Board of Director Activities

Friday, March 14, 2003
Honolulu, Hawaii


EMCS President Todd Hubing of the University of Missouri - Rolla, President Elect Kimball Williams of Underwriters Laboratories, and VP for Member Services Andy Drozd of Andro Computational Solutions, (from left) enjoy some sunshine on the rooftop terrace of the Hawaii Convention Center.

President Todd Hubing called the meeting to order at 8:00 am. A round of introductions was made. Board members present included H. Benitez, A. Drozd, D. Heirman, D. Hoolihan, T. Hubing, E. Joffe, M. Montrose, J. Muccioli, J. Norgard, J. O'Neil, G. Pettit, R. Wallen, K. Williams and T. Yoshino. Board members absent included R. Brewer, J. Butler, B. Crain, W. Kesselman, S. Nitta, Z. Pantic-Tanner, J. Perini, A. Podgorski and C. Sartori. Guests present included F. Heather, V. Feuerstein and C. Ollila. President Hubing talked about the latest TAB meetings he attended. The most significant news from the meeting was the approval for the Product Safety Committee to collect the data to support their becoming a separate Society within the IEEE. There is a business rules simplification task force of which Mr. Hubing is a member. One of the task force findings is that IEEE runs its business in a too complicated way. An example deals with the price of publications for members and nonmembers, discounts between Societies for obtaining the Transactions of multiple Societies, etc. The large number of pricing options confuses many members and drives up the IEEE administrative costs. President Hubing talked about the Zurich EMC conference last month. He noted that discussions/negotiations between EMC Europe and EMC Zurich have apparently stalled. The EMC Society has offered to cooperate with efforts to consolidate the European EMC symposia and to provide financial or organizational assistance if required. The Zurich symposium was well attended although U.S. participation was lower than in years past. The technical program lived up to the high standards that had been set by previous Zurich symposia. Gabriel Meyer announced his retirement from involvement in the Zurich EMC conference. Fred Tesche also announced his retirement as the Technical Program Chair. President Hubing noted that it appears that there will not be a quorum for the May Board meeting in Istanbul. He would like to hold the Board meeting at IEEE headquarters in Piscataway, NJ on Friday, May 9. The Board will vote on this at the end of the meeting. President Hubing noted that two members of the Board have resigned since the last meeting. The Board approved the appointment of Professor Shuichi Nitta to replace Dick Ford for a one-year term (expiring December 2003). President Hubing noted that Henry Ott resigned and recommended Barry Wallen to fill his position. The Board approved the appointment of Barry Wallen as the new Board member for a one-year term expiring December 2003. President Hubing presented the agenda that the Board approved.

In the absence of Treasurer Warren Kesselman, Todd Hubing presented his report. Regarding the 2003 EMCS Operations Forecast, the report notes that the approved 2003 budget contained an $8.3K surplus that was dependent upon receiving revenue of about $680K. Of that amount, $217K was budgeted as income from the 2002 Symposium Committee. It is currently estimated that the EMCS will receive about $50K less than anticipated. Also, 2003 income from Member Fees was budgeted for $120K. As of the end of January, $73.8K was received from member renewals. Total revenues may be less then anticipated. Overall, the forecast is a deficit budget in the amount of some $60K. The Board approved the Treasurer's report.

Secretary O'Neil presented the minutes from the previous Board meeting on November 24, 2002 for review. The minutes were approved as presented.


Many of the committee meeting rooms at the Hawaii Convention Center open to expansive verandas. Ghery Pettit of Intel, Janet O'Neil of ETS-Lindgren, Mark Montrose of Montrose Compliance Services, and Takeo Yoshino enjoy the fresh air outside. Mr. Pettit wears shorts in the spirit of "Aloha Friday" where casual attire is the norm on the islands.

