Board of Directors Activities

President Todd Hubing called the meeting to order at 9:00 am. A round of introductions was made. Board members present included H. Benitez, L. Cohen, A. Drozd, R. Ford, F. Heather, D. Heirman, T. Hubing, E. Joffe, M. Montrose, J. Norgard, J. O'Neil, Z. Pantic-Tanner, J. Perini, G. Pettit, C. Sartori, K. Williams and T. Yoshino. Members absent included R. Brewer, J. Butler, L. Carlson, B. Crain, W. Kesselman, J. Muccioli, H. Ott, and A. Podgorski. Guests present included H. Denny and D. Traver. With 17 Board members present at this meeting, it was noted that there was a quorum present for conducting Board business. President Hubing presented the agenda. The timing of a few items was changed. The item for Conference Management under New Business was deleted. Don Heirman requested that a motion regarding the Istanbul symposium be added to his report. Mr. Hubing discussed the activities that occurred during the last IEEE TAB meeting. He advised that the IEEE has hired an outside consultant to review their business operations. Initial reports from the consultant indicate that the IEEE operates in a much too complicated way for the size of its business and that there is a lack of trust within the organization. The consulting firm was critical of the investment strategy of the IEEE. In reference to the budget, Mr. Hubing advised that the costs for this meeting would be borne in 2002. Therefore, according to policy, all reimbursement requests must be submitted within 30 days. Lastly, Mr. Hubing advised that he would like to appoint Carlos Sartori to the Board of Directors for 2003 to fulfill the term vacated by Tom Chesworth. The Board approved this appointment.

In the absence of Treasurer Warren Kesselman, Todd Hubing presented his report. IEEE's 30 September 2002 financial reports indicate that the EMCS's year to date operations surplus is $69,000. However, considering the November/December expenses, it is estimated that the 2002 year-end operating deficit may be in the order of $1,400. The net worth of the EMCS at 30 September 2002 is $878,000. The Board approved the Treasurer's report.


Secretary O'Neil presented the minutes from the previous Board meetings on August 18 and 22, 2002 for review. The minutes were approved as presented.

While in Brazil, participating exhibitors and members of the EMC Society Board of Directors were invited to tour the Instituto Nacional de Pesquisas Espaciais (INPE - The Brazil Space Agency), including (from left to right) Dan Hoolihan, Janet O'Neil, Ghery Pettit, Benjamim da Silva Medeiros C. Galvao of INPE, Juliana and Hernan Urdiales, Kimball Williams, Philippe Fostier, Mary Lou Williams, Andy Drozd, Todd Hubing and George Lyman.


