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Newsletter Editor Janet O’Neil attended the annual Chapter Chair Luncheon to recruit material for the Chapter Chatter section of the Newsletter, and visit with (from left) Pat André, Chair of the Seattle Chapter, Scott Lytle, Chair of the SE Michigan Chapter, and Henry Benitez, Chair of 2006 EMC Portland. The unique headwear reflects the “Lewis and Clark” exploration theme of the Portland symposium.


Welcome to a record breaking issue of the EMC Newsletter! At 96 pages, this is the longest issue ever published. Granted, this is the annual “Symposium Issue” where we cover activity at the IEEE International Symposium on EMC, this year held in Chicago. This symposium was bigger and better than ever and we’ve attempted to cover it accordingly. You’ll find information about the annual EMC Society Awards, Chapter Chair luncheon, activity in the booth for the 2006 IEEE International Symposium on EMC in Portland, TC-1 (EMC Management) and EMC Standards activity, as well as an overview of the children’s workshop, demonstrations, the annual RAC/SACCom luncheon, and, of course, plenty of photos from Chicago, thanks to Ken Wyatt. We’ve even included two practical papers that were presented in Chicago.
Speaking of practical papers, at the annual exhibitor’s breakfast in Chicago, one exhibitor commented that the symposium’s technical program needs more applied, practical material presented that EMC engineers can use immediately on the job. This launched a very serious discussion amongst the members of the 2006 EMC Portland technical program committee. You’ll find the outcome of this discussion on page 67 of this Newsletter.
Fred Heather volunteers his time and effort each year in conducting a survey of the attendees at our annual symposium. Reviewing the results of this survey, specifically those questions about the EMC Newsletter, it’s gratifying to know that a significant number of our members read an average 80% of the Newsletter. Even more gratifying is realizing that many rated “advertisements” as one of the most interesting areas of the Newsletter. We do have many great companies supporting the EMC Newsletter through advertising. It’s nice to know that our readers appreciate these ads.
Speaking of our readers, Associate Editor Dan Hoolihan shared the following e-mail he received in response to his recent article:
Dear Mr. Hoolihan:
I refer to the IEEE EMC Society Newsletter of Spring 2005 (latest). On page 44, you mention the ‘standard’ EN 50147-3. There has never been a published standard and it is replaced by R210-010:2002, a CENELEC report.
Best Regards,
Ivan Hendrikx, EMC/Safety Expert - Researcher, Belgium
24 August 2005
Dan Hoolihan then shared his response to this e-mail from Mr. Hendrix:
Thank you for the “sharp-eyed” correction to my article. You are absolutely correct that EN 50147-3 was never published as a standard; it was published as a prEN but not as an EN. And, again, you are correct in saying that it has been published as a Technical Report with the number “R210-010:2002." The technical body that produced it is Technical Committee 210 of CENELEC and its title is "Electromagnetic Compatibility - Emission Measurements in Anechoic Chambers.”
Thanks again for reading the article “Special Award Solicitation for 50th Anniversary: Candidates Needed for 1957-2007 ‘Best Paper’ Awards.”
PS - I am still looking for more suggestions for the “Best Paper” awards for the last 50 years in both the EMC Transactions area and the IEEE International EMC Symposium area.
Dan Hoolihan
Chairman, 50th Anniversary Committee
You’ll note the slight “plug” for Mr. Hoolihan’s request to obtain candidates for the best papers presented in the last 50 years of the EMC Society. Now that you’ve attended a symposium, and now that we know just how much you’re reading the Newsletter, please consider submitting the paper that has had a lasting impact on your work as an EMC engineer. The author(s) deserve to be recognized! Send your suggestion to Mr. Hoolihan.
Many thanks to those who contributed the material for this record breaking issue of the Newsletter, and to our readers for their ongoing support! Keep those letters and e-mails coming! EMC

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