EMC Related Conferences & Symposia

June 26-29
VII International Symposium on Electromagnetic Compatibility and Electromagnetic Ecology

St. Petersburg, Russia
Organized by: St. Petersburg State
Electrotechnical University “LETI”
St. Petersburg Scientific and Technical Society of Radio Engineering,
Electronics and Communication
Leningrad Radio Research and Development Institute
Discone-Centre Ltd.

June 27-29
3rd International Conference on Electromagnetic Near-Field Characterization and Imaging
(ICONIC 2007)

St. Louis, Missouri
Organized by:
The University of Missouri at Rolla
The Adam’s Mark Hotel
Reza Zoughi, UMR, ECE Dept.
Phone: 573.341.4656

August 28-31
International Conference on Lightning and Static Electricity

Université Pierre et Marie Curie
Paris, France
Diane Heidlebaugh, The Boeing Company
Phone: 206.655.6511

September 24-28
18th International Zurich Symposium

Munich, Germany

October 9-12
High Intensity Radiated Fields (HIRF) Course

Oklahoma State University
Stillwater, Oklahoma
Dr. Charles Bunting
Phone: 405.744.1584

November 4-9
AMTA 2007

The 29th Annual Meeting of the Antenna
Measurement Techniques Association
St. Louis, MO
The Adam’s Mark Hotel
Ron Ridderbos
The Boeing Company
Phone: 314.233.6723

November 28-30
EMC Compo 2007

6th International Workshop on EMC of Integrated Circuits
Torino, Italy

May 19-23
1st Asia Pacific Symposium on EMC/ 19th International Zurich Symposium on EMC

in Singapore
Dr. Erping Li
Email: &

EMCS Symposia Schedule
2007 July 8-13 Honolulu, HI
Janet O’Neil, 425.868.2558
NARTE Prep Workshop: Sunday, July 8
NARTE Exams: Saturday, July 14

2008 August 18-22 Detroit, MI
Kimball Williams, 248.372.8074

2009 August 17-21 Austin, Texas
Dave Staggs, 512.791.4481

2010 Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Fred Heather, 301.342.6975

2011 Long Beach, California
Ray Adams, 310.303.3300

IEEE EMC Society Board of Directors Meetings
(For information on all meetings, contact Janet O’Neil, 425.868.2558)

July 7 and 12, 2007
In conjunction with the 2007 IEEE International Symposium on EMC Honolulu, Hawaii

November 8-10, 2007
Melbourne, Florida

IEEE EMC Chapter Colloquium and Exhibition “Table-Top Shows”
June 12, 2007
Tri-Chapter EMC Event from the Greater Washington DC, Northern Virginia/Southern Maryland, and Baltimore Chapters

MIL - STD - 461F: An Insider’s View
With multiple speakers
The Holiday Inn
Waldorf, Maryland
Fred Heather
Phone: 301.342.6975

September 24, 2007
Dayton, Ohio

The Holiday Inn Dayton/Fairborn
Multiple Speakers including Brian Kent
of Wright Patterson AFB
Janet O’Neil
Phone: 425.868.2558

April 29, 2008
Huntsville, Alabama

Speaker to be announced
The Von Braun Center
Glenn Shelby, NASA
Phone: 256.544.0694

Contact Janet O’Neil for more information, If you would like to add your name to the list of exhibitors to receive direct announcements in advance of these upcoming tabletop shows, please send an e-mail to

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