50th Anniversary Activities in Hawaii

Over the course of the past year, the 50th Anniversary Committee of the EMC Society attempted to contact all the surviving Founders of the EMC Society. Dan Hoolihan, Chair of the 50th Anniversary Committee, explains that a “Founder” is an “individual member of the IEEE/Institute of Radio Engineers (IRE)/American Institute of Electrical Engineers (AIEE) that signed the original petition to form the Professional Group on Radio Frequency Interference (RFI). This petition contained 187 signatures and was formally accepted by the IRE on 5 October 1957.
Founders that were contacted were invited to attend the 2007 IEEE International Symposium on EMC that was held in July of 2007 in Honolulu, Hawaii. They were enticed to attend with a travel subsidy approved by the Board of Directors of the EMC Society. Six Founders were able to attend the weeklong symposium on the island of Oahu. They were Sam Burruano, Milton Kant, Vince Mancino, James McNaul, Ralph Showers, and Tony Zimbalatti.

A special luncheon was held in Hawaii to honor the Founders of the EMC Society and provide some time to socialize with the students present at the Symposium. (From left) Ali Alaeldine, a student from France, enjoyed a lighter moment with Dan Hoolihan, who organized the luncheon, and Founder Sam Burruano.
Following the luncheon, the six Founders gathered for a group photo, including (from left), James McNaul, Vince Mancino, Milton Kant, Ralph Showers, Sam Burruano, and Tony Zimbalatti.
EMC Society Past Presidents attended the luncheon to show their appreciation to the Founders for starting the EMC Society, including (from left) Don Clark, Dan Hoolihan, Len Carlson, Bill Duff, Bill Gjertson, Bob Hofmann and Joe Fischer.
EMC Society President Andy Drozd presented a special award to Bob Goldblum (right) for his 30 years as Editor of the EMC Society Newsletter.


First Get-together
The first organized opportunity to get the Founders together in Hawaii occurred on Tuesday afternoon at a coffee/soft drinks/cookies celebration. After the Founders swapped stories about their present and past lives, they were given an opportunity to talk about three specific questions on their past careers in EMC. Dan Hoolihan asked the questions and the corresponding answers by each individual were video-taped by Jerry Ramie, an IEEE volunteer and member of the EMC Society History Committee. Ken Wyatt, the Society photographer, was also in attendance to capture the historical moment with his ever-present camera.
The questions that were asked included:
1. What do you remember most warmly about the early years of the EMC Society?
2. What is the most significant event that you have had in your career, related to electromagnetic compatibility and interference?
3. What is your favorite “war story” about solving an EMC problem?
The answers to the questions were varied and unique. NOTE: The EMCS History Committee is in the process of transcribing the verbal questions and answers for future publication.

Wednesday Lunch
On Wednesday of the Symposium week, the Founders were honored at a unique luncheon at the Hawaii Convention Center. In addition to the six Founders, members of the Board of Directors of the EMC Society, Past-Presidents of the EMC Society, members of the Education Committee, and a select number of graduate students were invited to the lunch. The students were asked to sit with one of the six Founders and each Founder had his own table. This allowed a unique intergenerational transfer of EMC knowledge! At the conclusion of the lunch, each Founder was given an opportunity to give a short biographically oriented talk. Also, each student was given an opportunity to introduce themselves to the lunch audience and discuss their area of EMC interest in their studies.

Clayton Paul (right) received a special award as an “Innovator of Education in the EMC Society.”
Perry Wilson (right) accepted the award on behalf of NIST colleague David A. Hill, author of the one of the most referenced papers in the history of the EMC Society, titled “Plane Wave Integral Representation for Fields in Reverberation Chambers,” Volume 40, No. 3, August 1998.


The Anniversary Celebration day began with a tour of the island of Oahu, including a stop at the windy Pali Highway lookout for the scenic view.
EMC Society members and friends were greeted upon arrival at the Turtle Bay Resort with a cocktail reception.


Thursday Awards Luncheon and Board of Directors Meeting
On Thursday, the Founders were in attendance at the EMC Society Awards luncheon at the Convention Center. They sat near the front of the room at a specially designated table.
The Founders were also invited to attend the Board of Directors meeting held on Thursday evening at the Hilton Hotel.

Enjoying the aloha spirit during the cocktail reception are (seated from left) Lois Heirman, Mary Jo DiBernardo, Edith Clark and Hanna Wall, (standing from left) Bill Hurst, Don Clark, Don Heirman, Art Wall, Bill and Arlene Radasky.
Lana and Tom Van Doren appreciated the unspoiled beauty of the north shore of the island of Oahu, site of the 50th Anniversary Celebration luncheon.
Dan and Rosemary Hoolihan enjoyed the Hawaiian sunshine following the Anniversary festivities at the Turtle Bay Resort.


Friday Celebration
Friday, July 13 was the culmination of the weeklong celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the EMC Society. The highlight of the day was a celebration luncheon at Turtle Bay Resort on the North Shore of the island of Oahu. Attendees of the Symposium and guests of the attendees were loaded onto buses at the host hotels in Honolulu. The buses then took a tourist-oriented route to Turtle Bay Resort so the participants could experience the unique geography and varied plant-life of the Hawaiian Islands.
Upon arriving at Turtle Bay Resort, the attendees and guests were greeted by the hotel staff and treated to hors d’oeuvres and drinks for a social hour on a sprawling lawn facing the ocean. The engineers and friends were treated to the ambience of the beautiful resort while enjoying the gorgeous views of the Pacific Ocean.
The Friday participants were then invited into the Resort complex where they were served a sumptuous multi-course lunch. At the conclusion of the celebratory lunch, special awards were given to a number of individuals in the EMC Society. These individuals included Warren Kesselman, Clayton Paul, Bill Duff, Janet O’Neil, Bob Goldblum, Len Carlson, Jerry Ramie and Don Heirman. The highlight of the luncheon featured each of the six Founders receiving the inaugural EMC Society Hall of Fame awards. The Awards acknowledged the dedication and effort each Founder contributed to forming the EMC Society 50 years ago in 1957. Each Founder was then given the opportunity to say a few words after receiving his award. You are invited to view the 50th Anniversary Awards Program that is shown in its entirety on pages 46-47 for more information. At the conclusion of the Awards ceremony, everyone returned to the host hotels using the same buses they arrived in.
It was a full and very memorable week of EMC Society 50th Anniversary activities. EMC

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