Ghery Pettit, Assistant Vice-President for Communication Services, presented this report in the absence of Vice-President Len Carlson. Professor Marcello D'Amore, Transactions on EMC Editor-in-Chief, provided a detailed written report which Mr. Pettit distributed. Mr. Pettit advised that there will be separate charges for the over length papers (as approved at the August 2002 Board meeting) as well as reprints. Professor D'Amore's report notes that the number of papers submitted to the Transactions on EMC (EMC-T) yearly were 121 for 2000, 115 for 2001, and 151 for 2002. The Special Issue "Advanced EMC Numerical Modeling" features Guest Editors Christos Christopoulos and James Drewniak. It will be published in May 2003. Two Mini Special Issues having the tentative titles of "EMC of Wireless Systems" and "Metamaterials for EMC Applications" are bring proposed for publication in 2003. Collection of the EMC-T papers for each year as well as a back years collection, is under consideration. Janet O'Neil, Newsletter Editor, then presented her report. The Summer 2002 issue came in at 52 pages. One more grade of lighter weight paper stock was used for this issue than the Spring 2002 issue to further cut back on printing and mailing expenses. The issue will be available on the EMCS website. One of the practical papers entitled "How Much is a dB Worth" was placed on the cover of the issue. The paper is continued inside in the Practical Papers section. The issue featured the majority of regular articles. The new ad for the 2003 IEEE Symposium on EMC in Boston was launched and the 2003 International Symposium on EMC in Istanbul ad was reprinted. An advertisement for the South Brazil EMC Chapter Colloquium and Exhibition on November 22, 2002 was included. There were some IEEE ads as well as paid advertising in this issue. Susan Schneiderman of IEEE Media has secured the advertising for the Newsletter. There were 9.08 pages of advertising in this issue (up from 8.91 pages in the Spring 2002 issue). Several copies of this issue will be taken to Brasil for distribution from the IEEE EMC Society Membership booth. This issue was also widely distributed from the EMCS Membership booth in Minneapolis as well as from the NIST booth in Minneapolis and Cleveland (during the AMTA conference November 4-8). The cost for the production and mailing of the Summer 2002 issue was presented. The Fall 2002 issue covers the Minneapolis Symposium. IEEE decreased staff in the Newsletter department, thus, until another person is hired, there is not enough personnel to work in a timely manner on the layout of all newsletters. As such, and with the numerous photos that go with this issue, mailing of this issue will be delayed until December. Next, Andy Drozd presented his report as the EMCS Webmaster. Coordination between the Society Webmaster committee and the TAC Chair took place in an on going effort to update and maintain the TC web pages. Draft #3 of the "Web Page Guideline" has been completed and contains updates based upon feedback from the IEEE Panel of Webmasters Committee meeting in Minneapolis on 22 August 2002. Mark Montrose then presented his report as IEEE Press Liaison. The recently published book on anechoic chambers by Leland Hemming will be reviewed in the Fall 2002 issue of the EMC Newsletter. Mr. Montrose presented a book sponsorship proposal on IEEE Press. President Hubing requested that the Board review this document and send their comments directly to Mr. Montrose with 60 days of the meeting. The intent of the document is basically to establish a written policy regarding how the EMCS sponsors a book to be published by Wiley/IEEE Press. The Board approved establishing a moratorium on all new books until the new approval process is approved.

Board members Fred Heather, Jose Perini, and Zorica Pantic-Tanner (from left) celebrated a successful trip to Brazil following the Board meeting in São Paulo.
EMC Europe 2002 provided a great opportunity for EMCS members to informally visit amongst the splendor of Sorrento. Marcello D'Amore, Editor-in-Chief of the Transactions on EMC, Janet O'Neil, Editor of the EMC Newsletter, Fred Tesche, Technical Program Chair for EMC Zurich 2003, and Todd Hubing, President of the EMC Society (from left) chatted over a lunch organized by the EMCS to discuss the future of EMC Europe.


Don Heirman, Vice-President of Standards, presented his report. It was noted that the webpage ( for EMC Standards is now operational. Standards activity is currently at an all time high and covers three major areas: The Standards Education and Training Committee (SETCom) chaired by Hugh Denny, the Standards Advisory and Coordination Committee (SACCom) chaired by Elya Joffe and the Standards Development Committee (SDCom) chaired by Stephen Berger. The Standards Committee met yesterday in Brazil. There were four guests from Brazil who had attended the EMC Brasil 2002 event on November 22. Their interest largely dealt with EMC testing issues. Two of these guests joined the IEEE and EMC Society at the EMC Brasil 2002 event. During the SDCom meeting, examples were presented on the standards development process. Standard 187 (TV emission measurements), Standard 473 (Site survey from 10 kHz to 40 GHz) and Standard 1597 (Computational EM computer modeling) were used as examples. Two people also recently joined the Standards Committee, including Perry Wilson of NIST in Boulder, CO and Kimball Williams of UL in Novi, MI. John Kraemer was announced as the new chair of the SETCom, replacing Hugh Denny who is stepping down as the SETCom chair effective December 31, 2002. The next meetings of the Standards Committee will be in Honolulu, Hawaii on March 13 prior to the EMCS Board meeting and in Istanbul, Turkey in conjunction with the IEEE EMC International Symposium in May 2003.

