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Newsletter Editor Janet O’Neil greets Bob Olsen in Portland. After six years, Bob will “retire” as Technical Editor of the EMC Newsletter. His contributions will be missed, but were much appreciated!

Record Set for Longest Newsletter to Date!

It has been a busy fall season for the IEEE EMC Society. Judging by the material submitted for this issue of the Newsletter, our longest to date with a record 120 pages, our members have been very active - whether attending the 2006 IEEE International Symposium on EMC in Portland, Oregon, visiting with colleagues at their Chapter meetings around the world, or writing papers for the popular “Practical Papers” section of the Newsletter.
We have three very interesting practical papers in this issue. It’s the last issue that Bob Olsen managed as the Technical Editor. I’d like to say he’s saved the best for last, but there have been many excellent papers in the Newsletter over the years under Bob’s fine leadership, including the three in this issue. I would like to acknowledge and thank Bob for his work with this column for the past six years. His dedication to and enthusiasm for the practical papers, regardless of the topic, contributed to the excellent reputation this section of the Newsletter enjoys today. When Bob started, he actively recruited authors to submit papers. Now, we have a queue of papers and interest expressed quite often about submitting a paper. Bob spent much time behind the scenes working with authors and his reviewers to suggest improvements to papers; slight “tweaks” to better convey a point, as well as request better figures or photos for publication in the paper. He did this all keeping to deadlines and most importantly working with authors in a very diplomatic and respectful way. I learned a lot from Bob during our six-year association and I personally thank him for this education. I look forward to Flavio Canavero taking Bob’s place as the new Technical Editor in 2007. Flavio has Bob’s whole-hearted endorsement and will do a fine job for the EMC Newsletter.
Speaking of doing a fine job, hats off to the entire committee for the 2006 IEEE International Symposium on EMC in Portland, Oregon. Wow! What a unique symposium in the lovely city of Portland. We devote much of this Newsletter to coverage of the annual symposium. It was a treat to review all the material, look at photos of all the activity associated with the symposium, and learn more about the people and committees that made this all happen.
Many thanks to those who provided the great articles and photos in this issue of the Newsletter! It’s nice that we can share all this activity with our readers and members around the world. Enjoy! EMC

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