EMC Society Board of Directors Meeting

President Williams called the meeting to order at 9:30 am. A round of introductions was made. Board members present included B. Archambeault, C. Brench, N. Carter, A. Drozd, H. Garbe, F. Heather, D. Heirman, L. Hill, D. Hoolihan, T. Hubing, E. Joffe, W. Kesselman, F. Maradei, M. Montrose, S. Nitta, J. Norgard, J. O’Neil, G. Pettit, A. Podgorski, D. Staggs, D. Sweeney, and K. Williams. Board members absent included M. Hatfield, R. Wallen, and R. Scully. There were no guests present. President Williams presented the agenda, which was approved.

Treasurer Warren Kesselman briefly summarized his report, which was included in the consent agenda. A preliminary 2004 closing financial summary indicates that the EMC Society may have a substantial 2004 surplus in the order of $380,000 (infrastructure credit and market fluctuation are not included). The major factor contributing to a larger net surplus than budgeted is due to a 2004 change in accounting procedures, which requires that conference income/expenses must be accrued in the conference year. The EMC Society 2004 budget was based upon only receiving the 2003 Symposium surplus in 2004. By also accruing the 2004 Symposium’s surplus in 2004, the combined 2004 Meetings/Conferences pre-audit Cost Center net is $274,700 over budget. Other factors contributing to the 2004 projected surplus are the increased net income from Periodicals, less net Newsletter cost, and reduced Committee/Other expenses. Post-audit financials should be available in May or June. In closing his report, Mr. Kesselman advised that the IEEE’s approved 2005 EMC budget projects a net surplus of $3,000. An overall budget summary and budgeted Board committee expenses were contained in his report.

The EMC Society Board of Directors held a reception in Zurich to celebrate the success of the conference. John Kappenman of Metatech, Nigel Carter of QinetiQ, Bill Radasky of Metatech, Olof Lundén of the Swedish Defense Agency, and Mike Marcus, formerly of the FCC, (from left) attended.
The Zurich reception drew an international guest list, including Takeo Yoshino from Japan, Flavio Canavero from Italy, and Erping Li from Singapore (from left).

The Board approved the minutes of the November 16 meeting in Chicago presented by Secretary O’Neil as part of the consent agenda.

Ghery Pettit, Vice-President for Communication Services, presented his report. He introduced Newsletter Editor Janet O’Neil. She reported that the Winter issue is 80 pages and it was sent to the printer on February 9. In reviewing the editorial content, she noted that the Winter issue features a history report on the background of EMC Society awards by Dan Hoolihan. There are two practical papers; one is by Bob Hofmann related to EMC issues at the South Pole and one is by Tom Jerse on common mode emissions. Ken Wyatt created the cover photo to complement the Standards Activity article on “Policy Defined Radio.” There are close to eight pages of paid advertising in this issue from a total of 12 companies. This is slightly down from the Fall 2004 issue wherein 16 companies had a total of nine pages of advertisements. There are fewer advertisers in the Winter 2005 issue, which is traditionally a “light” issue, but just one page less of advertisers. The final revenue from these ads in the Winter 2005 issue to the EMC Society is $6,916.60. Next, in the absence of Transactions Editor-in-Chief Flavio Canavero, Ghery Pettit presented his detailed report. This includes a summary of activities in 2004. 187 manuscripts were received in 2004, up 17% from the previous year. 55% of the papers submitted were rejected. 704 total pages were published for the year. There was a backlog of 50 papers at the end of 2004. The Associate Editors and Advisory Board are currently reviewing the papers from 2004 in order to select the “Best Transactions” paper award to be presented at the 2005 IEEE EMC Symposium. Professor Canavero has contacted the Publication Department of IEEE to investigate the possibility of having the accepted Transactions papers posted to the Xplore website, before the printing takes place. This would accelerate the accessibility of papers, and relieve the pressure the authors are putting on the journal to have their papers published (note backlog from 2004). He will bring this issue to the next IEEE Panel of Editors meeting (in New Orleans, April 7-8), where he is confident to find a solution. He will also continue discussions with the IEEE publications staff about launching a new “Letters” section as part of the Transactions. Mr. Pettit asked the Board to consider a 2006 budget for the Transactions based upon a total of 920 pages; 800 pages for regular Transactions pages and 120 pages for Letters. The Board agreed to evaluate this at its next meeting. Regarding the EMC Society website, Andy Drozd noted that he has received many suggested changes from within the EMCS and its chapters, and has been working to implement these in order to provide a stable web site platform to turn over to the IEEE by early-March in order for them to launch their maintenance effort. The purchase order with the IEEE CMS staff has been issued and they are ready to begin their support for an amount NTE $10,000 for the remainder of calendar year 2005. Mr. Drozd will remain as Web Manager in charge of reviewing the conformance of our web pages at the Society level in accordance with IEEE policies and guidelines. Regarding the IEEE Press, Mr. Pettit referred to Ray Perez’s report. IEEE Press narrowly escaped the chopping block. IEEE Press is still not out of the woods yet but it looks much better. Several people contributed to saving it for the time being (including Ray Perez). There are still a few hoops to jump, but Ray considers the worst over. If and when things go back to normal (around the summer) Ray will resume with the IEEE Press work (getting authors, new textbooks, sales pitches etc). Public Relations Committee Chair Dave Staggs advised that copies of the previous EMCS promotional VHS videos created in the early 1990s have been located and are in hand. After viewing these videos, a determination will be made on the use of any of this footage for a future promotional video. Particular focus will be on any outdated technology presented in these videos and if the information is dated. The use of the 50th Anniversary of the EMCS video as a promotional tool is being discussed. The opportunity to combine and make a multipurpose video (celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the EMCS and to also use as a promotional video for Membership) is real and would save the EMCS money. Discussions are ongoing with the History Committee. Mr. Staggs noted that the Power Engineering Society of the IEEE just completed a PES 1/2 inch die struck antiqued gold lapel pin. He distributed a sample for Board members to see. The Board approved Mr. Staggs’ request that the Communications budget be increased by $6,000 for the purpose of creating a DVD on the EMC Society. Mr. Staggs’ request to create a lapel pin at a cost of $4,000 to promote EMCS membership was also approved.

