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Newsletter Editor Janet O’Neil (left) at the 2006 IEEE Panel of Editors Meeting in Montréal, Canada with Mary Wisniewski, Editor of the Laser and Electro Optics Society Newsletter. During the meeting, these editors compared notes and plans for moving their respective publications from a Newsletter to a Magazine within IEEE.


Xplore News – Special Symposium Section
Earlier this spring, I attended the IEEE Panel of Editors Meeting in Montréal, Canada over March 31-April 1. This annual meeting is organized by the IEEE Publications Department and is always well attended by the Society Editors of the Transactions, Magazines, Journals, and Newsletters, as well as by IEEE Publications staff. Perry Wilson, the incoming Editor in Chief of the Transactions on EMC, also attended this year’s meeting. Dr. Wilson was surprised (maybe overwhelmed is a better word) at the high level of material presented at the meeting. He commented that the information and training presented would be a tremendous benefit as he assumes leadership of the Transactions in 2007.
This meeting devotes quite a bit of agenda time to a review of Xplore activity. It’s easy to see why. Since Xplore was launched in 2000, it continues to grow in popularity as well as a source of revenue for IEEE. Today, Xplore accounts for nearly half of IEEE overall revenues! This electronic library is the home for all IEEE publications. Consider the following statistics:

• Approximately 2,000-3,000 documents are added each week – that’s some 100,000 per year

  • Access is offered to users around the globe with North America users accounting for 27% of downloads in 2005, while the Pacific Rim and Europe areas tie for 25% of downloads, respectively. The Middle East accounts for 14% of downloads and South America completes the usage statistics with 9% of downloads.
  • The majority of users represent Academia at 78%, with Corporate at 16% and Government at 6%.
  • There was a 22% growth in usage over 2004 with the average monthly downloads increasing from 1.2 million in 2001 to 5.3 million in 2005.
  • There has been a slight shift in usage of content. In 2004, 45% of users accessed conference papers, while in 2005 48% of users accessed conference papers. For the Transactions, this percentage changed from 47% in 2004 to 45% in 2005 accessing Transactions papers.
  • For the Transactions on EMC specifically, its ranking has grown among the IEEE Periodicals. It was ranked 63 of 136 IEEE Periodicals in 2003. In 2005, it was ranked 65 of 153 IEEE Periodicals.
  • IEEE is eager for member feedback on Xplore. If you have ideas for services to make IEEE content easier to find and use, please send an e-mail to Barbara Lange, IEEE Director, Publications Product Line, Management and Business Development at b.lange@ieee.org

At the end of my letter, I’ve included the top 12 papers downloaded from the EMC Transactions on Xplore in 2005. If the paper most significant to your work as an EMC engineer is NOT included in this list, be sure to let Dan Hoolihan know! Dan is compiling a list of the most influential Transactions on EMC papers for a special award to be presented in conjunction with the 50th Anniversary celebration of the EMC Society in 2007. See page 32 of this Newsletter for more information.
As you flip through the pages of this Newsletter, you might notice the NEW EMC Symposium Section. As a cost savings endeavor, the information typically found in our annual symposium’s “Advance Program” is now included as a special section of the Newsletter. Note the abstracts of all the papers to be presented in Portland at the 2006 IEEE International Symposium on EMC are included in this section as well as general information on the technical program, social activities, and more. You are encouraged to keep this issue and take it with you to Portland so you can refer back to these abstracts as you schedule the papers you will attend. Of course, the information shown is only current as of press time, so be sure to visit the symposium website often for continual updates at www.emc2006.org. A final program will be distributed on site at the symposium in Portland.
August in the Pacific Northwest is a truly special time. The weather is gorgeous with the bluest of blue skies and green trees that rise majestically above you. With its beauty, pristine air, and collection of several hi-tech companies, its little wonder locals call Portland the “Silicon Forrest”. Hope to see you there over August 14-18, 2006! EMC

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