50th Anniversary Celebration of the EMC Society

The IEEE EMC Society started as the Institute of Radio Engineers Professional Group on Radio Frequency Interference in October of 1957. We will be celebrating the 50th anniversary of this momentous event on July 13th, 2007 as part of the 2007 IEEE International Symposium on EMC in Honolulu, Hawaii with a special awards luncheon at Turtle Bay Resort on the North Shore of Oahu Island.
Additional 50th Anniversary events will be happening throughout the week of July 9-13. They will include a showing of a Power-Point presentation on the history of EMC, the distribution of a booklet highlighting EMC historical moments and happenings, the opportunity to meet some of the original founders of the EMC Society, plus exhibits and demonstrations of older EMC test equipment.

Expanded Information
A member of the EMC Society, Jerry Ramie (left), is developing the Power Point (PP) presentation. He has done a magnificent job of illustrating the early advances in electrical engineering, the first years of the EMC Society followed by the middle and near-past years of the EMC Society. Jerry will be narrating the PP slide show at the Symposium in a special area of the Exhibit Hall of the Hawaii Convention Center devoted to the “Exhibitor Museum” of old test equipment (see sidebar article) and other historical activity. Eventually, this PP presentation will be distributed to all the Chapters of the EMC Society; Jerry will not go with each copy but his voice will since he has designed it with the capability of having his voice imbedded in the PP presentation.
The previously mentioned Exhibitor Museum will be in a “walled-off” area of the Exhibit Hall at the Convention Center. In this area, there will be tables of exhibits of older test equipment. In addition, there will be displays of photos of past Presidents of the Society, past Symposium chairs, past key Officers of the Society, and copies of EMC Symposium program covers.
Ken Javor, another EMC Society member, will give live demonstrations of old test equipment in this area. He promises lively demonstrations coupled with historical highlights of the equipment in relation to past military and commercial standards.
There will be a select few original founders of the EMC Society in attendance at the 2007 Symposium and 50th anniversary celebration. They will have a private get-together on Tuesday afternoon at the convention center to allow them to say hello and reminisce amongst themselves about the “old days.” This will be followed by a celebratory luncheon on Wednesday noon where selected students and selected individuals will enjoy lunch and an opportunity to listen to stories of the “early days” of EMC and RFI technology. On Thursday morning, the pioneering founders will appear in the historical exhibit area; they will have an opportunity to talk about their careers and entertain questions from the symposium attendees. And, of course, the Founders will be the central focus of the Friday Anniversary Luncheon celebration at Turtle Bay Resort (as shown).

The attendees of the gala event will reach Turtle Bay Resort by bus from Honolulu. The buses will leave the host hotels at 0930 hours and arrive at Turtle Bay, after a picturesque ride, at approximately 1100 hours. A combination cocktail/appetizer hour will be held at that time and will last an hour. At noon, a luncheon banquet will be served to all who have traveled to Turtle Bay. This will be followed by an Awards ceremony, which will highlight the inauguration of the EMC Society Hall of Fame Awards. In addition, unique anniversary awards honoring selected individuals from the EMC Society will be distributed. The Awards ceremony will be followed by a bus ride back to Honolulu through the center of Oahu island.
The culmination of the 50th Anniversary Celebration will be at Turtle Bay. It will be the end of many months of preparation. Come and enjoy the 50th Anniversary Celebration of the EMC Society in the 50th State of the United States. You will find the Anniversary Celebration and the 2007 Symposium a unique and unforgettable experience! EMC


Exhibitor Museum in Hawaii!
NEW for the 2007 IEEE International Symposium on EMC

There will be an interesting new addition in the Exhibit Hall of the Hawaii Convention Center in July for the 2007 IEEE International Symposium on EMC. It will be called the “Exhibitor’s Museum” and it will feature historic displays by EMC exhibitors of their past in the form of previous designs of present-day EMC equipment and EMC materials. In addition to the display of artifacts from the exhibitors, there will also be a display of early EMC receivers (such as Stoddart receivers and others shown on this page), which is sponsored by the 50th Anniversary Committee. Some of the equipment will be in working order and will be demonstrated by EMC volunteers. Other measurement systems will be more static in function; they will have their equipment case open so people can view the insides of the equipment. When you visit the Exhibit Hall at the Hawaii Convention Center, be sure to drop by this area and view some EMC history!

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