Noel Sargent of Analex and Dan Hoolihan of Hoolihan EMC Consulting (right) enjoyed visiting at the Zurich reception.
Mr. and Mrs. John Ladbury (he is with NIST in Boulder, Colorado) appreciated hearing first hand about the next Zurich conference, in Singapore, directly from its Chair, Erping Li (center).

Don Heirman, Vice-President of Standards, presented his report. Standards activity covers three major areas: The Standards Education and Training Committee (SETCom) chaired by John Kraemer of Rockwell-Collins, the Standards Advisory and Coordination Committee (SACCom) chaired by Elya Joffe, and the Standards Development Committee (SDCom) chaired by Stephen Berger. The main topics currently being addressed by Standards are “Broadband Power Line Communications” and “Conformance Evaluation of Software Defined Radio (SDR)”. There will be special presentations on these two topics during the Chicago Symposium. These were the main topics of discussion during the Standards meetings held on March 7. Mr. Heirman showed a special presentation prepared by Stephen Berger on the new IEEE Standard 1900.x. A cooperative agreement is in place between the IEEE Communications Society and the EMC Society for the three projects initiated under 1900.x to address the next generation of radio systems and advanced spectrum management techniques. Mr. Berger is chair of P1900.2, which is the “Recommended Practice for Interference and Coexistence Analysis.” Volunteers are needed to help further this work. The Standards Committee is also addressing their input to the EMCS 5-year Review due in April. Regarding SDCom, Don Sweeney noted that IEEE 299 is out for vote and he encouraged those on the balloting group to please vote on this standard. Nigel Carter noted that he had received an e-mail from Stephen Berger that the voting is completed, the ballot is closed, and the document has been forwarded to the Review Committee of the IEEE Standards Association. There were two negative votes. Regarding SACCom, Chair Elya Joffe noted that he is now sending the SACCom report on a quarterly basis to the Chapter Chairs. The next series of Standards meetings will be held on May 23 in Tucson, Arizona prior to the next Board meeting.

Marco Klingler of PSA Peugeot Citroën, Professor Branko Kolundzija from the University of Belgrade, and Bojan Janic of WIPL-D Ltd. (from left) attended EMC Zurich.
Shuichi Nitta of Salesiar Polytechnic, John Norgard of the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs, and Francesca Maradei from the University of Rome “La Sapienza” (from left) attended the March 8 meeting of the EMC Society Board of Directors.

