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The function of your Board of Directors (BOD) is to guide and nurture your Society and to provide benefits and services that will aid and assist you in your professional career. The Society has as its charter the advancement of the theory and practice of Electromagnetic Compatibility. We can only accomplish that goal if we succeed in helping to make our members careers successful.
We do this through a multitude of activities that encompass our Chapter meetings, the Society web site, the activities of our Technical Committees, Standards Committees and, through the Education committee, a system of awards and grants and technical-educational workshops and colloquia. Some activities are sponsored and directed ‘officially’ through the Society, and many more are independently sponsored and run by active members who see a need and do what they can to provide it. Where we can, the Society encourages these activities and helps spread the word.
By far the greatest concentrations of these activities culminate in our Symposia. I say Symposia because we foster, encourage, and participate in many more Symposia than “our own” International EMC Symposium every year. By co-sponsorship on several levels, and actively speaking and lecturing all over the world, members of our Society extend our friendship and exchange knowledge with our international members, and with other EMC engineers who may not be members of our Society, but still constitute elements of the larger technical community of which we are a part.

Jürgen Nitsch, Symposium Chairman of Euroem 2004 and Kimball Williams, EMC Society President. President Williams attended EUROEM and staffed the EMCS membership booth.

Some time ago, in an article for the Education Committee, I mentioned Al Chung-liang Huang’s book “Embrace Tiger, Return to Mountain” in which he speaks of an ex-pupil visiting his Dojo and complaining, “…you have changed this…” The reply was “Yes, of course; I move on and beyond… how did you get stuck back then and there?” Change is one of those facts of life that we, as humans, often wish would go away, and leave us alone. We get comfortable with how things have been done, and it is just human nature to want to stay in that comfortable position.
Change is also one of the characteristics that typifies any organism that is growing. The IEEE, and the EMC Society, is finding that change is vital if we are to survive in the current economic climate and continue to prosper in the coming years. However, change, without purpose or direction, can be counterproductive. Your Board of Directors is charged with providing the guidance to help move the Society forward toward meaningful goals. It is in this context that I want to call your attention to the call for nominations to the EMC Society Board of Directors (BOD).

Every year the Society elects one third of the BOD to three-year terms. This provides a significant overlap in the Board that ensures consistency and stability. It also allows for the influx of new people with new ideas to help the BOD move in different directions. If you have ever thought you might be interested in running for the BOD, now is the time.
One of the jobs of our past president is to look for potential new BOD members from among our membership. Our immediate past president, Todd Hubing, would like to hear from you and take you through the process to put you on the ballot for election to the Board. Todd’s contact information can be found on the Society web site under the ‘Directory’ button that lists all of the officers and committee chairs for the Society. Please consider having a talk with Todd about the opportunities and challenges that come to the BOD each year, and how you may be able to help us address some of those in new ways. Nomination petitions are included in the Winter issue of each EMC Society Newsletter. Completed nomination forms for positions on the Board starting in 2006 are due to Todd Hubing by May 31, 2005. It’s not too early to give this serious thought so you are ready with your nomination petition next year.
Our newly elected Board members officially join the BOD at our first meeting of the elected year. However, we always welcome them to the previous year’s November meeting where we can get to know each other, sum up the closing year, and begin working on the new year’s activities. We would like to welcome you to the BOD at the November 16 meeting in Chicago this year as well. Please bring your enthusiasm, commitment and energy and join us. Perhaps this would be a good preview for your consideration in submitting a nomination petition next year!
Regards to all! EMC

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