Newly elected EMCS Board Officers pose for a group photo. Seated from left are Todd Hubing, President and Kimball Williams, President-Elect. Standing from left are Andy Drozd, VP Member Services, Don Heirman, VP Standards, Ghery Pettit, VP Communications, Elya Joffe, VP Conferences and John Norgard, VP Technical Services.
EMCS Past President Bill Gjertson of The Boeing Company in Seattle, Washington and his wife Marianne attended the Board hosted reception held prior to the start of EMC Europe 2002.


Andy Drozd presented the report of Membership Services. The total number of active members is 4,813 as of September 2002. This is down approximately 5.3% compared to the same time in 2001. Overall, IEEE membership is up by 1.2% over last year at this time (non-US membership showed a 1.6% growth). Membership Committee Chair Bruce Crain was not present at the meeting. Mr. Drozd advised that he is continuing to promote the Senior Member elevation for several of our EMCS members. Mr. Crain is also making the preliminary arrangements for the membership booth at the Boston EMC Symposium. Mr. Drozd reported for Lee Hill, chair of the Distinguished Lecturer (DL) program. Three new DL candidates were presented for two-year terms beginning in 2003, including Michel Ianoz, Bruce Archambeault, and Chris Kendall. Mr. Hill recommends the appointment of these three candidates. Discussion ensued about each candidate and a secret ballot was taken to indicate the Board's approval of the candidates on an individual basis. The Board approved the appointment of all three candidates. Mr. Hill also prepared a survey for the DL to distribute upon the conclusion of his/her presentation. Any comments on the survey should be sent to Mr. Hill by December 31, 2002. The DL travel policy is in the process of being modified/updated. Henry Benitez then reported briefly on Awards. The Board approved upgrading the presentation of the Technical Achievement Award from a certificate to a plaque with the cost of the plaque not to exceed $250 after the approval of the IEEE. Mr. Benitez discussed the possible addition of a new Lifetime Technical Achievement Award. For the next Board meeting, Mr. Benitez was requested to provide details on what this proposed award would consist of, i.e. include the description of the award, qualifications for the winner of this award, what type of award (plaque or certificate, money allocated, etc.). Further, the "hierarchy" of this new award within the existing awards should be specified. Mr. Benitez advised that the IEEE contacted him to see if the Board would like to continue supporting the IEEE Electromagnetics Award. Todd Hubing explained that this is a major IEEE award that is financially supported by several of our sister Societies, including the MTT and AP Societies. The President of the EMC Society contributes to the review process for giving this award. It is not awarded each year; traditionally, it is awarded to "icons" of the industry when warranted. No one from the EMC Society has received this award to date. The EMCS contributed $2,300 last year to this award. To receive this award, the candidate submits an application that is more detailed than the Fellow Award submission. The Board approved continuing EMCS sponsorship of the IEEE Electromagnetics Award in 2003. Mr. Benitez requested assistance from the Board for membership on the Awards Committee. Dick Ford, Andy Drozd, Kimball Williams and John Norgard all volunteered to be members of the Awards Committee. Lastly, distribution of EMCS awards at the Istanbul symposium was discussed. Ghery Pettit then reported as Chapter Activities Chair. He noted that he has received a proposal from Jeff Evans of Hewlett Packard (HP) in Roseville, California to form a joint EMCS and PELS chapter. He forwarded this proposal to Andy Drozd. They anticipate approximately 25 active EMC members just inside HP and there are other companies nearby such as Intel and NEC that have EMC engineers. Plans are progressing for the formal approval