IEEE Press-Wiley Inter Science: CALL FOR AUTHORS

IEEE Press-Wiley is charting a new direction with the goal of a strong acquisitions program that builds on the success of IEEE Press’s strongest books series and emphasizes development of professional books that provide readers with an introduction to new technologies.
Specifically, we are looking for “un-tapped” areas of EMC technologies for manuscript purposes. In addition, we are looking for individuals with the following characteristics:
• “Enthusiastic” and “capable” of writing full length manuscripts of 200+ pages
• Technically competent and well regarded by peers in the field of choice for the book
• Team oriented and willing to work with others (i.e. the author of this article, IEEE Press-Wiley editors, and technical reviewers) in a constructive manner during the writing, editing, and production process
We have the objective of tapping into the wealth of knowledge embodied in the EMC Society membership. Our goal is to provide the members with an opportunity to express their knowledge to present and future members of the EMC Society.
Prospective authors are invited to contact Ray Perez for more information, as follows:
Reinaldo (“Ray”) Perez PhD
EMC Society Liaison for IEEE Press-Wiley Interscience
Phone: 303-977-5845

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