2003 IEEE International Symposium on EMC, Istanbul: "Radiating Compatibility from the East"
Why You Can't Afford to Miss THIS Symposium!

The Straits of the Bosphorus, dividing the city of Istanbul between two continents.

Hundreds of engineers and scientists in the discipline of Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) will attend the 2003 IEEE International Symposium on EMC, Istanbul, which will take place on May 11 to May 16, 2003, in Istanbul, Turkey. During an entire week, spanning from Sunday to Friday, an exciting top-notch technical program with something for everyone attending the Symposium will take place, including technical sessions, workshops and tutorials, innovative special "meet the expert" sessions and "Birds of a Feather" forums, EMC Demonstrations and Computer Simulations, as well as a short "Socrates" EMC Course will take place (and this is not all).
A unique social program which is being planned for the enjoyment of the Symposium attendees and accompanying persons, combined with a unique, top-notch technical program, will allow the attendees to form professional and social contacts with colleagues and friends and meet again old acquaintances.
The Symposium is Technically Co-sponsored by the IEEE EMC Society, and co-sponsored by the IEE and URSI, as well as other international organizations.
The slogan for the 2003 EMC Symposium is: "Radiating Compatibility from the East" or "Ex-Oriente Radians" in Latin, alluding to the Byzantine period, where Istanbul (or Constantinople) was the center of the ancient world. Today, Istanbul is simultaneously an important and thriving tourist attraction, as well as a modern business and industry metropolis. For the week of 11-16 May 2003, Istanbul will also be the international center of the EMC Community.
The Symposium web site has been active for several years already and includes much information, such as links and downloads regarding the planned activities. You are invited to visit our web site at http://www.ortra.com/emc2003/

Figure 1: Distribution of Paper Submissions by Topic

Scientific Program and Technical Activities

The Symposium will feature a diverse and broad spectrum techncial program, including both scientific research papers as well as practial, application oriented presentations. Thus, this Symposium provides a bridge between academia and industry for the further advancement of the discipline of EMC and putting theory to practical use.
Approximately 500 papers (!!!) were received by the Symposium Committee for review, covering a broad range of topics, from EMI Control Engineering through EMC Simulation and Computational Electromagnetic Techniques, from Circuits to Systems.
Figure 1 presents a breakdown of the paper submissions per topic. Clearly, the "hottest" topic of all is "EMC Measurements," which is of little surprise, with recent global developments regarding EMC standardization in the microwave frequencies. But not far behind, topics such as CEM (computational electromagnetics), EMC and Product Safety and, especially, EMF and Electromagnetic Biological Effects, EMI Contrtol Techniques, as well as related fields such as Wave Propagation and Radar Cross Section are also included. Of course, the most recently introduced field to the EMC Society - Signal Integrity and PCB Design for EMC - also are a significant share of the submissions. It is noteworthy that the field of "High Power Electromagnetics" received much attention too.
Incidentally, the papers were received from 49 countries as can be seen from Figure 2. No doubt - a truly global and cosmopolitan event!
In order to further enrich the technical program, well known experts and professionals have been invited as guest speakers in their respective fields of expertese. Among these speakers are Mr. Peter Kerry, CISPR President, who will chair a special forum entitled: "EMC Standardization Quo Vadis" and Mr. Diethard Moehr who will chair an "International EMC Session" covering EMC issues from all around the globe.

Figure 2: Distribution of Paper Submissions by Country

The year 2003 is a special year in the history of flight. It represents 100 years of modern powered aviation (1903-2003) since the Wright Brothers' first flight in the Kitty Hawk.
In commemoration of this important milestone in the world of transportation; truly making this a "Small, Small World," special events and sessions on the topic "EMC in Aerospace and Aviation" will take place. The Keynote speaker in the Symposium opening session will be Dr. Nigel Carter, with his presentation "Past, Present and Future Challenges of Aircraft EMC." This is not to be missed. The next centennial will be in the year 2103!
A variety of over 20 Workshops and Tutorials on stimulating topics related to EMC are included in the technical program, intended for both the veterans and the new EMC engineers. Some of the topics included have never been discussed so extensively in EMC Symposia before.
For those attendees who wish to learn the basics of EMC, a 3-day "Socrates Course" will be provided free of charge for the Symposium attendees. Experts in the field of EMC, from three continents, will be teaching that course, taking place in parallel to the Symposium.
Those who still "do not believe in EMC" can get the final proof in the EMC Experiments Demonstrations and computer simulations where EMC principles will be demonstrated. Come and see for yourself with your own eyes!
On the lighter side of the Technical Program, a "War Stories" session will take place in which you can learn from the experience of others or share your own "EMC Troubleshooting War Stories." This is an interactive session and the attendees will be invited to contribute from their own experience. It is still not too late to consider submitting your own. If you wish to submit it, simply write to emc2003@ortra.co.il., and put in the subject line: "EMC War Story."
Another special activity planned is that of "Meet the Expert" Forums on various topics compliant with the criteria of being controversial, attractive and actual for a wide audience of the Symposium. We call these "Birds of a Feather" Forums. Questions can be presented to the panel of experts and are also being solicited in advance. Hopefully, the experts will be able to reach agreement on several cases.
Expect surprises in the Techncical Program. It was planned to be special and non standard.

