PACE Update

The EMCS PACE committee is initiating a pilot program to assist EMCS members in their reemployment in the EMC community. The committee has many decades of EMC experience, which includes the reviewing of many application resumes and the submittal of a few of our own. Submitted resumes will be reviewed and commented on with no guarantees or warranties. The reviews will be our best effort to improve your application. Please submit as a Microsoft Word attachment to or send a 4 1/2" disk to my address listed on the EMC Society web page as PACE chair. Our replies will include any free job listing that we are aware of at the time. We are not affiliated with any agency, but will only forward information for your use.
PACE (Professional Activities Committees for Engineers) is a grassroots network of IEEE volunteers and committees organized at the section and chapter level in the United States with support from their respective regions and IEEE-USA. The goal of the PACE Network is to promote the professional interests of IEEE’s U.S. members as well as provide a mechanism for communication of members’ views on their professional needs. For more information, visit, and search on PACE. EMC

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