Ghery Pettit, Vice-President for Communication Services, presented his report. In the absence of Professor Marcello D'Amore, Transactions on EMC Editor-in-Chief, Ghery Pettit presented his report. The Board approved waiving the over length paper charge for the four papers that will be printed in the August 2003 issue of the Transactions on EMC as there was no room to include them in the May issue. Mr. Pettit noted that there was an occurrence of an author having submitted a paper for publication in the Transactions on EMC as well as the Transactions on Antennas and Propagation. He will initiate discussion with the editors of the Transactions in Division IV about this issue to collectively make them aware of the problem and determine potential solutions. There will be two "Mini-Special Issues" in the future, one on EMC of Wireless Systems and one on EMC Applications in Nanotechnology. During the 2003 EMC Zurich Symposium, Professor D'Amore spent time with Bob Olsen, the Technical Editor for the EMC Newsletter. They discussed the publication of Patent Abstracts in the EMC Newsletter. The IEEE's electronic publishing capability, Manuscript Central 1.4, has been upgraded to the newest version 1.6. The new version is very convenient and offers much improvement. Next, Janet O'Neil, Newsletter Editor, presented her report. The Fall 2002 issue covered the Minneapolis Symposium. It came in at 72 pages, our longest issue to date. The distribution of this issue was delayed a month until early January 2003 as the IEEE staff had a turnover during the fall. This issue was once again printed on the lighter paper stock to save printing and mailing costs. 5,264 copies were printed. There were 8.08 pages of paid advertising in this issue (down from 9.08 pages in the Summer 2002 issue). The Winter 2003 issue is being reviewed for preliminary editing now. It is 76 pages. There were 10.58 pages of advertising in this issue (up from 8.08 pages in the Fall 2002 issue). Susan Schneiderman of IEEE handles the advertising. She attributes the increase in advertising sales to two things: the new sales team IEEE has in place, and the fact that the title of the Newsletter is becoming more recognized in the industry. Ms. O'Neil noted that Newsletter Technical Editor Bob Olsen would attend the IEEE Panel of Editors Meeting in Washington, DC on April 4 and 5, 2003. He will represent the EMC Newsletter and the Transactions on EMC. This meeting was not held last year due to IEEE budget cuts. This year, the meeting date and location were announced in mid January - too late for the Newsletter Editor-in-Chief and Communications VP to plan to attend. The EMCS has signed a contract with IEEE's Publications Department to continue producing/mailing the Newsletter in 2003, and formatting the same for the EMCS website. Webmaster Andy Drozd presented his report. Coordination between the Society Webmaster committee and the TAC Chair, Bill Strauss, took place in an on going effort to update and maintain the TC web pages. Draft #4 of the Web Page Guideline has been completed and contains updates based upon the feedback from the Panel of Webmasters Committee meeting in Minneapolis in August 2002. There are currently three corporate advertisers on the website. Mark Montrose then presented his report as IEEE Press liaison. He noted that the new books proposed require reviews to determine interest in proceeding with publishing. He requested volunteers to assist him with reviewing these books. Mr. Montrose noted in general that Hugh Denny is the only standing IEEE Press committee member. When there is a new book to be reviewed, he and Mr. Denny recruit additional committee members to review books based upon their area of expertise related to the book being reviewed. The report shows the current list of books sponsored by the EMCS with royalty for calendar year 2002. The total Society royalty is $3,004.43. The new book titles "Anechoic Chambers: A Design and Spec" by Lee Hemming is selling well. Mr. Montrose presented the IEEE Press "Book Sponsorship Motion." The Board approved this new policy for sponsoring books. In closing his report, Ghery Pettit indicated that Chet Smith would like to be replaced as Chair of the History Committee. He has a few candidates in mind for this position and will pursue a replacement for Mr. Smith.

Marla Kelly, Director of Sales at the Hawaii Convention Center, is pictured with Dan Hoolihan, John Norgard of the University of Colorado - Colorado Springs and Takeo Yoshino, (from left) who celebrated his recent retirement from the Awara Space Radio Observatory, Fukui University of Technology. Marla made sure everyone was greeted with a flower lei upon arrival at the Convention Center.


