NEW C63.5™ Standard on Radiated Emission
Antenna Calibration Now Available!

ANSI C63.5™-2006 has recently been released for sale. This updates the 2004 edition for the following reasons contained in the introduction to the standard. In 2005, the C63™ committee received a request for an interpretation of clause 5.1 noting an apparent conflict with the associated flowchart in Annex G (Figure G2). The issue revolved around the apparent confusion of the process for antenna factor calibration for product testing versus the calibration process when making test site attenuation measurements and how it was shown in Figure G2. The clarification and correct application of the calibration is contained in the revised clause 5.1 and the revised Figure G2.
To order your copy, visit the IEEE Standards Association web site on Type in C63.5 in the search window. The price is approximately $90 USD, including the IEEE member discount.
NOTE: This version of the standard will be used for the C63.5 ™ workshop on August 12, the Saturday before the 2006 IEEE EMC Symposium in Portland. See page 71 of this Newsletter in the Symposium section for the registration form and workshop outline. Those attending the workshop will receive a copy of this standard as part of their registration fee. For more information, please contact the author at

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