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Don Heirman, Vice President for Standards, visits with fellow EMC Society Board members John Norgard, Vice President for Technical Services, and Zorica Pantic-Tanner (from left to right) following the Board meeting held in São Paulo, Brazil on November 24.

The Brazilian Connection

Our thanks to our Brazilian visitors who came to hear our EMCS standards work and who listened to other standards update at the EMC Brasil 2002 Colloquium and Exhibition in São Paulo at the end of November last year. What a treat to be there in Region 9 of the IEEE for the first time with our standards meeting series. Our special thanks go to our host, Carlos Sartori, for his help in organizing the colloquium and in publicizing our special standards meetings held the Saturday following the colloquium.

Our standards presentations in Brazil were geared to provide information and to answer the questions of our guests. We started off the four-hour session with the overview of the IEEE Standards Association (SA) standardization process by the author. Don introduced the IEEE SA new "Geoport" web site which highlights standards activities in various regions of the world. In particular, he showed the Geoport for the Americas (http://www.standardsamericas.net/portal/index.jsp) which as of this writing is showing a community highlight of Raul Colcher of SIMPRO-Brazil which promotes usage of international and domestic standards as a means to increase competitiveness and facilitate trade. Other items on the web site are a review of IEEE SA standards activity, many of which have been translated to Spanish and Portuguese. Take a look when you get a chance! Don next showed the tools available on the SA web site to develop standards including all the necessary on-line forms for the various submissions for approval and review. This too is an extremely interesting and useful URL (http://standards.ieee.org/resources/development/index.html). Check this out again, perhaps between glasses of wine when you are relaxing??
Next, Dave Traver, Standards Development Committee vice chairman, provided an overview of the SDCom and how to join and participate. Hugh Denny, SDCom secretary, then gave more details on the EMCS standards development process. This was followed by examples of current EMCS standards projects in some depth. Dave Traver (Working Group Chair) indicated that IEEE Standard 187 on measurement of spurious emissions from TV and FM receivers is close to being updated. Elya Joffe (WG chair) then presented a review on the major additions being drafted to IEEE Standard 473 on EM Site Surveys. Finally, Andy Drozd (WG Chair) delivered a review of the progress on IEEE P1597 on validation of Computational Electromagnetic Computer Modeling. He then followed up with a brief overview of the SDCom Policy and Procedures to again familiarize our guests on the rules we have to abide by to get our standards out the door and what procedures we use to make that happen. It was also noted that at the start of all standards meetings, including those of working groups, a copyright statement must be read. The IEEE legal department, in cooperation with the SA, prepared the text. The following table shows the status of our standards work that was brought up to date during this session
Next Hugh Denny, Standards Education and Training Committee (SETCom) chair, reported on the SETCom activity including holding workshops at the EMC symposia and Newsletter reports such as this one. He also announced that John Kraemer of Rockwell-Collins will take over as SETCom chair starting this year. Elya Joffe, Standards Advisory and Coordination Committee (SACCom) chair, then reviewed the over two-dozen liaison relationships with other than IEEE SA standards development organizations.
The floor was then open to discuss opportunities for South American organizations to work with the EMCS in EMC standards development if they are engaged in such activity. Some interesting possibilities were brought up that will be discussed further. The meeting then concluded with some committee business, including setting the calendar of meetings for 2003, i.e., 13 March in Honolulu in conjunction with the EMCS Board meeting series, 11 May in Istanbul at the 2003 IEEE International Symposium on EMC, 18 and 20 August at the IEEE Boston symposium, and a date to be determined in November in the Santa Clara area.
So stay tuned and if any of the above interests you, please send an email to Don Heirman on d.heirman@ieee.org and we'll see how you can participate. Have a good year! EMC

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