Don Heirman Elected President of IEEE Standards Association

Don Heirman, Vice President for Standards of the IEEE EMC Society, has been elected as President of the IEEE Standards Association (SA) with his term of office starting in January 2005 and finishing at the end of 2006. In this position, he is a member of the IEEE Board of Directors and its Executive Committee. This is comprised of the IEEE past president, president and president-elect, secretary, treasurer, Board VPs (Educational Activities, Publication Services and Products, Regional Activities, and Technical Activities), President IEEE USA and President Standards Association. As President of the Standards Association, he heads its approximate 10,000 membership from 107 countries and represents standards development in 26 of the 41 IEEE Societies and Councils.
Don has been associated with the Standards Association (Standards Board) since the early 1980’s when he was first appointed to the Standards Board. Over the next 20 years, he has risen through the ranks as chair of various committees in the Standards Board, vice chair and chair of the Standards Board and then member of the SA Board of Governors, which he now presides over as part of his SA presidency. In the EMC Society, after serving as president in 1980-81, he chaired the Society’s Standards Development Committee for 17 years ending in 1989. In the next decade as well as in the 1980’s, he served multiple times on the EMC Society Board of Directors, which culminated in being elected the first VP for Standards in 1999, which he continues to serve presently.
Don is a Fellow of the IEEE and is a technical expert or chair of many national and international standards and associated committees. He is president of his EMC standards and regulatory training consultation corporation, Don HEIRMAN Consultants, which he founded in 1997 after over 34 years with Bell Laboratories (Lucent Technologies). Don is an Associate Editor of the EMC Society Newsletter, bringing standards activity to the Society readership. EMC

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