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Newsletter Editor Janet O’Neil, Bill Stumpf, and Steve Sherman (from left) appreciated the hospitality of DLS Electronics, the host of the November Chicago Chapter meeting. Read more about the activities of the Chicago Chapter and others beginning on page 6.

Happy New Year!
I remember during the holidays that I was looking forward to January when I expected activity to slow down and life to get back to “normal”. This January has been anything but slow! My time in the office is just as hectic these days as during the holidays when I was frantically trying to get things done before taking some time off. From my business colleagues, I can tell they are caught up in the same situation. They are just as busy and are working long hours to keep “caught up.” (Is there such a thing?)
The Winter issue of the EMC Newsletter is traditionally a “light” issue. The page count is typically the lowest of the four quarterly issues. Most of our contributors are taking time off during the holidays, Chapters take a break from monthly meetings, committee and conference activity is light, and so on. However, this issue at 80 pages matches our previous Fall issue! The Fall issue is traditionally our biggest Newsletter of the year as it covers our annual IEEE EMC Symposium and features many photos.
From the length of this issue, you can see that activity did not significantly decline in the EMC Society over the holidays! In addition to our regular articles, we have the special cover story on Policy Defined Radio starting on page 33. Many thanks to the authors Don Heirman, Andrew Drozd, and Stephen Berger for taking the time to prepare a thorough report on this new issue challenging EMC engineers and others in this new year.
Our Book Review this month was a daunting task, but guest reviewer Pat André assuredly tackled the challenge of a book over 2,500 pages! Check it out on page 26.
We also have an article on the new EMC course launched at The Citadel as a result of the EMC Society University Grant program. This starts on page 23. Thank you to Tom Jerse for letting us know about the return on the EMC Society’s investment in the University Grant program. And, thank you to Lex van Deursen, Chairman of EMC Europe 2004, for providing the information on this exciting conference in The Netherlands starting on page 73.
We also profile special people in the news in this issue. Be sure to read about Don Heirman’s newest appointment on page 42 as well as the special award given to long time EMCS member Walter Poggi on page 19. The newly elected EMC Society Board members (page 52) and our newly appointed Distinguished Lecturers (page 43) are profiled in this issue. We also took the time to acquaint you with the background of our Technical Editor, Bob Olsen, on page 60. And, our former Newsletter Editor, Bob Goldblum, is featured in the EMC Personality Profile.
Now, if you can find the time during this hectic start of the new year, I hope you will sit back and enjoy this issue! As always, keep those comments about the Newsletter coming! We appreciate hearing from you. EMC

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