Elya Joffe presented the report of Membership Services. Membership Committee Chair Dave Staggs reported on the survey conducted by IEEE about the drop in Society membership within IEEE. The top three reasons for not renewing IEEE membership include: 1) IEEE membership is too expensive, 2) career change such that IEEE is no longer relevant, 3) employer is no longer paying membership fees. In the year 2003, all Societies had their maximum drop in membership in IEEE. Mr. Joffe noted that they are forming a membership development task force to address and implement ideas to build IEEE membership. Mr. Joffe will attend an IEEE membership development retreat and orientation at IEEE over April 29 – May 1 to represent the EMCS. He will report on this meeting at the May Board meeting. Andy Drozd then reported on the Distinguished Lecturer (DL) program and the revised policy for DL travel. In December, he distributed the revised DL policy to the Board as well as to IEEE. He received 10 relevant comments back from Board members, including current Board members that are past DLs. The IEEE reviewed this revised DL policy and approved it. The DL committee will evaluate this one more time before finalizing it. Bruce Archambeault next gave a report on the EMCS Awards. Mr. Archambeault advised that the committee would present the list of award nominees in advance of the May Board meeting. Chapter Activities Committee Chair Ghery Pettit then reported on chapter development. Poland and Croatia have submitted petitions to IEEE to form new EMC chapters. Australia is working on submitting their petition to form a new EMC chapter. Mr. Pettit updated the EMCS Chapter Chair Handbook and forwarded this recently to the Chapter Chairs. The Board approved Mr. Joffe’s suggestion that the BoD delegate the VP for Member Services or his representative(s) to represent the Board at the inauguration meetings of the newly formed chapters. Mr. Joffe noted that he would host a Region 10 Chapter Retreat during EMC Zurich in Singapore. This will be open to all chapters in the region that have registered for the conference. Mr. Joffe noted that there would be no cost to the EMCS for this retreat. Elya Joffe then presented the Region 8 report. He attended the EMC Zurich (Switzerland) conference in February 2005 and four new members were recruited. He plans to attend the EMC-2005 conference in St. Petersburg, Russia over June 21-24, as well as EMC Asia in Taipei, December 2005. For 2006, he plans to attend EMC Zurich in Singapore in February and EMC Europe in September in Barcelona. He will have the EMC Society membership booth at these conferences and attempt to recruit new members. No report was received from Carlos Sartori on EMC activity in Region 9. Shuichi Nitta reported on the EMC conference schedule in Region 10. There are several conferences planned for 2005 and beyond in China, Thailand, Taiwan, and Japan. He distributed the advance announcement about the Pan-Pacific EMC Joint Meeting to be held on May 27, 2005 in the Awaji Yumebutai International Conference Center in Hyogo, Japan. Professor Nitta noted that EMC activity in this area is very strong and that chapter meetings are frequent and well attended. President Williams asked Mr. Drozd if having a colloquium and tabletop show in Australia would help encourage chapter development in that area. Mr. Heirman suggested that we invite the key members of the EMC community in Australia to attend our Board and Standards meetings in the US, and encourage them to submit a nomination for the next Board elections. Mr. Joffe noted that Heyno Garbe is the new chair of the Fellow Search Committee. He advised that fellow submissions for 2006 were due by March 1, 2005. Todd Hubing, Nominations Chair, noted that the call for nominations for Board members for the three-year term 2006-2008 was included in the Winter 2005 issue of the EMC Newsletter. Completed nomination petitions must be postmarked by May 31, 2005. Fred Heather volunteered to chair the new committee that evaluates and provides financial assistance grants to disadvantaged engineers, formerly chaired by Zorica Pantic-Tanner. He will work with Elya Joffe to define the committee’s tasks for 2005 and beyond. Mr. Joffe spoke about the two surveys which were distributed at the Santa Clara symposium; one to exhibitors and one to attendees. Hundreds of surveys were returned. Andy Drozd volunteered to tabulate the responses from the attendee surveys and present the findings at the May Board meeting. Janet O’Neil will work with Barry Wallen and Vita Feuerstein to address the exhibitor survey findings and implement many of the good ideas presented in the surveys. Fred Heather noted that he previously sent Jack Black, the exhibits chair for Chicago 2005, a set of the survey copies from the exhibitors in Santa Clara. Mr. Joffe closed his report advising that Ken Wyatt is the EMCS photographer. He continues to support the EMC Newsletter by providing cover photos. He is also assisting the Chicago Symposium committee by providing photos and art design for the awards program. Lastly, it was noted that no report was received from Bill McGinnis regarding PACE activity.