Don Heirman, Vice-President of Standards, presented his report. It was noted that the webpage ( for EMC Standards is now operational. Standards activity covers three major areas: The Standards Education and Training Committee (SETCom) chaired by John Kraemer of Rockwell-Collins (who recently replaced Hugh Denny), the Standards Advisory and Coordination Committee (SACCom) chaired by Elya Joffe and the Standards Development Committee (SDCom) chaired by Stephen Berger. The SDCom met in Hawaii and reviewed standards projects including TV spurious emissions measurements (187), site surveys (473) and computational EM (1597). They discussed potential standards activity involving GTEM usage, alternate test sites, waveform diversity and ferrite channels on I/O and mains lines, among other topics. SACCom also met in Hawaii. They reviewed liaison reports for CISPR A, B, and I, ITIC, TC 77, and ACEC among other organizations. SETCOM did not meet in Hawaii. They reviewed the IEEE Standards Association standards development website and how they could use this to make their work easier and more efficient. The Standards Committee also discussed plans for meeting during the Istanbul and Boston Symposia.

Board members toured the Hawaii Convention Center following their meeting. Dan Hoolihan of Hoolihan EMC Consulting and Barry Wallen of TUV America (foreground left-right) confer on symposium meeting room specifics. Mr. Hoolihan is chair of the 50th Anniversary Committee and Mr. Wallen is EMCS International Symposia Chair.

Don Heirman of Don HEIRMAN Consultants and his wife Lois enjoyed some vacation time in Hawaii.

Andy Drozd presented the report of Membership Services. The total number of active members is 4,744 as of September 2002. This is down approximately 6.7% compared to the same time in 2002. He is working to clarify the status of Honorary Life Members versus IEEE Life Members so the appropriate people receive the free registration to the annual EMCS IEEE International Symposia. Mr. Drozd advised that Bruce Crain is continuing to promote the Senior Member elevation for several of our EMCS members. A list of EMCS Senior Members for 2002 will be published in the Winter 2003 Newsletter. Andy Drozd next reported for Lee Hill, chair of the DL program. The three new DL candidates presented for two-year terms beginning in 2003, including Michel Ianoz, Bruce Archambeault, and Chris Kendall will be profiled in the Winter 2003 Newsletter. The DL travel policy is still in the process of being modified/updated. The survey process began in January 2003. The cost per member for this program has been dramatically reduced since the program was introduced. This means more people are attending the meetings that feature DLs as speakers. For example, 45 DL lectures were given in 2002, at net cost of $11.43 per attendee. Henry Benitez then reported briefly on EMCS Awards. He discussed the upgrade of the presentation of the Technical Achievement Award from a certificate to a plaque with the cost of the plaque not to exceed $250. The IEEE recently approved this award, which was approved by the Board at the last meeting in November 2002. Mr. Benitez discussed the new Lifetime Technical Achievement Award, which was presented, but not approved, at the last meeting. For the next Board meeting, Mr. Benitez was requested to provide details on what this proposed award would consist of, i.e. include the description of the award, qualifications for the winner of this award, what type of award (plaque or certificate, money allocated, etc.). Mr. Benitez advised that the awards committee consists of Dick Ford, Andy Drozd, Kimball Williams and John Norgard. Mr. Benitez proposed criteria for determining the Best Symposium Paper Award. Discussion ensued about the requirement that the winner be a member of the EMC Society. President Hubing requested that Mr. Benitez present a revised proposal on this award at the next Board meeting. Mr. Benitez reviewed the list of candidates for the various EMCS awards to be presented in 2003. Next, Ghery Pettit reported on EMCS Chapter Activities. He noted that he distributed the forms to all chapter chairmen for the Best Chapter and Most Improved Chapter awards. There are problems with the new proposed EMC chapter in Georgia (formerly Russia) in that the Section there is not supporting their efforts. Mr. Pettit and Elya Joffe are trying to resolve these problems. Poland is working on forming a new chapter. Mr. Pettit noted that he has reviewed and updated the "Angels" assigned to each chapter as part of the Chapter Angel program. Elya Joffe presented his report as the Region 8 Membership Coordinator. He reported that there were four new members signed up at EMC Zurich in February 2003. The process for providing financial assistance to lower income engineers to attend EMC symposia was discussed. There will be a Region 8 EMCS Chapter Retreat held in Istanbul on the Saturday following the symposium. Various issues related to "best practices" of chapter activities, etc. would be discussed. In the absence of Jose Perini, Region 9 Membership Coordinator, Andy Drozd discussed EMC activity in Mexico and South America. Mr. Perini attended the IEEE Membership Development Retreat. His is focusing his efforts on recruiting student members and ensuring that they eventually become GOLD members (Graduates Of the Last Decade). Student members provide the continuity for IEEE future growth. This was the main topic stressed at the IEEE Retreat. Takeo Yoshino then reported as the Region 10 Membership Coordinator. At the last Board meeting, he indicated that there is tremendous interest in establishing a new chapter in Thailand with some 45 prospective members. Dr. Yoshino is in the process of coordinating the chapter petition with IEEE, but he has not received news that this is a formal chapter yet. He distributed a flier on EMC Sendai, which will be held over June 1-4, 2004. Mr. Drozd reported for Bill Duff, Fellow Search Chair. The deadline for Fellow applications is March 15, 2003. The committee has not had any activity since the last Board meeting in November. Mr. Drozd noted that Dick Ford has resigned as the Society Photographer and video producer. He advised that there are plans to have more than one photographer for the EMC Society in the future so there is coverage of all regions. A professional video firm will be hired in the future on an as needed basis for various EMC Society activities. In the absence of Nominations Chair Joe Butler, Mr. Drozd noted that there is no new activity to report since the last meeting.

