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As part of the 50th Anniversary Celebration of the EMC Society, an attempt is being made to identify the top EMCS Transactions papers over the past 50 years. One process for doing that is to list the top Transactions papers as voted on by the Transactions editors every year. That list is available on the EMCS web page.
A second process is to attempt to catalog the number of times a Transactions paper is referenced by “follow-on” Transactions articles. For example, a paper is written in 1975 and referenced in a number of Transactions papers in the late 1970s and early 1980s.
The following list is a first attempt at a “cross-reference” listing of Transactions articles in the first 31 years of the EMC Society (1957-1988). The listing is in order of the journal article referenced the most times over that period.
The article that was referenced the most times (14) in that time period was a 1974 article by Myron Crawford on the “Crawford Cell” or “TEM Cell.”
14 Crawford, M. L. “Generation of Standard Electromagnetic Fields Using TEM Transmission Cells;” EMC-16, No. 4, November – 1974
This popular article lends evidence to the strategy of “cross-referencing” Transactions articles.
The article that tied with the Crawford article was one by Henning Harmuth on Maxwell’s equations.
14 Harmuth, H. F. “Correction of Maxwell’s Equations for Signals I;” EMC-28, No. 4, November – 1986.
This was a challenging article that stimulated many follow-on articles in the EMCS Transactions. Your comments on these articles and the strategic approach to selecting them is requested. You may send your comments to the author at EMC

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