Samuel Connor of IBM and Colin Brench (right) of Hewlett Packard attended the Eastern North Carolina EMC Chapter meeting in Raleigh.
Todd Hubing (left) from the University of Missouri at Rolla, was the speaker at the March meeting of the Eastern North Carolina EMC Chapter. Chapter officers Glenn Robb (center) of Research Triangle Compliance Engineering and Dave Guzman of EMC Technologists welcomed Todd to the meeting.

John Norgard, Vice President for Technical Services, presented his report. He advised that the Chair of the Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) is Bill Strauss. Vice-Chair is Arto Chubukjian, and Secretary is Robert Scully. Mr. Norgard noted that the TCs are reviewing the papers for Chicago. This is being done entirely electronically this year and right now there are a few problems. This is the first year of full paper submittals so extra time and care is required to review these. 19 workshops are being planned by the TCs. Nigel Carter asked about the conflict between the special session planned on waveform diversity, and the Board’s denial of a technical co-sponsorship of the annual waveform diversity conference. Mr. Norgard agreed to check into this and see if it is possible to reverse the Board’s decision. Representative Advisory Committee (RAC) Chair Fred Heather presented his report. There are plans to hold a joint RAC/SAC meeting in Chicago. Details will be announced.

Newly elected Board member Heyno Garbe from the University of Hannover (second from left) brought mini mugs from his family’s brewery in Germany to the March Board meeting. Showing their appreciation are (from left) Ghery Pettit of Intel, Colin Brench of HP, Andy Drozd of ANDRO Computational Solutions, and Nigel Carter of QinetiQ.
Several Board members stayed over a day to attend the local Eastern North Carolina EMC Chapter event on March 9, including (from left) Dave Staggs, Francesca Maradei, Nigel Carter, and speakers Bruce Archambeault of IBM and Lee Hill of Silent Solutions.