During the tour of the Hawaii Convention Center, Board members saw the state-of-the-art theater where the symposium Monday workshops will be held.


John Norgard, Vice President for Technical Services, presented his report. He indicated that he has a video that Dick Ford produced which shows three demonstrations. This fulfills the action item he was assigned at the last meeting. The Board approved the following slate of chairmen Mr. Norgard presented for the Technical Committees (TCs) including TC-1 Dan Hoolihan, TC-2 Don Heirman, TC-3 Don Gilliland, TC-4 Bob Scully, TC-5 Bill Radasky, TC-6 Arto Chubukjian, TC-7 Bill Croisant, TC-8 Richard Georgerian, TC-9 Chris Holloway and TC-10 Jim Drewniak. The Chair of the Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) is Bill Strauss, the Vice-Chair is Arto Chubukjian, and Secretary is Robert Scully. There are several cost saving measures being implemented by the TAC. For example, the Boston Symposium paper review was largely done electronically. The potential merger of TC-3 and TC-6 is still being investigated. A recommendation will be made to the Board after the Boston Symposium. RAC Chair Fred Heather then presented his report. He provided an update on liaison organizations. ACIL and USCEL are the most active liaison committees with Don Sweeney being the EMCS representative to these organizations. Mark Montrose reported briefly on the Nanotechnology Council. He will attend their next conference in 2003, which will be held in conjunction with IEEE WestCon in San Francisco. He will report on this conference at the next Board meeting. There was no report from Education and Student Activities Committee Chair Maqsood Mohd.

Takeo Yoshino checked on the comfort of the theater seating. Afterall, the symposium workshops are an all day event!