of the Romania EMC chapter. The Turkish EMC chapter has made two requests for Angel funds, one for use in 2002 and one for use in 2003. A plan for the intended distribution of these funds has been requested prior to authorizing release. Kimball Williams requested that Mr. Pettit review and update the "Angels" assigned to each chapter as part of the Chapter Angel program. Elya Joffe presented his report as the Region 8 Committee Chair. He reported that there were six new members signed up at the Sorrento EMC Symposium, including three student members. The membership booth will be present at EMC Zurich in February 2003 as well as at the 2003 IEEE International Symposium on EMC in Istanbul, Turkey, May 11-16. It appears that there will be new EMC chapters in the Czech Republic, South Africa and Spain. There is no new information to report on potential chapters in Georgia (Russia) and Greece. A review of proactive approaches to promoting EMCS membership in Region 8 was reviewed in Mr. Joffe's report. Region 9 Committee Chair Jose Perini then discussed EMC activity in Mexico and South America. He was invited to participate in two workshops, one in Guadalajara and the other in Mexico City. Industry supported these events, including Rohde & Schwarz and ETS-Lindgren. Some 20 people attended the workshop in Guadalajara. In Mexico City there were some 70 people. Several attendees expressed interest in joining the IEEE and EMC Society. Mr. Perini noted that the Executive Director of the IEEE Mexico City Section, Ing. Vicente Nunez Gonzales attended this event. He is a very active person and has doubled the number of IEEE members in Mexico in the last four to five years. Mexico now has over 4,500 IEEE members. Takeo Yoshino reported on EMC activity in Region 10. There is tremendous interest in establishing a new chapter in Thailand with some 45 prospective members. Dr. Yoshino is in the process of coordinating the chapter petition. He plans to participate as the Region 10 representative of the EMCS at various international EMC conferences in his region, such as those sponsored by the Sendai EMC Chapter during June 1-4, 2004, the Shanghai, China conference in 2004, India potentially in 2005 or 2006, and Bangkok, China 2005. Mr. Drozd reported for Bill Duff, Chair of the Fellows Search Committee. Currently, there is no significant activity. The next deadline for Fellow applications is March 15, 2003. Next, Dick Ford discussed the annual symposium survey and photography updates. He presented a photo album of the 2002 Minneapolis EMC Symposium to Chair Dan Hoolihan. He brought a few mounted photos to Brazil and displayed them in the EMC Membership Booth during the EMC Brasil 2002 event. Regarding the survey, it has become apparent that people are filling this out simply to receive the free EMCS coffee mugs. The coffee mug giveaways will thus be discontinued to eliminate the bias. The key findings of the survey were presented. In summary, those that attended the Minneapolis Symposium were very pleased with this event, including members and nonmembers. Todd Hubing then reported in the absence of Joe Butler, Chair of the Nominations and Bylaws Committee. The newly elected Board members for 2003-2005 are Dan Hoolihan, Jose Perini, Bruce Archambeault, Andrew Podgorski, Nigel Carter and Michael Hatfield. Less than 20% of the EMCS membership voted during these elections. The voting was extremely close. President Hubing will send a letter to those not elected to the Board so advising this and to encourage them to submit their names for the ballot in the future. President Hubing discussed the by-laws changes concerning term limits and ties for Board elections that were passed at the August Board meeting. He advised that the IEEE did not approve the by-law addressing Directors-at-Large as this stipulates that voting can be taken by electronic vote (e-mail) or fax. The IEEE does not allow electronic or fax voting on motions. The Board approved selecting the winner(s) in case of tie voting.

