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Due to the upcoming EMC Europe 2008 conference in Hamburg, which will be held in September at the Hamburg University of Technology, I decided to turn your attention again to the northern part of Europe. In this column, I would like to introduce you to the chair of EMC Europe 2008, Jan Luiken ter Haseborg. Jan Luiken has been active in the area of EMC for more than 30 years. Based on his research work, he is a well-known member of our Society, to whom multiple EMC awards have been presented, including the IEEE Fellow and the Honorary Life Membership of the EMC Society.
Jan Luiken ter Haseborg studied electrical engineering at the University of Applied Sciences in Bremen, Germany. After receiving the Ing.-grad-degree (which equals the bachelor degree), he continued his studies of electrical engineering at the University of Technology Carolo Wilhelmina of Braunschweig, Germany and received his diploma degree (Dipl.-Ing.) in 1974. Then he joined the staff of the Federal Armed Forces University of Hamburg as a Scientific Assistant where he worked on his Ph.D thesis. In 1978 after he finished his Ph.D thesis and received the Ph.D degree from the Rheinisch Westfälische Technische Hochschule (RWTH) Aachen, he was promoted to the position of a Senior Scientist.

In 1984, Jan Luiken ter Haseborg accepted the position of a Professor for Electrical Engineering with the focus on Electromagnetic Compatibility and Process Measurement Engineering at the Hamburg University of Technology. Due to his research work, he received a call for a full professorship for Theoretical Electrical Engineering of the Otto-von-Guericke-University of Magdeburg, Germany in 1995; but, he decided to stay with his current position in Hamburg. In 2002, the University of Rostock, Germany presented an honorary doctorate to Jan Luicken for his merits with regard to the faculty of electrical engineering.
His research work concerns field-cable-coupling as well as cable-cable-coupling processes. Of special interest are his activities in the field of procedures for measuring the transfer impedance and transfer admittance of shielded multiconductor cables. In 1998, the Summa foundation presented the EMP Fellow award to Jan Luiken ter Haseborg for the development of techniques for the calculation of coupling to shielded multiconductor transmission lines. In addition, his group developed a measurement system for the detection of inhomogeneities in cable shields (patented in 2005) and furthermore a system for measuring extremely steep transients with amplitudes in the kilovolt range and rise times less than 100 picoseconds (patented in 2006). A special focus concerns the investigation and development of protection circuits against steep transients. Since 2002, Jan Luiken investigates and develops wireless transmission systems for navigation data at the ship bridges of cruise vessels. Jan Luiken and his group have received many best paper awards at various conferences.

Hannelore and Jan Luiken ter Haseborg on the cruise vessel Norwegian Jade at the Mediterranean Sea near Gibraltar in March 2008.

Jan Luiken ter Haseborg is very active in several EMC related national committees and in commissions for the education in electrical engineering on the university level (Fakultätentag für Elektrotechnik und Informationstechnik, VDE Ausschuss für Ingenieurausbildung). He is also a member of the German commission for protection (Schutzkommission) of the BMI (Ministry of the Interior, Germany). Jan Luiken is a member of different program and steering committees of national and international EMC symposia. In 1994, he was the Conference Chairman of the International Aerospace and Lightning Conference in Mannheim, Germany.
Currently he is the Chairman of the Local Organizing Committee (LOC) and the Symposium Chair of the EMC Europe 2008 Symposium, which will be held in September 2008 in Hamburg. He and his local organizing committee are planning a technical program that consists of more than 150 scientific papers. Jan Luiken promises that the technical and social part of the EUROEM 2008 offers something of interest for everyone.
Jan Luiken has been a member of the IEEE since 1987. He was elevated to the grade of Senior Member in 1994 and to the grade of IEEE Fellow in 2000. He is very active in the EMC Society. Currently he serves our Society as an Associate Editor of the IEEE Transactions on EMC and as the Vice Chairman of the IEEE German EMC Chapter. Due to his outstanding service, particularly for the IEEE German EMC Chapter, the EMC Society awarded Jan Luiken the Honorary Life Member Award of the IEEE EMC Society in 2006.
Jan Luiken is married to Hannelore and is the father of a son Jan Remmer, who received his Ph.D degree in electrical engineering and who is with the aircraft industry, as well as of a daughter Dorothea who is studying pharmacy at the University of Hamburg. He is also grandfather of Jan Sybo, the son of Jan Remmer. Jan Luiken is a fan of classical music, particularly compositions by Johann Sebastian Bach. He and his wife are members of two church choirs performing the great oratorio and both are active in their church. Jan Luiken and his wife Hannelore especially enjoy taking cruises for vacation. EMC

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