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The Editor is shown at her first IEEE EMC Symposium in Santa Clara, California in 1982. Note – this is one answer to the Trivia Quiz contest proposed on pages 44-45 of the Winter 2007 EMC Newsletter. Can you name the others pictured in the photo collage?



As you read this issue, hopefully you are like me and are planning for an exciting summer of EMC activity, culminating in the 50th Anniversary EMC Symposium in Honolulu, Hawaii over July 8-13.
Although this date is fast upon us, behind the scenes your EMC Society Board of Directors and the 50th Anniversary Committee have been busy for years planning anniversary activities.
This includes Dan Hoolihan, Chair of the 50th Anniversary Committee, who has contributed numerous articles on EMC history to the Newsletter over the past two years. Dan is also planning many special activities during the EMC 2007 symposium week. No doubt you’ve been reading about these in the past several issues; if not, please refer to Dan’s article on page 28. I hope you will join us on Friday, July 13, for the official “celebration” which includes a narrated tour of the island of Oahu as well as a special reception and luncheon at the beautiful Turtle Bay Resort.
Perry Wilson, the Editor in Chief of the IEEE Transactions on EMC, has also been busy planning a special issue in recognition of the 50th Anniversary of the EMC Society. The table of contents for this special issue is shown on page 78. You won’t want to miss the contributions by our legendary EMC Society experts so be on the look out for this issue.
Don Heirman, the EMC Society’s “Energizer bunny” never ceases to amaze me with his contributions to IEEE and International EMC Standards. Where does he get his energy? You’ll appreciate his contribution on the 50-year history of IEEE EMC standards on page 29. Don is well qualified to write this article; in fact, we included a few photos of his recognition by the IEEE for his contributions to Standards at the end of the article. His regular article on page 34 documents recent EMC International, IEEE, and ANSI ASC C63™ standards activity at meetings in England and New Jersey.
Clayton Paul, the recipient of the 2007 IEEE Undergraduate Teaching Award, contributed the introduction to the article on James Clerk Maxwell found on page 41. Dr. Paul relates the importance of Maxwell’s work to the science of EMC. We appreciate this contribution from Dr. Paul who has been very busy organizing the new Global EMC University that debuts at EMC 2007. We hope you will be there on July 10 to honor Dr. Paul when he formally receives this prestigious IEEE Field Award from IEEE President Leah Jamieson. You can learn more about Dr. Paul and his contributions that merited this award on page 76. Many thanks to John Norgard for contributing this wonderful reflection on Dr. Paul’s contributions to EMC education.
Speaking of John Norgard, he also provided the book review in this issue on page 54. This is on the interesting new book “History of Wireless” which includes, of course, reference to Maxwell. And, we have the reprint of the article by James Rautio of the IEEE Microwave Theory and Techniques Society on Maxwell in this issue. I found this fascinating not only learning about the scientific contributions of Maxwell, but about his interesting personality.
In reviewing this issue, we have incredible history and wonderful members in the EMC Society who have devoted much of their careers to furthering the science and standards of EMC. We also have an exciting future with many new members and senior members of the Society as shown on pages 50-53.
If the next 50 years are in any way like the past 50 years, we have much to look forward to in the EMC Society! EMC

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