SACCom/RAC Luncheon and Annual Meeting

The annual joint meeting of the Standards Advisory Committee (SACCom) and Representative Advisory Committee (RAC) was held on Monday, August 9th during a luncheon at the Marriott Hotel in Santa Clara, California. The luncheon was held in conjunction with the 2004 IEEE International Symposium on EMC. Elya Joffe, the SACCom Chair, and Fred Heather, the RAC Chair, chaired the meeting. Elya opened the meeting with an overview of the SACCom’s mission:
To propose to the EMCS Board of Directors (BOD) the appointment of representatives to various non-IEEE standards developing entities. To monitor the activities of various non-IEEE standards development organizations with a view towards making recommendations to the EMCS Board of Directors on any required coordination of those activities within the Society. To communicate and coordinate with non-IEEE standards developing activities and the EMCS Standards Committee on matters relating to the development of EMC related standards.
The members present made several reports on their respective technical activities as follows:

Fred Heather, Chairman, opened the RAC report with the following table of the RAC committee members:

The members present gave the following reports:

The meeting closed with Don Heirman and Warren Kesselman agreeing to distribute to all interested a copy of the ANSI ASC C63 newsletter. Members of both committees were asked to provide calendars of meetings to their respective chairs so that all may be informed and may attend. Dick Ford will be looking back at people involved with the Aerospace R&D effort in order to find a person to fill the opening in the IEEE-USA Energy Policy Committee. EMC

(From left) SACCom Chair Elya Joffe and RAC Chair Fred Heather prepare for the start of the annual meeting while Dave Case and John Kraemer look on.

The SACCom/RAC luncheon was well attended in Santa Clara.

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