Brief Report on IEEE Region 10 EMC Chapter Chair Retreat and Asia Pacific EMC Chairpersons Meeting Held in February 2006 in Singapore

EMC Chapter Chair Retreat
The IEEE Region 10 EMC Chapter Chairs Retreat was held on February 28, 2006 at the Singapore International Convention and Exhibition Center during the 17th International Zurich Symposium on EMC. The meeting was supported and hosted by the Singapore IEEE EMC Chapter. The meeting was attended by the Chapter chair or its representative including Elya Joffe, IEEE EMC Society Vice-President for Member Services, Andrew Drozd, President of IEEE EMC Society, Francesca Maradei, EMC Society Chapter Coordinator, Barry Wallen, IEEE EMC Society Vice-President for Conference Services, IEEE EMC Society Board members Mark Montrose and John Norgard, Dr. Li Erping, Singapore EMC Chapter, Professor Gao You Gang, China Beijing EMC Chapter, Professor Cui Xiang, China EMC, Professor Koga Ryuji, Japan EMC Chapter, Professor Takeo Yoshino, Japan EMC Chapter, Professor Peter Leung, Hong Kong, Professor Pack Jeong-Ki, Korea, Malcolm Mulcare, Australia Victoria EMC Chapter, Dr. Franz Schlagenhaufer, West Australia EMC, Professor Werachet Khan-ngern, Thailand, Professor Mohd Zarar Mohd Jenu, Malaysia EMC Chapter, Moshe Netzer, Israel Chapter, Dr. Frank Leferink, Benelux Chapter, Dr. Vesna Roje, Croatia Chapter, Professor Andrei Marinescu, Romania Chapter, and Professor R. Vahldieck, Swiss IEEE Chapter on EMC/MTT/AP.
The EMC Society Chapter Coordinator, Francesca Maradei, chaired the meeting. The EMC Society President, Andy Drozd and the EMC Society Vice-President for Member Services, Elya Joffe, welcomed all participants on behalf of the IEEE EMC Society. The host of this meeting, Dr. Li Erping, welcomed all participants on behalf of the local organizing committee for the EMC Zurich in Singapore Symposium.
Elya Joffe gave a presentation on the structure of IEEE, membership development at the Chapter level, Senior Member program, and global development of the EMC Society, particularly in Region 10. Francesca Maradei presented administrative information for Chapter Chairs. During the retreat, attendees discussed the organizing of regional workshops and conferences on EMC and greater cooperation between the chapters. Finally, the chapter representatives reported about recent activities of their respective EMC chapters.

Intense discussion of plans for future collaborative EMC symposiums in the Asia-Pacific took place during the meeting.
Attendees at the meeting represented many key areas of EMC activity in the Asia-Pacific region.

Asia Pacific EMC Chairpersons Meeting in Singapore
The first Asia-Pacific EMC chairperson meeting was held in conjunction with the 17th International Zurich Symposium on EMC. The aim was to address EMC collaboration, EMC enhancement, and unification of EMC symposia in the Asia-Pacific region. The meeting was well attended with representatives from every major Asia-Pacific region including Professor Gao You Gang, Professor Cui Xiang, and Professor He Jinliang, all from China, Professor Pack Jeong-Ki from Korea, Professor Mohd Zarar Mohd Jenu from Malaysia, Professor Peter Leung from Hong Kong, Dr. Franz Schlagenhaufer and Malcolm Mulcare from Australia, Dr. Li Erping from Singapore, Professor Ryuji Koga, Professor Takeo Yoshino from Japan and Professor Werachet Khan-ngern from Thailand. Dr. Andrew Drozd, the President of the IEEE EMC Society, and Elya Joffe, the Vice-President for Member Services of the IEEE EMC Society, as well as Professor Ruediger Vahldieck, General Chair of EMC Zurich from ETH Zurich, Switzerland, also attended the meeting.
It is general consensus that EMC activities across the whole Asia-Pacific region are growing rapidly. However, so far there is no major EMC event representing the entire Asia-Pacific region. There are a number of local EMC events organized by individual EMC organizations. For example, Professor Gao reported that the International Symposium on EMC organized by the Chinese Institute of Electronics every five years, would be held again in 2007. Professor Koga reported that the International Symposium on EMC in Japan is also held every five years, and the next symposium will be held in 2009. Professor Werachet reported that the recent EMC in Thailand conference was held in July 2005 with attendance of about 100 people. Elya Joffe reported on the Taipei EMC event organized by the Asia-Pacific EMC conference in December 2005. Dr. Li pointed out that the current 17th International Zurich Symposium on EMC in Singapore 2006 was so far the largest event with about 450 delegates and a sizable exhibition of 35 companies. Mr. Mulcare reported that the Australia EMC Society organizes a national EMC symposium every year with attendance of approximately 50 delegates. It was also reported that there is one international EMC symposium organized in India but the attendance rate was not known. The meeting concluded that there is a need for a major EMC event that could be held every one or two years moving from one Asian country to the next. A Steering Committee was formed consisting of one representative from each country or region. It was decided to start planning for such an event with the goal to establish one united Asia-Pacific Symposium on EMC. The first such Asia-Pacific Symposium on EMC will be tentatively held in Singapore in 2008 and the second Asia-Pacific Symposium will be tentatively held in Japan. Thailand, Korea, and China have expressed their interest to organize the third one. The Asia-Pacific EMC Chairpersons expressed great interest in collaborating with the IEEE EMC Society on these symposiums.
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