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Practical Papers, Articles
and Application Notes

Bob Olsen, Associate Editor

In this issue you will find three practical papers that should be of interest to the EMC community. The first is by Colin and Bonnie Brench and is entitled, "EMI Measurements and Modeling – More Similar Than You'd Think!"  I hope that this paper is the beginning of a long conversation between those who primarily make measurements and those who primarily do numerical modeling. It is my belief that the only reason you numerically model a system is to avoid doing one or more experiments. But, if you don't know exactly what experiment would produce the same results as your model and are not confident that your model will produce the same results, your modeling is not very informative. If, however, you are confident about the relationship between your model and an experiment, then numerical modeling can be very productive. I welcome all efforts to bring modeling and measurements together. Let's keep the conversation going. The second paper is an historical piece by Ed Bronaugh entitled "The Quasi-Peak Detector." Who in the EMC community has not used a Quasi-Peak detector? And yet, very few know why such a detector is used. You will find the answers to some of your questions here. Ed finishes his article with a set of questions to which he does not have answers. Perhaps we can collect contributions from some of you who have this information. Please write to us! The third paper is "An Innovative Shielding Concept for EMI Reduction" by Sabrina Sarto, Sergio DiMichele, Peter Leerkamp and Henk Thuis. The paper covers the practical side of making lightweight, inexpensive shields for small electronic devices. I think that we may find shields such at these appearing in devices that come to market shortly.

I must apologize for an inadvertent credit omission in the Winter 2001 issue of the Newsletter. The papers by Henk A. Klok and Diethard Hansen, respectively, were originally presented at the 2000 Wroclaw EMC Symposium. Certainly, EMC symposia such as the one in Wroclaw are an important source for the "Practical Papers" section of this Newsletter and should be acknowledged.

While all material will be reviewed prior to acceptance, the criteria are different from those of Transactions papers. Specifically, while it is not necessary that the paper be original or archival, it is necessary that the paper be correct, useful and of interest to readers of the Newsletter.

Comments from readers concerning these papers are welcome, either as a letter (or e-mail) to the Associate Editor or directly to the authors.

EMI Measurements and Modeling – More Similar Than You'd Think!

The Quasi-Peak Detector

An Innovative Shielding Concept for EMI Reduction

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