Elya Joffe, Vice President for Conference Services, presented his report. He introduced Barry Wallen to present the report on IEEE EMCS International Symposia. Regarding the 2002 Minneapolis Symposium, Mr. Wallen thanked Chair Dan Hoolihan for his efforts in organizing a very successful symposium. In particular, he appreciated the outstanding final report that he and his committee submitted after the symposium. It was very thorough and submitted in a timely manner. The total surplus was $172,530.00 of which registration fees accounted for 35% of the total income while exhibits revenue accounted for 57% of the total income. Regarding 2003 Boston, Mr. Wallen noted that this symposium is being held in an area which has a depressed economy. He cautioned the Board that expenses need to be watched closely given the current economic climate. 192 booths have been sold to date. This is on track for 2002, but still behind 2000 and 2001. 180 papers have been selected. The advance program is being edited now. Regarding 2004 Santa Clara, Mr. Wallen submitted the budget, which shows an 18.5% surplus. The Board approved the proposed 2004 symposium budget. The Board approved loaning an amount not to exceed $20,000 to the 2004 Symposium committee. The first payment would be $10,000 and the second optional payment, if requested, would be $10,000. For IEEE EMC symposia in 2005, 2006 and 2007, Mr. Wallen advised that these committees are each moving along smoothly and according to plan. A question was raised about Life Members. The Board approved a 50% reduction of registration fees for all retired and unemployed engineers who are members of the EMCS and register for the symposium. The registrant must provide the name of the company that they left and the date of retirement/unemployment. Regarding 2003 Istanbul, Elya Joffe discussed the revised budget. This shows a deficit of approximately $14,000 USD. ORTRA (the PCO) will absorb any financial losses if they materialize. Mr. Joffe noted that there was a committee meeting to address the "Institutionalization of the EMC Symposia" on Thursday morning in Hawaii. Fred Heather will revise the EMCS Symposia manual based upon discussions held during the meeting. Mr. Joffe reported in the absence of Jose Perini, Global EMC Symposia Committee Chairman. He reviewed the specific definitions of the different levels of involvement in various non-IEEE EMC symposia, including Technical Co-Sponsor and Cooperation. The Board approved technically co-sponsoring the Ultrawide Band Systems and Technology conference, and the EMC conference in India, provided our TCs can actively work with the organizing committee on technical matters. If not, then the level would be limited to the EMCS being in "cooperation" with these conferences. Janet O'Neil presented her report as Exhibitor Liaison. There has not been much new activity since the Minneapolis Symposium. Fred Heather has provided the updated points for exhibitors and this has been posted to the EMCS website. Exhibitors participating in 2003 Istanbul and 2003 Boston will receive points according to the policy stated on the website. Regional Conferences Chair Janet O'Neil noted that there are several tabletop shows scheduled for 2003. There may be one additional show scheduled for Fall 2003 in either Atlanta or Melbourne with speaker Dr. Clayton Paul. The tabletop shows are listed in the upcoming Winter 2003 Newsletter Calendar Section.

Sweeping views of the island of Oahu are provided through large windows at the Hawaii Convention Center, site of the 2007 IEEE International Symposium on EMC.

The following items were discussed under Old Business:

A. 2007 EMCS 50th Anniversary Committee: Chair Dan Hoolihan advised that currently the most active subcommittee is the history committee. They are creating a power point presentation on the history of the EMCS, which they are hoping the DLs can share with the chapters when they give presentations.
B. November 2003 Board Meeting. The Board approved changing the November 2003 meeting date to Tuesday,
November 11.
C. Long Range Planning. Kimball Williams presented this report. The Board approved the Long Range Planning Committee membership of Henry Benitez, Elya Joffe, Dan Hoolihan, and Ghery Pettit, with Kimball Williams as Chair. Initial activity involves reading the last IEEE Society Review and preparing for the next review. A report will be presented on their activity at the November Board meeting.
D. Next Board Meeting Date: The Board approved changing the next Board meeting date from May 16 in Istanbul to Friday, May 9 at the IEEE headquarters in Piscataway, New Jersey.

The following items were discussed under New Business:

A. 2008 Symposium Location. Kimball Williams introduced Cheryl Ollila from the Detroit Visitors and Convention Bureau. She showed a video, which promoted the city of Detroit as a venue for the symposium. Kimball Williams is promoting this symposium on behalf of the SE Michigan EMC Chapter.
B. 2004 Board Meetings. President Elect Kimball Williams suggested the following meeting dates and locations for 2004: Tuesday, March 2 in Mexico City, May 31 in Sendai, Japan (in conjunction with their EMC conference), August 8 and 12 in Santa Clara and November 13 in Chicago, Illinois. An option was suggested to hold the March meeting in Monterey, California in conjunction with the ACES conference. No meetings dates or locations were confirmed for 2004.
C. EMC Society Logo. President Hubing discussed the EMCS logo and its color. Although many people have assumed that the official color of our logo is green, the original prints were black and it does not appear that an official color was ever adopted. He requested that if anyone had an opinion on this that they make a proposal and give a presentation at the next meeting.
D. "Myth Busters". Mark Montrose informed the Board that the Discovery Chanel that is hosting a "Myth Busters" show has approached him. He has been asked to help with episodes that deal with EMC related myths.

President Todd Hubing reviewed the action items discussed during the meeting.
There being no further business, the meeting then adjourned at 4:50 pm.

Submitted by:
Janet O'Neil
Secretary, EMC Society Board of Directors


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