In the absence of Barry Wallen, Vice President for Conference Services, Elya Joffe presented his report. Activity on IEEE EMCS International Symposia was noted as follows: Regarding 2004 Santa Clara, the symposium did very well. The expected net surplus is approximately $245,000. Regarding 2005 Chicago, Chair Tom Braxton advised that paper submissions have been brisk. This is the first year that full papers are being submitted and the review process has been extended accordingly, but it is generally going well. The advance program is being laid out and the workshops are fully booked. The budget is being reviewed. As of February 11, 173 booths have been sold. Regarding 2006 Portland, Chair Henry Benitez reported that most committee positions have been filled. Professor Bob Olsen has accepted the position of Technical Papers Chair. The theme will be tied to the 200th Anniversary of the Lewis and Clark expedition. The organizational chart for the 2006 EMC Symposium Steering Committee was presented. Regarding 2007 Honolulu, Chair Janet O’Neil advised that the host hotel contract has been signed. The host hotel is the Hilton Hawaiian Village on Waikiki Beach. Outreach efforts continue to secure “public relations” committee members to promote the conference in the Pacific Rim. Discussion is underway with the VPs of Conferences for the MTT and AP Societies who are each having their symposium in Honolulu during the summer of 2007. Options are being explored as to sharing the same decorator in order to achieve quantity discount pricing. Special exhibitor pricing is being investigated for exhibitors who participate in all three symposia in 2007. A schedule for the symposium week is being developed to take into account the special anniversary activities being planned. The committee plans to meet over July 6-8 in Honolulu at the host hotel. There will also be one committee meeting there in 2006. For 2008 Detroit, the chair is Kimball Williams. Scott Lytle is the Vice-Chair and Graeme Rogerson is the Treasurer. Most key committee positions have been filled. The host hotel contract and the convention center contracts have been signed. The SE Michigan Chapter recently received a $1,000 check from the Detroit Metro Convention and Visitors Bureau as a thank you for bringing the symposium to Detroit. For 2009 Austin, Chair Dave Staggs has the major committee positions filled. IEEE insurance forms have been submitted to IEEE CMS. The host hotel contract (the new Hilton located adjacent to the convention center) has been signed. The Convention Center has been reserved. Nigel Carter then presented his report as the Global Conference Coordinator. He showed the current status of EMC Society Cooperation with global conferences and symposia. An MOU has been signed with the Zurich Symposium in Singapore being held over February 28-March 3, 2006. Pending requests for cooperation are being evaluated for EMC Europe 2006, EMC Compo Germany, the Product Safety Engineering Society Symposium Chicago, and a Power Symposium in Columbia. Exhibior Liaison Janet O’Neil then presented her report. She has received suggestions from exhibitors that they would like to form a board, which formally reviews planned changes to EMCS symposia procedures and processes. She contacted Rhonda Erickson of ETS-Lindgren to work on the formation of this Board so it represents the various sizes of exhibitors at our annual symposium. She would like this to be formalized so it can be presented at the Exhibitors Breakfast in Chicago. Ms. O’Neil is getting information on freight consolidators and shipping regarding EMC 2007 in Hawaii to have available for the exhibitors at the breakfast in Chicago. Fred Heather has posted the updated points to the EMCS website site. The points are being used to assign booth space for Chicago 2005. The comments from the exhibitor’s survey conducted in Santa Clara are being reviewed so the committee can address any suggestions/comments/criticisms, etc. before the Chicago symposium. Janet O’Neil next reported on regional events with EMC Chapters in Regions 1-7. Since her November 2004 Board report, there have not been any tabletop shows. There are many tabletop shows coming up in the first half of 2005. She does not know of any tabletop shows being planned for the second half of the year. Typically, the chapters do not hold these events in the summer, but she expects there will be one or two in the fall of this year as we have had in the past. All of these events seem to be running smoothly. The attendance at the March 9 event is lower than we typically see at our tabletop shows, perhaps due to the local economy. Lastly, related to Chapters, she has spoken with Sarah Morales of the joint EMC/AP/MTT chapter in Tucson. They are working together on the March 18 tabletop show and will coordinate a chapter meeting for May 23 or 24 when the EMC Board of Directors is in town for their meeting. The speaker and topic are to be determined. She has also communicated with members of the EMC Society of Australia about a regional event with the IEEE EMC Society for this July. At the last Board meeting, in response to President Williams’ request that the EMCS get more proactive with its outreach efforts in this area, she had suggested that we perhaps help organize an event there following the EMC 2007 July meeting in Hawaii. Some of the attendees at this meeting could combine this trip with a visit to Australia and speak there. However, we have since learned that the EMC Society of Australia has an annual Symposium in September and, thus, this July event would be a conflict. She met with Elya Joffe and Todd Hubing in Zurich to discuss this and Elya will provide more information. A statement was issued by the EMC Society of Australia that he will share with the Board. Following is the list to date of upcoming regional conferences in IEEE Regions 1-7. This list is included in the Winter 2005 Newsletter, Calendar Section. March 9: Eastern North Carolina EMC Chapter; March 18: Tucson EMC/AP/MTT Joint Chapter; March 22: Milwaukee EMC Chapter; April 25: Portland and SW Washington Chapter; May 3: SE Michigan EMC Chapter; May 17: Chicago EMC Chapter. Frank Sabath’s report as the Region 8 Conference Coordinator was presented by Mr. Joffe. The committee is working on an information kit for regional events. Several EMC conferences will take place in this area in the coming months and in 2006, including the St. Petersburg Russia conference, which will have an IEEE EMC special session on shipboard EMC, EMC Wroclaw, and EMC Europe. For 2005, there will also be a regional tabletop show in Israel on May 2 and a workshop on the EMC of wireless systems in Rome over September 19-21. Dr. Sabath will look into storage at TIB for international EMC conference proceedings. Regarding Region 9 tabletop shows, Janet O’Neil noted that she has not scheduled one to date for the fall of 2005. There was some talk during last year’s tabletop show in Sao Paulo about scheduling one for this year in Rio de Janeiro, but nothing has been confirmed. They may wait and do one in this area in 2006 so they are offered on an every other year basis. She will work with Carlos Sartori on these events so we are in communication should something arise this year that sounds attractive for holding an event in the fall. Regarding Region 10, Shuichi Nitta noted that the conference hotel in Phuket, Thailand was destroyed by the tsunami. They are looking for a new location, but will keep the same dates of July 20-22. As noted earlier, there will be a Pan-Pacific EMC Joint Meeting in Hyogo, Japan on May 27, 2005. In closing this report, Elya Joffe suggested that the EMCS organize and provide sponsorship of a session to take place in the 2005 Asia Symposium on EMC, Taipei, Taiwan, December 2005. The Board agreed in concept, but would like specifics on the topic and speakers before approving this session.

John Norgard (standing) gives his report as Vice-President for Technical Services at the March 8 meeting of the EMC Society Board of Directors held at IBM in Research Triangle Park.
Following the Board meeting, several members took the hotel shuttle to a nearby restaurant. Managing to squeeze into the van are (from left) Elya Joffe of KTL Project Engineering, Ghery Pettit, Kimball Williams of Denso International America, Heyno Garbe, Don Heirman of Don HEIRMAN Consultants, and Warren Kesselman.