Olivia Norgard (left) and Myrthes Perini relax at the Board hosted reception in São Paulo.
Andy Drozd and Mary Lou Williams celebrate the conclusion of a successful trip to Brazil. Note the drink in Mrs. Williams' hand; it's a "caipirinha," the national drink of Brazil that is made with an abundance of fresh limes. Hence, the light green color.


Kimball Williams, Vice President for Technical Services, presented his report, including the Technical Services budget through 2006. The new Chair of the Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) is Bill Strauss. Vice-Chair is Arto Chubukjian, and Secretary is Robert Scully. The committee is looking at merging TC-3 (EM Environment) and TC-6 (Spectrum Management). Mr. Strauss is working on this merger with the respective chairs of these TCs. A report on this effort will be made at a future Board meeting. The EMCS/NARTE MOU protocol has been established. Implementation of the protocol is due to begin in November. RAC Chair David Case has asked to be replaced. Fred Heather has accepted the position as the new RAC Chair effective in 2003. John Norgard reported briefly on EMCS participation in the ITS Council. Mark Montrose reported briefly on the Nanotechnology Council. He attended their recent meeting in Washington, DC. The Council will continue the plans to become an independent Society within the next two to three years. Membership in the Council is growing rapidly. It is interesting to note that their first conference in October 2001 featured 102 papers and was attended by 150 people. Their second conference in August 2002 featured 201 papers and was attended by approximately 300 people. Their next conference in 2003 will be held in conjunction with IEEE WestCon in San Francisco. Financially, the Council is doing well. They have published their first Transactions (March 2002). Mr. Montrose recommends that the EMCS continue its support of and participation in the Nanotechnology Council. Mr. Williams reviewed Maqsood Mohd's report as Chair of the Education and Student Activities Committee. Regarding the demonstrations in Minneapolis, there were a total of 23 demonstrations, including several new demonstrations on EMC modeling. There were 23 student papers presented, this is the highest number presented to date at our annual symposia. The video on demonstrations has been produced and will be distributed to Board members at the March meeting.

Board members Takeo Yoshino, Ghery Pettit, and Todd Hubing (from left) appreciated a little time standing up before their long "red-eye" flight home from São Paulo following the Board reception.
An enthusiastic Dan Hoolihan thoroughly enjoyed his first visit to Brazil.


Henry Ott, Vice President for Conference Services, was not in attendance at this meeting to present his report. Regarding the 2002 Minneapolis Symposium, Chair Dan Hoolihan presented a summary report. The preliminary total revenue is projected to be $904,113 with expenses projected as $697,473. The estimated surplus is then expected to be approximately $206,640. There are still some expenses to be accounted for, however, so this number will change. 2,225 people attended this symposium, the largest percentage being exhibitors followed closely by IEEE member registrations. Approximately one half of those attending the technical sessions were non-IEEE members. Regarding global EMC conferences, the Board approved Elya Joffe's proposal that the EMCS be a Technical Co-Sponsor of the 2004 EMC Europe conference to be held in Eindhoven, The Netherlands. Mr. Hubing then summarized EMCS Board activities during EMC Sorrento and the formation of "The European EMC Symposium." Dan Hoolihan spoke about the IEEE Nanotechnology Council. The Board approved his proposal that the EMCS be a Technical Co-Sponsor of their next conference to be held on August 11-14, 2003 in conjunction with IEEE WestCon in San Francisco, California. Mark Montrose advised that he has received correspondence from an organization about the EMCS being a technical co-sponsor of a conference titled "Managing the Effects of Electromagnetics." Janet O'Neil then presented her report as Exhibitor Liaison. There has not been much new activity since the Minneapolis Symposium. Fred Heather plans to post the updated points for exhibitors to the EMCS website in January. IEEE will use this updated points grid in mid January when they start assigning booths for the 2003 Boston symposium. Exhibitors participating in 2003 Istanbul and 2003 Boston will receive points according to the policy outlined on the EMCS website. This policy was developed last year and reviewed by several exhibitors, Barry Wallen, and Elya Joffe. Regional Conference Chair Janet O'Neil noted that there are several EMC chapter tabletop shows scheduled for 2003. There may be one scheduled for Fall 2003 in either Atlanta or Melbourne. These events are listed in the Newsletter Calendar Section. The EMC Colloquium and Exhibition organized by the South Brazil EMC Chapter was very successful. This was held on Friday, November 22, 2002 at the Renaissance Hotel in São Paulo, Brazil. It was attended by 78 people. She thanked Carlos Sartori, Chair of the South Brazil EMC Chapter, for his assistance in organizing this event along with the University of São Paulo.

Roberto Menna Barreto of QUEMC in Rio de Janeiro traveled to São Paulo to attend EMC Brasil 2002 sponsored by the South Brazil EMC Chapter. While there, he stopped by the EMC Society membership booth and picked up some information.
Following the tour of INPE in São Jose dos Campos, participants were treated to a typical Brazilian lunch featuring a wide variety of meat served tableside from a skewer. EMCS Board members Dick Ford and Kimball Williams (foreground left to right) debated which dish was their favorite from the several served.


