Congratulations Outstanding Students!
Ahmad Fallah and Maqsood Mohd are shown with last year’s student winners Wes Williams and Madiha Jafri (from left to right). Students: This could be you in 2006!


The IEEE EMC-S Education and Student Activities Committee (ESAC) strives to promote learning and EMC education for all members of the EMC Society. One of the ways the ESAC implements this strategy is through its various competitions and awards program. In addition to hands-on experimental demonstrations and fundamentals tutorial workshops on different EMC concepts, every year ESAC also presents multiple awards during the Annual Symposium Awards Luncheon.
We are pleased to announce the 2005 awards winners:

Best Student Symposium Paper Award
“Safety Evaluation of Walk-Through Metal Detectors,” by Dagang Wu*, Rui Qiang*, and Ji Chen, Electrical and Computer Engineering Department, University of Houston, Houston, Texas (* student author)

University Grant Award
The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering,
McGill University, Montréal, Canada

Best Student Design Award
Michael Flanner and Talha Ahmed, Electrical and Computer
Engineering Department, California State University, Chico, California

The 2005 Leo L. Beranek Grant Student Winners
Sven Battermann of the Institute of Electrical Engineering and
Measurement Science, University of Hanover, Germany
Yakup Bayram of the Electro Science Laboratory, Electrical and Computer Engineering Department, Ohio State University, Columbus
Benjamin Moss and Vimal Ambat of the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department, University of Missouri, Rolla
For any additional information, please contact the ESAC Chair, Maqsood Mohd at (850) 729-6115 or by emailing at Stay tuned to the next issue of the EMC Newsletter for a complete review of all the EMC Society awards presented during the annual awards luncheon held in conjunction with the 2005 IEEE International Symposium on EMC in Chicago. Also, the Education and Student Activities Committee will provide a detailed article in the next issue about its activities in Chicago, including how to become eligible for these special student awards next year! EMC

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