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A Tribute to the Oldest EMC Symposium in Europe…
“The world is round and the place which may seem like the end may also be the beginning” (Ivy Baker Priest)
On June 11 through 13, 2008, the EMC community celebrated the 19th and final “International Wroclaw Symposium and Exhibition on Electromagnetic Compatibility,” which has also been proudly technically co-sponsored by the EMC Society of the IEEE for many years.
When, 36 years ago, a few enthusiasts from the Wroclaw University of Technology and the National Institute of Telecommunications (Wroclaw Branch) came up with the idea of the EMC Symposium, they did not have a slightest notion if it would work. It was the era of the cold war and the so-called “iron curtain” divided the world into two deeply different parts. At that time, in the divided Europe, there was no common event organized on a regular basis.
Nevertheless, the idea did catch on and every two years Wroclaw has been gathering a number of participants, quickly becoming a natural bridge between the two “different worlds.” Starting in 1972, the Wroclaw Symposium became the oldest regular EMC event in Europe.
EMC is a field of activity of many facets and through years the Wroclaw Symposium has always brought together experts in various subfields with a strong conviction that bright new ideas often sparkle on the borders, believing that discussions and interaction between scientists and engineers of various narrower specialties would be fruitful.
In 2006, after the 18th edition of the Wroclaw EMC and 34 years of continuing success, the organizers of the Wroclaw Symposium decided to re-examine the mission of the symposium in uniting Europe and not polarizing the world any further. After consultation with prominent representatives of the EMC community, the organizers finally concluded that the International Wroclaw Symposium and Exhibition on EMC has fulfilled its mission, and the 19th edition of it will be the last in its hitherto existing form.

But the curtain is not being lowered for the last time on the Wroclaw Symposium. In two years time, in 2010, the Symposium will celebrate its 20th edition in a quite new environment. The Wroclaw Symposium, the oldest EMC Symposium in Europe and EMC Europe, the youngest EMC Symposium in Europe, will join hands and hold the 2010 Symposium jointly in Wroclaw, only to start a new tradition: A joint pan-European Symposium bridging Eastern and Western Europe, alternating between East and West and forming the largest EMC conference in the European Community.
At this time of change, let us pay tribute to those whose involvement and contribution made the success of the Wroclaw Symposium possible. Special recognition should be given to the late Professor Wilhelm Rotkiewicz, who established the basis allowing for organizing these symposia, the late Professor Jan Holownia, Chairman of the first symposia, and the late Professor Frans Louis Stumpers, a long term (1976-1996) Chairman of the Program Committee.
Their efforts were then continued by Professor Ryszard Struzak, Chairman of the Symposium (1980-1984) and Chairman of the Program Committee (1998-2002), Professor Daniel J. Bem, a long term Chairman of the Symposium (1986-2002), and Wladyslaw Moron, a very long term Organizing Chairman (1976-2000).
[Extracted from the opening remarks by Professor Tadeusz W. Wieckowski, Symposium Chairman.]

From EMC 2008, in Detroit, Michigan to EMC 2009 in Austin, Texas
“The end of a thing, is never the end, something is always being born like a year of a baby” (Lucille Clifton, “December” Everett Anderson’s Year)
By the time you read these lines, our most recent IEEE International Symposium on EMC in Detroit, MI, will be but a fine memory, blended with new professional and social experiences, friendships renewed and new friendships made. This will have been a great opportunity to network, to learn from our peers and to simply have a great time. Many thanks are due to Kimball Williams and his dedicated team for putting this Symposium together. Having done that myself, I know how much effort and enthusiasm must be put into such an event.
But as every end is only a chance for new beginnings, the end of the 2008 Symposium marks the birth of the 2009 Symposium in Austin. In the 2008 Symposium proceedings, you have probably noticed the Call for Papers of the 2009 Symposium, and we are certain that your response will be no less than that of previous years. Would you believe how fast the next 12 months will pass? Let us make our plans now to meet again in Austin in August 2009. I know I will be there.
And while mentioning Austin, it is just appropriate to remember our friend and colleague John Osburn, a Fellow of the IEEE and Chairman of the 1997 IEEE International Symposium on EMC. John passed away on 29 March 2008. No doubt that John will be dearly missed by us all in Austin in 2009. Please see the Spring 2008 Issue of the Newsletter (No. 217) where members of the EMC Society pay their tribute to John.

