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The EMCS Moves to Full Paper Submission for Consideration in EMCS Symposia

The EMCS BoD approved at its November 2003 meeting a policy requiring that papers submitted for consideration for the IEEE Symposia on EMC will be submitted in the form of a “Preliminary Manuscript,” similar in content and format to the final paper.
Additions and changes (such as inclusion of final analysis and test results) will be allowed in the final “camera ready” paper, however, those changes will not be allowed to significantly amend or change the scope and/or significance of the paper.
The new policy will be effective as of the 2005 IEEE International Symposium on EMC in Chicago.
Submission of papers for consideration for the IEEE International Symposia on EMC is currently done by submission of an “Abstract” (50-100 words) and a “Summary” (1000 words). It has been repeatedly shown that submissions received in that form can often be improperly considered for acceptance or rejection, both from the technical point of view as well as from the commercialism point of view.
Recognizing this, several global symposia, for example, consider only full paper submission. In addition, the 2003 IEEE International Symposium in Istanbul also required full paper submission, in the form of a “Preliminary Manuscript”.
We believe that the fact that a full paper is submitted will significantly improve the quality of papers accepted at our IEEE EMC symposia, as well as shorten the time required for the “camera ready” submission, thus allowing for a later preliminary submission and a longer review time. EMC

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