EMC Society 50th Anniversary Committee
Dan Hoolihan presented his report. His report reviews the plans for celebrating the anniversary, including oral interviews with founders and other key members of the Society, the power point presentation under development on the Society’s history, and putting the Transactions on EMC on a DVD. The power point presentation will not be ready for usage by the DL speakers until 2006. Preliminary work has started on putting all EMCS Transactions on a DVD for the 50th anniversary. The logo for the 50th Anniversary has been finalized and was presented to the Board. The budget for this activity is being reviewed with Warren Kesselman. He would like to select the top ten papers published during the annual EMC symposia as well as in the Transactions on EMC over the past 50 years. The candidates would have received the best paper award at the annual symposium. Photos of past EMCS presidents as well as Richard Stoddart and Laurence Cumming are especially needed for the anniversary document. There was a special EMCS anniversary session presented at EMC Zurich that was well attended by some 70 people.

The following topics were addressed under New Business:
Finance Committee Report
The Board approved the following figures for 2006 as presented by Todd Hubing:
EMC Society Member Fee: $25
Transactions Page Budget: 800
Transactions Print Copy Fee: $15
Non-member subscription fee: IEEE recommended rate
The Board approved Todd Hubing’s suggestion to request IEEE approve a new initiative for 2006 to fund the creation of a CD of past EMCS annual symposia proceedings. The maximum amount allocated from the EMCS reserves would be $50,000.

New Standard on Spectrum Access
Don Heirman presented a proposal on behalf of Stephen Berger, SDCom Chair; on IEEE Standards 1900.x related to the next generation radio systems and advanced spectrum management. This new standard would be a joint effort with DARPA and the IEEE Communications Society. A symposium is planned in Baltimore to address “New Frontiers in Dynamic Spectrum Access Networks.” Mr. Heirman suggested that the EMCS co-sponsor this symposium to show a public demonstration of mutual cooperation with the Communications Society. Stephen Berger would be the primary representative to the symposium committee. The Board supported working with the Communication Society on this symposium and pursuing this relationship.

Product Safety Engineering Society (PSES)
Mark Montrose presented a proposal for mutual cooperation between the EMC Society and the Product Safety Engineering Society (PSES). Discussion on this was tabled until the next meeting.

Print Copies of the EMCS Symposium Records
The Board approved a policy wherein the Symposium Committee must stipulate that CDs be the default method of distributing the symposium record. Paper copies will be made available at a reasonable cost for an additional fee. A request for paper copy must be provided on the advance registration form along with the cost. The paper copy request can be made available only on the advance registration form. Making the paper copies available at the symposium shall be at the symposium committee’s discretion.

Five Year EMC Society Review Meeting
President Williams noted that there would be a meeting of the EMC Excom on Friday and Saturday, April 22-23, 2005 in Lincroft, New Jersey. The purpose of the meeting is to discuss the report and make progress on the 2005 EMC Society Five-Year Review. Any interested Board members are welcome to attend.

Marketing Promotion
Mark Montrose distributed a proposal on marketing and promotion of the EMC Society. Discussion on this was deferred until the next meeting.

President Elect Report
EMCS President Elect Andy Drozd discussed the EMCS Long Range Plan. He appointed the VPs as members of the long range planning committee. He would like to assign some time (two hours) to address long range planning at the upcoming Board meetings. Regarding meetings in 2006, he suggested that the EMCS consider going from four meetings annually to three. He selected the tentative dates of mid January for a teleconference meeting and then showed the TAB meeting dates, and several EMC events happening globally. The Board discussed the number of meetings. The consensus was to hold four EMCS Board meetings a year. The schedule of meetings for 2006 will be included in the Calendar section of the EMC Newsletter. Mr. Drozd noted that he has set up a private website for Board business.

EMC Society Five-Year Review
Regarding the five year Society review, President Williams showed the current field of interest statement. Membership retention and reasons to join were discussed. The IEEE Xplore program and its effect on individual Society membership were discussed.

President Williams reviewed the action items discussed during the meeting.

Kimball Williams noted that the next Board meeting would be on Tuesday, May 24 in Tucson, Arizona. The Standards Committee meetings will be held the day before along with the Symposia Institutionalization Task Force meeting. There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 5:00 pm. EMC

Submitted by:
Janet O’Neil
Secretary, EMC Society Board of Directors

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