We are in Wikipedia!
When you “Google” for “Electromagnetic Compatibility Society,” the fourth “hit” you will get is a Wikipedia page entitled “IEEE Electromagnetic Compatibility Society.” This is just a small yet powerful manner for the EMC Society to become more visible as a professional Society.
In fact, if you “Goggle” the term “Electromagnetic Compatibility,” the first term you will reach is the Wikipedia page for that item, and the first link you will find there is the link to the IEEE EMC Society page in Wikipedia mentioned above.

Global Outreach Continues
Uploading the Wikipedia page emerged from discussions held in the Board of Directors (BoD) meetings regarding global outreach and visibility within the professional community. But, this is only one small way. The EMC Society is increasing its global outreach, and delegates from the EMC-S BoD are regularly visiting Chapters and attending conferences, reaching out to our members and professional communities wherever they are across the globe. I truly believe that the President and officers of the BoD should be accessible and should outreach directly to our members – you all! We should be able to answer your questions, hear your suggestions and, yes, also give some explanations, if necessary. There is no better way to communicate than at face-to-face “get-togethers.”
In the very near future, in 2008 alone, delegates will be attending several Chapter meetings in South America (Region 9), attending conferences in Switzerland (EuroEM), Germany (EMC Europe), and Croatia (SoftCOM) in Europe (Region 8), as well as INCEMIC’2008 (India), CAC’2008 (China), and APMC’2008 (Hong Kong) in the Asia Pacific Region (Region 10). In addition, a delegation of the EMC Society will attend, for the first time, I believe, the 2008 IEEE Sections Congress, trying to reach out to Sections where we do not have Chapters yet. More such visitations are scheduled for 2009, with visits already planned to Korea, Russia, Switzerland, China, and many other countries. Hopefully, we will be able to also outreach to Africa, where currently no official EMC activity exists.
To our North American Members in Regions 1 through 7: You are not being “left out.” The BoD schedules its meetings while considering opportunities for outreach to our Chapters in the US as well. For example, the May BoD meeting was held in Salt Lake City, UT, in cooperation with the Utah Section. That was a great and well-organized event and we hope that eventually it will lead to the development of an EMC Chapter in Salt Lake City. Meetings in November 2008 and meetings in 2009 are also scheduled with the intentions of meeting Chapter members around North America.
I would also like to emphasize that outreach to Chapters does not necessarily have to be in conjunction with and at the same location as BoD meetings. Unfortunately, we have only four such meetings a year.
I invite the Chapter chairs to inform me of any special event you may be holding this year and next, particularly colloquia and workshops (please try to give me much advance notice as possible), and (no promises made, but with good intentions…) I will try to be present in support of the event, hopefully with more BoD members whenever possible, and will surely be glad to make presentations at the event. If such meetings are coordinated within days from the EMC-S BoD or IEEE Technical Activities Board (TAB) meeting series, I would personally be glad to accept your invitation whenever possible, and visit your Chapter.

Board Meetings
When the BoD visits your region, I would like to reiterate that all meetings of the EMC Society Board of Directors are open and you are most welcome to attend. As mentioned above, we try to schedule these meetings so as to outreach to you, and we hope that you reach out to us and honor us by attending. You are not expected to be a “silent observer” in the meetings. Indeed, you may talk and express your opinions, make suggestions and take part in our activities. The schedule of BoD meetings is posted on the Society web site ( and in the Calendar section of this Newsletter.
I’ll close by posing a question to you: Is the EMC Society meeting your expectations? I invite your feedback on this matter. Please write to me with any suggestion, comment, or just a “howdy” message. Please contact me at I look forward to your inputs. EMC

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