The Wright Brothers 1903 Flyer (Courtesy of the "Wright Brothers Aeroplane Company")

Professional Exhibition
The Symposium will also be accompanied by a large technical exhibition of the latest EMC innovations, technology and techniques. Many exhibitors from Europe, Asia and North America will be on site to provide hands-on demonstrations and explanations of the latest in EMC innovations, technology and techniques. Seize the opportunity! Profit from the synergy between the Symposium and the Exhibition.

And Something for Radio Amateurs

Are you a Radio Amateur??? The 2003 IEEE International Symposium on EMC offers a platform and a meeting place for the Radio Amateurs to convene, discuss and influence people that are involved in research in the EMC field of radio frequency interference and safety, as well as regulatory advisers who are expected to attend the symposium. This is probably the last chance for meeting relevant and influential people before the WARC 2003 that will be held in Geneva during June and July 2003. WARC 2003 will deal with subjects related to Radio Amateurs.
We also plan to erect a Radio Amateurs station in the Symposium Venue, supported by the Radio Amateurs Society of Turkey, in order to enable the Symposium Attendees to enjoy the experience of "Radio Hamming," putting into practice the song "It's A Small, Small World." For further information on these activities, please contact Peleg Lapid (4X1GP) at lapid@netvision.net.il

Symposium Venue
The Symposium will take place at the Hilton Istanbul Hotel, a spacious, elegant and comfortable hotel, ideally situated, overlooking the spectacular view of the Bosphorus, magically attractive amid the glittering lights of the city.
Istanbul, or formerly Constantinople, is unique in the sense that it is built on two continents, bridging across Europe and Asia, connecting East and West with two suspension bridges over the Bosphorus Straits. As the capital of three historical empires, the Roman, the Byzantine and the Ottoman, past and present are tightly bound together. Istanbul of today maintains the glory of the past while facing the modern future.
Istanbul is a thriving vibrant metropolis! As an exciting and cosmopolitan city, blending east and west, Istanbul offers something for everyone. Outdoor cafes, ethnic restaurants and cultural centers will compete for your attention with historic sites. Open oriental markets are a haven for dedicated shoppers.
From the Symposium venue, easy access is possible to interesting historical sites, such as the Topkapi Palace, the Blue Mosque and the Great Bazaar.

The Famous Blue Mosque
The Great Bazaar

Social Program and Tourist Activities
The social events accompanying the Symposium will also provide "get together" opportunities with your old colleagues and friends as well as allow you to get acquainted with new ones. In the three main days of the Symposium, lunch is included with your registration fees, so you may sit and dine with your friends and colleagues, or meet them in the receptions and Social Events taking place in a few of the most exciting sites in town.
An Istanbul City Tour is also included and will take place during the Symposium. You will not miss any sessions if you join the tour. EVERYBODY is going on this tour, and it is included in the full registration.
For more information on the tourist activities, we invite you to visit our web site and download the "Visitor Survival Guide" and even watch an on-line video.
Make sure to take part in the unforgettable social events that will be held in some of the most magnificent sites of Istanbul.

Our organizing committee is very hard at work making the symposium both a professional and entertaining event.
For updated information and details on paper submission, exhibition and patron opportunities, please visit our web site at: http://www.ortra.com/emc2003/
May this Symposium, in the cosmopolitan city of Istanbul, also form the bridge between people, making EMC the bridge of cooperation and exchange of technical information between people and professional societies and enhancing the quality of life for all people throughout the world through the constructive application of technology.
EMC experts from Europe and Asia are especially invited to join the symposium as Istanbul is perfectly located at the edge of both continents and the city is the ideal place to meet at a low cost.

For more information
For more information, please contact our secretariat, ORTRA, at: emc2003@ ortra.co.il or visit our web site at: http://www.ortra.com/emc2003/

Welcome to Istanbul! EMC

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