Special Award Solicitation for 50th Anniversary: Candidates Needed for 1957-2007 “Best Paper” Awards

As part of the 50th Anniversary celebration of the EMC Society of the IEEE, we are seeking nominations and recommendations for the best papers (10 of them) over the last 50 years for both categories of (1) Best EMC Symposium Paper and (2) Best EMC Transactions Paper. This challenge is especially critical for the first 25 years of the Society. Why is this so? Because those individuals who knew the best papers from 1957 until1983 are few and far between. We need help from those early members of the Society who are still active and involved to make serious recommendations on the top papers of the last fifty years.

BEST EMC Symposium Paper
This selection may be our biggest challenge as a Society. We have many fine papers written over the years and limited ability to judge the papers over five decades of technological improvements. Our own web page only tracks the Best EMC Symposium paper over the last five years.
Okay, so what criteria should we consider? The paper should be outstanding either from a theoretical or a laboratory/practical point of view. It should be a paper that is referenced in future symposium papers. It should be a paper that is referenced in international standards or other international venues.
We could consider the best paper of the 50’s (57-59), the 60’s, the 70’s, the 80’s, the 90’s, and 2000-2007. What are your recommendations?

BEST EMC Transactions Paper
This opportunity is different because we have more help from the Best EMC Transactions Prize Paper Award which we have been awarding since 1973. We can start with that list of papers and begin to winnow the number down based upon history and references to the papers in other publications. The first 16 years of the Society will be more challenging; I await your suggestions. Some criteria you may think about are (1) The first to discuss an important EMC issue, (2) Impact on later papers and standards in EMC, (3) References in other papers and standards, and (4) Other significant criteria in the opinion of the interested reviewer.
How about an example? Try the paper entitled “Calculation of Site Attenuation from Antenna Factors,” by A.A. Smith, R.F. German, and J.B. Pate in the IEEE Transactions of EMC published in 1982 in Volume EMC-24 from pages 301-316. This paper has been referenced many times, most recently in CISPR 22, Fifth Edition, released in April of 2005.
Would you like a second example? Try the paper by A. Sugiura, T. Shinozuka and A. Nishikata entitled “Correction Factors for Normalized Site Attenuation” published in the IEEE Transactions of EMC in Volume EMC-34, Number 4, November 1992 from pages 461-470. This paper has been referenced in EN 50147-3:1998 among other standards and papers.

Send your ideas to Daniel Hoolihan at Hoolihan@citlink.net. Thanks in advance on behalf of the 50th Anniversary Committee. EMC

Can you identify the Best Paper ever published in the IEEE Transactions on EMC and/or in the IEEE EMC Symposia Proceedings? The “Top Ten” papers of these publications will be announced during the EMC Society’s 50th Anniversary Symposium in 2007. If a paper has had a significant impact on your career, send your “best paper” recommendation to Dan Hoolihan, hoolihan@citlink.net.

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