Best Student Paper Selection Process

One of the goals of ESAC is to encourage students in the field of EMC to perform and present their research at our annual IEEE EMC Symposium. For our purposes, student papers must have a student as its primary author; the student should have accomplished all of the research, and professors, other faculty and joint authors (if any) play only an advisory role. For a student paper to be accepted for the Symposium, it must meet the same standards and criteria as the rest of the regular papers submitted. All accepted student papers are automatically considered for the prestigious Best Student Paper award conducted and administered by the ESAC.
Once the Symposium committee receives the full paper, a copy is forwarded to the ESAC. ESAC in turn sends copies to three different evaluators. These individuals have varied backgrounds and are selected provided there is no conflict of interest present. They include the following: a Ph.D. in an engineering organization with electromagnetics background, a professor with electromagnetics background, and an EMC test laboratory manager. The papers provided to the evaluators are “sanitized” in order to conceal the author’s identity and affiliation, etc. The evaluation factors used are the same as those used to accept the regular papers; however, additional factors are used: innovation, advancement and contribution to the field of EMC, potential applications, and usefulness of the problem/solution addressed. Each team member evaluates and ranks the paper independently of the other two members.
An ESAC volunteer then adds the scores and identifies the winner. In the case of a tie or close points, a second evaluation is made among the top three to five candidate papers, and then the winner is declared. The evaluators may be requested to provide justification of their rankings if needed. Once the points are tabulated, the winning paper number is matched with the author’s name and the winner’s details are provided to the EMCS Awards committee for certificate preparation. Since the students are expected to come to the Symposium and present their papers, the winning student is notified during the Symposium. If you have any questions or suggestions to improve the process, please contact me at EMC

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