iNARTE Activities at EMC 2007

iNARTE was pleased and privileged to help the EMC Society celebrate its 50th anniversary at the 2007 IEEE International Symposium on EMC in Hawaii this year. By coincidence, 2007 is also iNARTE’s 25th anniversary and we would like to thank the Society for allowing us a place at the awards luncheon to honour our 25 longest serving EMC members.
The Symposium location in Hawaii was spectacular and that was both good news and bad news. The event certainly attracted good support, but it was difficult to convince attendees that they should spend the day in our examination room rather than sightsee with their families or laze on the beach.
However, a dozen or so really dedicated EMC engineers and technicians did step forward to obtain certification of their professional credentials and we would like to applaud each and every one who did so. We offer special congratulations to the many who achieved a passing grade for the Hawaii test, and we encourage the others to try again as soon as possible.
iNARTE was able to use the last session of the EMC Fundamentals Tutorial on Sunday, July 8th, to present our introduction and Examination Preparation Workshop. This subject matter was particularly suited to all of the registrants who planned to attend the Global University track during the upcoming week. We hope that as these GU attendees develop their EMC career, they will swiftly reach a point where iNARTE Certification will be their next jump forward. Maybe the 2008 IEEE International Symposium on EMC in Detroit will be their time.

Brian Lawrence, Executive Director of iNARTE, delivers information about the iNARTE certification program during the Fundamentals of EMC tutorial in Hawaii.


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