EMC Related Conferences & Symposia
October 6-7
Antenna Systems 2004 and Short-Range Wireless 2004
Marriott Denver Tech Center
Denver, Colorado

October 12-13
EMC UK 2004
Co-Sponsored by the IEE, among others
Symposium and Exhibition
Newbury, England
United Kingdom

October 17-22
AMTA 2004
The 26th Annual Meeting of the
Antenna Measurement Techniques Association
Evergreen Marriott Conference Resort
Stone Mountain, Georgia
Scott Wood, MI Technologies

February 14-18

16th International Zurich Symposium on EMC
Swiss Federal Institute of Technology
Zurich, Switzerland

Reverberation Chamber, Anechoic Chamber
and OATS Users Group Meeting

Meeting Organizer: Michael Hatfield,
Naval Surface Warfare Center, Dahlgren, Virginia
Three Half-day Sessions on February 14-16
Held in Conjunction with EMC Zurich
Zurich, Switzerland
Topical Meeting on Biomedical EMC
Meeting Organizer: M. Okoniewski and E. Fear,
University of Calgary, Canada
Three Half-day Sessions on February 16-18
Held in Conjunction with EMC Zurich
Zurich, Switzerland

EMCS Symposia Schedule
2005 August 8-12 Chicago, IL
Tom Braxton 630.759.8674
2006 August 13-17 Portland, OR
Henry Benitez 360.212.0471
2007 July 9-13 Honolulu, HI
Janet O’Neil 425.868.2558
2008 August Detriot, MI
Kimball Williams 248.427.5325

IEEE EMC Society Board of Directors Meetings
(For information on all meetings, contact Janet O’Neil, 425.868.2558)
November 15-16, 2004
Chicago, Illinois
March 7-8, 2005
Research Triangle Park, North Carolina
May 16-17, 2005
Tucson, Arizona
August 7 and 11, 2005
Chicago, Illinois
November 14-15, 2005
Portland, Oregon

IEEE EMC Chapter Colloquium and Exhibition “Table-Top Shows”

September 30-October 1
South Brazil EMC Chapter

A Colloquium and Exhibition Featuring Renowned Speakers from Industry and the IEEE
EMC Society Board of Directors
Laboratório de Integração e Testes
São José dos Campos
(Near Sao Paulo, Brazil)
Mrs. Margarete Toledo, LIT
Phone: (55) 12-3945-6268
Fax: (55) 12-3941-1884

October 11
Melbourne EMC Chapter

The Fundamentals of EMC:
A Tutorial and Exhibition with Clayton R. Paul
Melbourne, FL
Mike Hardiman,
Brennan Associates

May 4
SE Michigan EMC Chapter

EMC Fest 2005
A Tutorial with Henry Ott
Kimball Williams
Underwriters Laboratories Inc.


May 17
Chicago EMC Chapter

7th Annual EMC Mini-Symposium with various speakers
Frank Krozel
Electronic Instrument Associates
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