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Newsletter Editor Janet O’Neil poses near the “ETS” bus in Greenville, South Carolina, site of the March meeting of the EMC Society Board of Directors. Board members traveled by bus to the new Clemson University International Center for Automotive Research (CU-ICAR) while in Greenville. It was a humorous coincidence that the bus name matched Ms. O’Neil’s company name! Read about the Board activities and new CU-ICAR on pages 66-82.


Never a Dull Moment in the EMC Society!
As I write this letter, I think back on the material in this issue and realize it’s never a dull moment in the EMC Society. Just when I think it’s quiet and we’ll have a “light” issue, a deluge of material comes my way. The Associate Editors are doing a good job collecting new material for the Newsletter and members of the EMC Society Board of Directors recognize the Newsletter is a great outreach vehicle to connect with our members.
Speaking of the Board members, Vice-President for Member Services, Dave Staggs, has contributed an article for this issue (see page 50). Note the good news on the EMC symposium papers now available FREE to members via IEEE Xplore. Board member Colin Brench ends the issue with a warm welcome to our new EMC Society members and hearty congratulations to our new senior members. Colin will update this listing annually in the Spring issue of the Newsletter.
Our Vice-President for Standards Services, Don Heirman, recruited Ed Hare to share the latest developments in “Broadband over Power Line – BPL” as found on page 43. Note this is the first time for the EMC Society to be involved with multiple Societies on a new standard. Ed shares the trials and tribulations of this activity in his article. What’s interesting to note is the outreach by the EMC Society into other technical areas. With Don Heirman also filling the role of the newly elected chair of CISPR, we are sure to be kept up to date on IEEE EMC standards and global EMC standards in general.
Board member Todd Hubing has contributed news on the IEEE Fellow award. On page 52, you can read about the qualifications for IEEE Fellow and how the EMC Society may assist you in the nomination process.
Dan Hoolihan, Board member and chair of the Society’s History Committee, continues to keep the membership informed of milestones during our 50 years as an EMC Society. On page 28 you can read about our illustrious past and learn some interesting tidbits. For example, note the reference to Todd Hubing’s witty EMC engineer prose. We’ve republished this on page 10 so you too can share this prose with a colleague next time you’re at the water cooler. The humorous War Story contributed by Founder Tony Zimbalatti on page 37 should not be missed. Likewise, the inclusion of the fourth most referenced IEEE Transactions on EMC paper in the 50-year history of the EMC Society is worthy of re-reading or discovering anew if you have not read this. We are honored to have a contribution by Dr. Paul in this issue. Read the paper on page 29. Also, Dan’s daughter was recently married. We’ve included a photo of the wedding party at the end of this letter.
Our new EMC Society President, Elya Joffe, begins his President’s Message on page 4 by calling your attention to “The Buzz Word – Globalization.” In this issue alone, you’ll find many examples of the EMC Society’s connection with global conferences (see the Calendar on page 85), including its presence at EMC Europe 2008, in particular, where a Region 8 Chapter Retreat will take place on September 10. You’ll also find contributions from our international EMC Chapters in Chapter Chatter, starting on page 10. Note the activity in South America, Europe and Asia in addition to the considerable US based Chapter activity.
Energetic Board member Bruce Archambeault not only has contributed his regular Design Tips article, but a book he’s written is reviewed on page 24, AND he’s also prepared a new column entitled “Completed Careers” to honor recently deceased Board members. Page 49 provides details about this new column and the Board’s goal to keep the membership informed of the passing of respected members of the EMC Society. It’s one small step towards enriching our community by paying tribute to our deceased members.
We are sorry to relay the news of the passing of John Osburn, a long time contributor to the EMC Society. John chaired one of the most financially successful IEEE EMC Symposiums of all time in Austin, Texas in 1997 and was most recently working on revitalizing the long dormant Fort Worth, Texas EMC Chapter. We have a tribute to John on page 48. It’s fitting to end this column with a memory of John, as there truly was never a dull moment when John was around. EMC

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