The IEEE Transactions on EMC: Special Issue Honoring the 50th Anniversary of the EMC Society
Following is the table of contents for this special 50th Anniversary issue. You won’t want to miss these notable articles by some of the EMC Society’s leading authors and experts!

“Toward Emerging Technologies Through the IEEE EMC Society,” M. D’Amore (TEMC-281-2006).

“Reminiscences of High-Power Electromagnetics,” C. E. Baum (TEMC-015-2007).

“Thirty Years in Electromagnetic Compatibility: Projects and Colleagues,” D. A. Hill (TEMC-299-2006).

“Review of New Developments in the Modeling of Lightning Electromagnetic Effects on Overhead Lines and Buried Cables,” M. Ianoz (TEMC-026-2007).

“A Brief History of Work in Transmission Lines for EMC Applications,” C. R. Paul (TEMC-293-2006).

“Numerical Electromagnetic Field Analysis for EMC Problems,” H. D. Brüns, C. Schuster, H. Singer (TEMC-298-2006).

Regular Papers
EMC Measurements: Antennas, Reverberation Chambers, and TEM Cells

“Simultaneous EM Measurement Using Parallel Modulated Probe Array,”
Q. Chen, K. Sawaya, T. Habu, R. Hasumi (TEMC-118-2006).

“On the Measurement of Total Radiated Power in Uncalibrated Reverberation Chambers,” H. G. Krauthäuser (TEMC-152-2006).

“Scattering Cross Section Measurement in Reverberation Chamber,” J. de Rosny, G. Lerosey (TEMC-130-2006).

“A Complete Model for Simulating Magnitude and Phase of Emissions from a DUT Placed Inside a GTEM Cell,” X. T. I. Ngu, A. Nothofer, D. W. P. Thomas, C. Christopoulos (TEMC-234-2006).

Electromagnetic Environment: Human Exposure, SAR, and Interference
“Magnetic Field Induced ELF Currents in a Human Body from the Use of a GSM Phone,” S. Ilvonen, J. Sarvas (TEMC-177-2005).

“Study on SARs in Head Models with Different Shapes by Age using SAM Model for Mobile Phone Exposure at 835 MHz,” A.-K. Lee, H.-D. Choi, J.-I. Choi (TEMC-120-2005).

“Electromagnetic Field Emission from the Gas-to-Air Bushing in a GIS during Switching Operations,” M. M. Rao, M. J. Meledath, B. P. Singh (TEMC-129-2005).

“Closed Form Expressions for the Electromagnetic Radiation of Microstrip Signal Traces,” M. Leone (TEMC-128-2006).

“Impact of Microwave Interference on Dynamic Operation and Power Dissipation of CMOS Inverters,” A. Iliadis, K. Kim (TEMC-148-2006).

Electromagnetic Interference Control: Absorber Characterization and Shielding
“Application of Impedance Loading to Geometric Transition Radar Absorbent Material,” K. L. Ford, B. Chambers (TEMC-187-2006).

“Cable Trays in EMC: Measurement and Modeling to 30 MHz,” N. W. Ebertsohn, R. H. Geschke, H. C. Reader (TEMC-159-2006).

“A 3-Dimensional HIE-FDTD Scheme for Calculation of Shielding Effectiveness of Enclosure with Thin Slot,” J. Chen, J. Wang (TEMC-138-2006).

Electromagnetic Modeling
“Fast Rigorous Analysis of EMC/EMI Phenomena on Electrically Large and Complex Cable-Loaded Structures,” H. Bagci, A. E. Yilmaz, J.-M. Jin, E. Michielssen (TEMC-206-2006).

High Power Electromagnetics: Lightning
“An Algorithm for the Exact Evaluation of the Underground Lightning Electromagnetic Fields,” F. Delfino, R. Procopio, M. Rossi, F. Rachidi, C. A. Nucci (TEMC-122-2006).

Numerical Techniques
“Reduction of Unknowns in PEEC Structures by Exploiting Connectivity of PEEC Cells,” V. Vahrenholt, H.-D. Brüns, H. Singer (TEMC-185-2006).

“A Novel WCS-FDTD Method with Weakly Conditional Stability,” J. Chen, J. Wang (TEMC-265-2006).

Transmission Lines, PCBs, and Interconnects
“On the Analysis of a Transmission Line with Nonlinear Terminations using the Time Dependent BLT Equation,” F. M. Tesche (TEMC-162-2006).

“Hand-Assembled Cable Bundle Modeling for the Crosstalk and Common-Mode Radiation Prediction,” S. Sun, G. Liu, D. Pommerenke, J. Drewniak (TEMC-171-2006).

“A Technique for Reducing Transient Voltages in Multiconductor Shielded Cables,” N. Theethayi, Z. Mazloom, R. Thottappillil (TEMC-121-2006).

“Multilayered Finite-Difference Method (M-FDM) for Modeling of Package and Printed Circuit Board Planes,” A. Engin, K. Bharath, M. Swaminathan (TEMC-177-2006).

Short Papers
“Analytical Representation of Single- and Double-Peaked Lightning Current Waveforms,” A. De Conti, S. Visacro (TEMC-192-2006),

“In-Circuit Characterization of Common-Mode Choke,” D. Junhong, S. Yak (TEMC-212-2006).

“Impact of Frequency-Modulated Harmonic Noises from PCs on OFDM-based WLAN Systems,” Y. Matsumoto, T. Shimizu, T. Murakami, K. Fujii, A. Sugiura (TEMC-015-2006).

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