Financial Assistance Program for Economically Disadvantaged Engineers (FAPEDE)

Have you written a technical paper for the annual EMC Society’s International Symposium on EMC and your manager has denied your travel request? Have you volunteered to participate in a workshop, tutorial or demonstration that provides significant value to the annual Symposium and your travel funds are limited? If your answer to either question is YES, then the EMC Society may be able to help.
For the past few years, the EMC Society has had a program for assisting economically disadvantaged engineers with financial support to travel to the annual Symposium based on an expense reimbursement approach. This program is not well known to members and it has not been well advertised.
Under the FAPEDE, financial support is limited to symposium registration (excluding optional activities and services) and travel and lodging expenses. The EMC Society member must request financial assistance through an application form and provide two endorsement letters such as, 1) a co-worker or supervisor, and 2) a regional or local IEEE office (Section Chairman, Vice Chair, EMC Society Chapter Chair, etc.). The endorsement must identify the applicant is in need of financial assistance. The applicant must also provide proof of commitment to participate at the Symposium (through pre-registration) in addition to agreeing that they will support their IEEE Section or their EMC Society Chapter (through the letter of commitment by applicant) by presenting their paper or other element of their participation at the Symposium to fellow engineers at the local level.
Applications will be reviewed by the Financial Assistance Program committee, which is formed by the EMC Society Board of Directors. The committee will take into account the technical merit of the paper and if participation provides a substantial contribution to the Symposium, plus timely submittal of the application. The committee will determine the extent of financial assistance to be provided by the EMC Society. Funds are limited.
If there are multiple authors of the paper, only the presenter can apply for financial assistance.
This program is meant to help remove the financial barrier that exists in many parts of the world and bring EMC excellence to the annual Symposium.
The specifics of this program and the application form are located on the EMC Society’s web page at EMC

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