietrok, GES, provided information on shipping to and exhibiting in Hawaii; Janet O’Neil reported for Barry Wallen on the proposed new patron program for 2006, the use of IEEE e-notice, standardization of the symposium steering committees, and results of the 2004 Exhibitors Survey. There were many good comments from the exhibitors received at the breakfast related to ideas to improve the symposium. Several comment cards were completed and returned after the breakfast. One in particular noted the lack of applied papers during the regular Tuesday through Thursday sessions, which prompted a healthy debate with the Portland 2006 technical committee. This discussion was summarized and included in an article in the Fall 2005 EMC Newsletter. The comment cards were reviewed with Barry Wallen and IEEE CMS. Exhibitors noted they liked the new features of the Chicago symposium, notably the EMC-OPOLY, the New Product Showcase, and the Interactive EMC Forum (Ask the Experts). These activities are being considered for EMC 2006 Portland. Chicago 2005 also awarded a best booth prize following the symposium. Please contact Jack Black of DLS Electronics for more information. Fred Heather has updated the exhibitor points since the Chicago symposium and provided this spreadsheet to IEEE CMS so they can start assigning booths for Portland after January 1. The updated points will be posted to the EMC-S website. Next, Dr. Nigel Carter, the Global Symposia Coordinator, provided updated data regarding forthcoming Global Symposia and Conferences, which are (or proposed to be) Technically Co-Sponsored by the EMC-S. Only two new requests for Technical Co Sponsorship have been received since the last Board Meeting. Following is the schedule of conferences:

Regarding regional conferences in Regions 1-7, Janet O’Neil reported that since the August Board meeting, the Los Angeles EMC Chapter held a tabletop show on “Aerospace EMC” on Monday, September 26, 2005. She worked with LA Chapter Chair Ray Adams on this colloquium and exhibition. Some 70 people attended. 19 companies participated as exhibitors, reserving a total of 21 tables. The topics and speakers were well received. The expected net surplus to the chapter is $5,000. The event will be profiled in the Fall 2005 EMC Newsletter. Chapters are planning various tabletop shows for 2006, including the Milwaukee (March 28), SE Michigan (May date TBD) and Chicago (May 16) Chapters who hold annual tabletop shows in the spring. New in 2006 will be a tabletop show organized with the Dallas EMC chapter. The Rocky Mountain Chapter in Denver is also considering a tabletop show for 2006, as is the prospective new chapter in Mexico City. Ms. O’Neil is working with the Dallas, Denver, and Mexico City chapter members on these events. Frank Sabath reported on activities in Region 8. He noted that an MOU between the IEEE EMC Society and the steering committee of the EMC Europe was developed. The negotiations have continued since the August report. The international steering committee for EMC Europe met in parallel with the EMC Europe Workshop over September 19 – 21, 2005 to work on the MOU. Regarding the retention of records of co-sponsored symposia, the German National Library of Science and Technology (TIB), Hanover, Germany withdrew its intent to take over a copy of records of co-sponsored symposia. The management of TIB had the final opinion that proceedings of major symposia are part of the MoU between IEEE and TIB. Dr. Sabath has discussed this situation with Heyno Garbe and he suggested asking the library of the Otto-von-Guericke-University, Magdeburg, if they are interested in taking the proceedings. Dr. Sabath will contact the Otto-von-Guericke-University in November. Dr. Sabath noted the following conferences will take place in Region 8: 5th International Workshop on EMC of Integrated Circuits (EMC Compo 2005), EMC Wroclaw 2006, EMC Europe 2006, and the VIIth International Symposium on EMC and Electromagnetic Ecology. See the table under “Global EMC Symposia” for details on these conferences. Currently, the IEEE EMC-S is involved in the organization of workshops in Belgium (first half of 2006) and Barcelona (parallel to EMC Europe). There will also be a Region 8 Workshop on Computational Electromagnetics (CEM) Computer Modeling and Simulation on May 14, 2006, at the Hamburg University of Technology. The IEEE German EMC Chapter will host this. Regarding Region 9, Janet O’Neil reported that no tabletop shows have been scheduled for 2005. Plans are to wait until 2006 to have a colloquium and exhibition in Brazil. Ms. O’Neil has been unable to reach Carlos Sartori to establish plans for a future event. Regarding Region 10, Professor Shuichi Nitta reported that there are several upcoming EMC conferences in 2006, including EMC Asia in Taipei, December 2005; EMC Zurich in Singapore, February 2006; and INCEMIC in India, February 2006. The IEEE EMC-S membership booth will be present at these conferences. Regarding institutionalizing the EMC-S Symposiums, Mr. Wallen showed the organization chart for EMC-S Conferences Services. The change since this was first presented in August shows the more global scope of this committee. The Board approved the VP Conferences committee structure. The Board approved the appointments of Bruce Archambeault (Site Selection), Fred Heather (Policy and Procedures), Bob Hofmann (Finance), and Mike Violette (Global Conferences) on this committee. Next, Site Selection Chair Bruce Archambeault reported on the three venues proposed for the 2010 Symposium. The city of Vancouver, Canada will resubmit for 2011, as they did not have time to complete the symposium questionnaire. Mr. Archambeault reviewed the committee’s concerns with the two venues, Fort Lauderdale and Washington DC. During the review process, the site selection committee recommended that the Society consider event insurance so that it is protected in case the symposium cannot be held due to acts of God, terrorist attacks, etc. The committee recommended that the vote on the symposium venue be deferred until the March Board meeting. The Board approved this plan as well as limiting the 2010 symposium venue selection to Washington DC and Fort Lauderdale.