The following items were discussed under Old Business:

A. 2007 EMCS 50th Anniversary Committee: Chair Dan Hoolihan presented a report summarizing activity to date on this committee. Members of this committee include Warren Kesselman, Herb Mertel, Henry Ott, Len Carlson, Elya Joffe, Bob Goldblum, and Fred Heather. He talked about proposed plans for celebrating the anniversary during the symposium, with promotions in the 2007 issues of the Newsletter and Transactions on EMC, producing commemorative CD ROMs of EMCS technical material, etc. The subcommittees currently being organized are history, special events at 2007 Symposium, special Anniversary awards, commemorative items, membership, public relations, top technical papers in the first 50 years, and exhibits regarding the EMC Society at IEEE headquarters. Warren Kesselman has agreed to chair the history subcommittee. Mr. Hoolihan is seeking chairs for the other subcommittees. If there is any interest, please contact Mr. Hoolihan at

B. 2007 Symposium 50th Anniversary Location: Fred Heather presented a report on the two proposed venues for the 2007 IEEE EMC Symposium: Honolulu, Hawaii Convention Center and Fort Lauderdale, Florida Convention Center. The report compared various issues related to holding a symposium in these respective cities, including cost and size of the exhibit/meeting space, host hotels available and pricing/location thereof, overall budgets, gala options, etc.

C. Continuance of IEEE Paid Administrator: Todd Hubing asked if the Board would like to continue having Warren Kesselman as the Society's paid administrator. Mr. Kesselman works directly with the IEEE on various EMC administrative matters throughout the year. The Board approved having Warren Kesselman continue acting as the IEEE EMCS administrator in 2003.

D. Grants for Support of Low-Income Engineers: Elya Joffe presented a policy for providing financial support to IEEE Sponsored/Co-Sponsored Symposia attendees. The Board revised the policy after review. The Board approved the following policy:

a) The EMC-S, under the auspices of the VP for Member Services, shall allocate a sum of US$5,000 in the year 2003, providing partial financial support (i.e., stipend) to qualifying scientists and engineers, working in the field of EMC, who otherwise could not afford to attend the IEEE Symposia on Electromagnetic Compatibility and to significantly contribute to its technical program.
b) To qualify for the stipend, the applicant should have submitted a paper, of which he or she is the principal author, and which was unconditionally accepted for presentation in a technical session, workshop, tutorial or experiment demonstration in the Symposium.
c) In the case of paper submissions, priority will be given to those submitted in the form of preliminary manuscripts.
d) The paper should be technically advanced, presenting innovative concepts or otherwise be of benefit to the advancement of the discipline of EMC and should be graded for clarity of presentation and relevance to EMC.
e) Upon acceptance of a paper or equivalent technical contribution, a candidate may elect to submit an application for monetary support. This application will be available for downloading from the EMC-S and the respective Symposium home pages. The application must be returned no later than 14 days from notification of acceptance in order to be considered.
f) In the application, the applicant will be required to provide information to support his need for the grant.
g) The applicant should agree to the announcement of this monetary support in EMC-S official publications (EMC-S Newsletter and Web Site) and should express interest in promoting IEEE EMC-S membership activities in his/her county and community (such as in support of chapter formation and activities).
h) The announcement of the applicant's identity shall be made upon his/her consent only.
i) The Symposium organizing committee shall be encouraged to provide discounted full registration fees for the successful applicant(s).
j) Financial support may be applied towards travel, lodging and/or symposium registration (excluding optional activities and services).
k) Strong preference shall be given to qualifying applicants who have not attended previous IEEE EMC Symposia. Only under exceptional circumstances will the applicant(s), otherwise eligible for support, be offered support for a second consecutive time.
l) The sum allocated per individual shall not exceed 80% of the total travel (at the lowest air fare possible), lodging at the conference hotel (or at a hotel of equal or lesser cost if the candidate so chooses) and symposium registration expenses.
m) The application shall be evaluated and approved by a "Grants Committee" comprised of the VP of Member Services, the Regional Membership Coordinators and the VP of Conferences and Symposia (or their designated representative). The recommendations of the Grants Committee shall be conveyed to the EMC-S Board of Directors. The particular amount to be awarded to each applicant will be determined by the "Grants Committee" based on the number of applications and the particular application, on a case-by-case basis.
n) The annual goal of this program should be to enable at least three candidates to attend the Symposium considering the candidates location (and hence travel costs) in its assessment. However, the evaluation committee is not bound by this as a requirement, and may under special circumstances choose more or less candidates (including "none") in any given year.
o) Notification of award of support will be sent out by e-mail to the applicants at least three (3) months prior to the Symposia. The names of the successful applicants (upon their consent only) will be posted on the EMC-S web site (the sum of grant will not be announced).

