Santa Clara Committee
The 2004 IEEE International Symposium on EMC Steering Committee shown at the Awards Luncheon on August 12. Front row, from left: Srini Chandrasekaran (Lockheed-Martin, Treasurer), Marty Matthews (Lockheed-Martin, Poster Paper Chair), Darryl Ray (Apple Computer, Publicity Chair), Mike Walker (, Webmaster), John Howard (Consultant, Symposium Chair), Mike Heckrotte (Compliance Certification Services, Symposium Vice-Chair), Diaoco Davari (nVidia Corp., Publication Vice-Chair), Orin Laney (Kaiser Electronics, Vice Treasurer). Back row, from left: Clayton Paul (Mercer University, Technical Papers Chair), Peter Liljequist (Redback Networks, Transportation Chair), Jeff Evans (Hewlett-Packard, Publications Chair), Gray Gallogy (United Defense, Registration Vice-Chair), Geoff Day (Lockheed-Martin, Hospitality Chair), Jim Duckette (Registration Chair), John Will (Sun Microsystems, Technical Papers Vice-Chair), David Hanttula (Technical Program Chair), Jerry Green (Cisco Systems, Signage Chair). Not shown: Bob Steinfeld (Apple Computer, Demonstrations Chair), Steve Cabral (Apple Computer, Publicity Vice-Chair), Cheung-Wei Lam (Apple Computer, Demonstrations Vice-Chair), Bob Miller (UL, Arrangements Chair), Shirley Hanttula (Hospitality Vice-Chair), Tom Winegar (Secretary), Tom Cokenias (Consultant, Volunteer Coordinator), Jesse Marquez (ATS, Exhibits Chair), Bill Oliver (ATS, Exhibits Vice-Chair), Vita Feuerstein (IEEE Conference Planner), Sue Kingston (IEEE Exhibits Coordinator) and Jennifer Lambert (IEEE Registration Coordinator).

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