The Vice-Chairman for the 2006 IEEE International Symposium on EMC in Portland, David Britton of Hewlett Packard, attended the Board’s Annual Dinner with his wife, Linda.


Kimball Williams (standing) visited with fellow Board member Don Heirman (seated far left) and guests Derick and Heather Skouby. Derick is the Technical Program Chair for the 2006 IEEE International Symposium on EMC in Portland

Dan Hoolihan presented his report. The Anniversary Committee is chaired by Dan Hoolihan, with the following members: Warren Kesselman – History Subcommittee Chair, Len Carlson – Public Relations Subcommittee Chair, Henry Benitez – Special Awards Subcommittee Chair, Janet O’Neil – “Dotted Line” – Chair – 2007 IEEE International Symposium on EMC, Bill Gjertson – Commemorative Items Subcommittee Chair, Jerry Ramie – Power-Point Presentation on EMC-S History, Elya Joffe – History of Fellows Award Winners for EMC-S, Joe Butler – Special Anniversary Awards – Technical Achievements. General committee members include Bill Duff, Bob Goldblum, Fred Heather, Don Heirman, Todd Hubing, Herb Mertel, Mark Montrose, Henry Ott, and Kimball Williams. Oral interviews continue with Warren Kesselman, Chester Smith, and Leonard W. Thomas, Sr.. The interviews with Ralph Showers and Milton Kant (both are founders of the EMC-S) have been completed. Future people to interview include James P. McNaul (the 2nd President of the EMC-S), Joseph F. Fischer (13th President of the EMC-S), William Eugene (Gene) Cory (14th President of the EMC-S), and Anthony G. Zimbalatti (Founder of the EMC-S). The IEEE History Center will provide materials for the booklet on the history of the EMC Society. Ghery Pettit and Flavio Canavero are considering at a special issue of the Transactions to commemorate the 50th Anniversary. The committee hopes to benefit from the IEEE’s recent efforts on digitizing all records prior to 1988 and placing them in the electronic laboratory to be accessed via Xplore. The committee is discussing coordination of the costs for putting all the EMC-S Transactions on a DVD with the IEEE as part of this “digitization” project. They also continue to research the costs and methods of putting the EMC-S Symposium Records on a DVD; they hope to get some of the IEEE’s digitization money for this project also. The committee is researching special events at the 2007 Symposium, special Anniversary Awards for Technical Achievements, commemorative items, membership incentives, an announcement of the Top Technical Papers in the first 50 Years, exhibits on the EMC Society at IEEE Headquarters, a special luncheon at the Hawaii symposium for past presidents and founders, special plaques for pioneering technical papers, a 50th anniversary pin, mini-colloquia, a traveling exhibit of historic EMC test equipment, and a meeting between past-presidents and students at the symposium in 2007. The committee is trying to publish one “historical” article in every issue of the Newsletter from now until July of 2007.

The following item was discussed under “Old Business”:
Memorandum of Understanding: Marketing and Promotion
Mark Montrose presented a draft MOU that outlined cooperative cross marketing of EMC-S material with other publications.

The following items were discussed under “New Business”:
Cross Marketing of Related Society Symposiums
Don Heirman discussed a proposal to hold technical sessions at related Society symposiums. He reviewed a plan for furthering this work.

EMC-S Handbook
Mark Montrose and Ghery Pettit volunteered to update this document at the last Board meeting. Mr. Pettit reported that the document was last updated in the late 1980s. The document was circulated to the Board. Mark Montrose then gave a presentation on his version of the updated document. Due to time constraints, Mr. Montrose was unable to complete his full presentation. After considerable discussion, the Board approved the updated version of the EMC-S handbook presented by Ghery Pettit.

Administrative Support
President Williams noted that each fall the Society reviews its agreement with the Society’s paid administrator, Warren Kesselman. The Board approved renewing the agreement with the Society’s paid administrator Warren Kesselman for 2006.

Flashing Lights and Beer at the Symposium
In the interest of time, discussion on this topic was deferred until the next meeting.

Schedule of Meetings for 2006
President-Elect Andy Drozd reviewed the EMC Board meeting schedule for 2006: March 16-17, in Piscataway, NJ, May 16-18, in Hanover, Germany, August 13 and 16, 2006 in Portland, Oregon and November 9-11, 2006 in New Orleans, LA (proposed location). The November Board meeting was scheduled around the IEEE TAB meetings. If the IEEE moves the location from New Orleans for its TAB meetings, the Board meetings may be relocated as well. Mr. Drozd will report on the status of the location for the TAB meetings at the next Board meeting.

President Williams reviewed the action items discussed during the meeting.

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 5:00 pm. The next series of meetings will be held over March 16-17 at IEEE headquarters in Piscataway, NJ. Incoming President Drozd will distribute the schedule of meetings to the Board shortly after the first of the year. It being the last meeting presided over by outgoing EMC-S President Williams, the Board gave him a round of applause for his leadership. EMC

Submitted by:
Janet O’Neil, Secretary,
EMC Society Board of Directors

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