Impact Statement: $5,000.00 negative impact on the 2003 Budget.
The Board approved appointing Zorica Pantic-Tanner as the chair of the committee that will finalize this policy and award these grants in 2003. The Board requested progress reports on this committee's efforts with a brief report at each Board meeting in 2003.

The following items were discussed under New Business:

A. 2007 Symposium Location and Committee Organization: Dan Hoolihan thanked Fred Heather and Janet O'Neil for their efforts in presenting material on Fort Lauderdale and Honolulu as potential symposium venues. After mush discussion, the Board approved holding the 2007 IEEE International Symposium on EMC in Honolulu, Hawaii. Regarding the formation of the 2007 EMC Symposium steering committee, the Board approved appointing Janet O'Neil as chairman of the 2007 EMC Symposium steering committee.

B. Renew Participation in ITS Council: Andy Drozd discussed EMCS participation in this council. At this time, our level of commitment is low and if we do not participate next year, the EMCS can always participate in future years if the level of commitment changes. The Board approved withdrawing EMCS participation in the ITS Council.

C. Renew Participation in Sensors Council: Andrew Podgorski is the EMCS representative to the Sensors Council, but he was not present at the meeting to discuss this, nor did he submit a report. The Board approved withdrawing EMCS participation in the Sensors Council.

D. Renew Participation in Nanotechnology Council: Mark Montrose discussed the importance of continuing EMCS participation in this Council. He expects this Council to become a distinct IEEE Society within a few years so continued EMCS involvement is very important. The Board approved renewing EMCS participation in the Nanotechnology Council.

E. EMCS Participation in Istanbul 2003: The Board approved allocating a flat $500 per Board member to partially reimburse travel to Istanbul to attend the 2003 Symposium.

F. Distinguished Lecturer Presentation Limit: Mark Montrose discussed DL travel policy and limits on the number of DL presentations that can be given per year. The number of presentations should not be limited provided the DL can give presentations within the approved budget. The Board agreed to revise DL policy to reflect this suggestion.

G. 2003 Board Meeting Schedule: The Board determined the following meeting schedule for 2003: March 14 in Honolulu, Hawaii, May 16 in Istanbul, Turkey, August 17 and 21 in Boston, Massachusetts and November 10 and 11 in Santa Clara, California.

Todd Hubing discussed protocol for conducting elections. The Board approved waiving the EMCS term limits policy for these Board Officer elections. President Hubing anticipated that there would be more than three candidates for each office. The Board approved conducting a run off vote of the top two candidates in the instance that there are three candidates for any given office and no one candidate receives a majority of the vote.
The following Board Officers were elected for 2003: Kimball Williams: President-Elect; Janet O'Neil: Secretary; Warren Kesselman: Treasurer; Ghery Pettit: VP of Communications; John Norgard: VP of Technical Services; Elya Joffe: VP of Conference Services; Don Heirman: VP of Standards Services; and Andy Drozd: VP of Membership Services.

President Todd Hubing reviewed the action items discussed during the meeting.

The next meeting of the EMCS Board of Directors will be held on Friday, March 14, 2003 in Honolulu, Hawaii.
There being no further business, the meeting then adjourned at 5:50 pm. EMC

Janet O'Neil
EMC Society Board of Directors


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